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Cancer the Disingenuous Disease
Eighth in a series

Since last writing about having a Stage 1 cancerous tumor in my left breast, it feels as if I have arrived somewhere else new and different; exactly where is unclear. With the anniversary of my diagnosis just around the corner, my main question is, how long does it take to achieve a cancer-free body?

What came to mind is what a friend said some years ago when we were discussing our progress on our personal goals: “Are you willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes to achieve your goal?” The timing and length of a healing journey is unknown and involves many unseen forces — the physical body’s own priorities and needs, one’s own faith in your ability to heal, a compelling reason to live, and, for me, connecting with the power of Spirit.

First, I want to share the importance of a compelling reason to live. While wandering through a bookstore, a title popped out at me, Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, by Laurence Gonzales. The stories of survival were amazing. Gonzales goes on to explain that there are several reasons why people survive. They: come to accept the reality of the situation quickly; create a goal for wanting to live; and they accept the fact that they may die. These are also relevant to overcoming the adversity of disease.

Just as in the movie 127 Hours, Aaron Ralston imagined himself married and camping with his wife. He needed a reason to live, and this gave him the courage to do what was necessary to get out of the canyon where his arm had gotten pinned to the wall by a boulder. After cutting off his own arm, he was able to hike out and ultimately receive help from other hikers. Of course, this seems extreme when compared to using a non-Western-medical approach to breast cancer.

However, to “do whatever it takes for as long as it takes” is important, and it does apply for anyone who is facing a life-threatening challenge. In Gonzales’ book, each person’s circumstances were different. They had to figure out their own strategy and techniques to get out of the wilderness, often after having being injured. Yes, they relied on past experience and skill, yet they also had to receive and use a reserve of untapped resources from within.

It is important to note that none of them waited to be rescued. They made up their minds to do whatever they could for as long as it was necessary. And having faith that you have a future is compelling: It draws a person forth, making it come true. What is it that gave them the ideas and thoughts to try one thing over the other? The inner feeling, the nudge, that intuitive sense. Could it be there is also a power that’s untouchable and unseen, yet helping you manifest?

This journey of healing my cancer has confirmed for me something my entire life has been attempting to show me: “Normal” does not work for me, especially the “average American lifestyle,” cosmetics with chemicals and preservatives, and tap water with chlorine and fluoride.

I now fully appreciate just how highly sensitive I am. As Dr. Paul Westby, one of the chiropractors I have been working with said, “You happen to be one of the canaries in the coal mine,” indicating that my physical body is too sensitive to tolerate the “average” toxic lifestyle. Although I stepped off that mainstream path nearly 40 years ago and found I felt better both mentally and physically, it was not enough to keep me free of cancer. There may be something I am overlooking, have not yet tried, or something that has yet to be revealed or discovered.

I trust signs from the universe. Just this past week I received a phone call from a woman who had read my article in the August edition of the Edge magazine. Kathy shared with me that she had been diagnosed with a tumor, that she used only alternative methods to heal, and that four years later her doctor claimed that “the cancer had died.” She went on to share with me that getting her body’s pH balanced was part of her success. We talked about drinking high-pH water such as Kangen water, which is what I drink, and the importance of eating alkaline foods. A pH level of 6.0 to 7.50. slightly alkaline, prevents cancer or any other disease from developing. Kathy’s willingness to reach out and share her story was encouraging and helpful just at a time when I needed it most.

For more information on body pH, these links may be of interest:

Even though the high-pH water is already part of my regimen, and my high-alkaline food diet is 70-80 percent raw, there is obviously still more for me to do to have a result similar to Kathy’s. My chiropractors, Dr. Paul Westby (article in the May 2012 Edge) and Dr. Nick Froehling (article in the June 2012 Edge), along with other health professionals I have spoken with concur: Stress can undermine even the healthiest of diets.

So, in this coming month I have much more to do. Besides enriching my compelling future image, I will reduce my stress levels by becoming more detached from emotionally draining situations and interactions, create more laughter and fun in my life, and get more sleep. Also, unconscious habits can and do impact health, so I have more to look at there.

I will keep on doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Any suggestions that you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Listen to Edge contributor Cheryl Hiltibran describe her journey on the archived Edge Talk Radio program “Innerviews” with Cathryn Taylor by clicking here: http://tiny.cc/az5ucw

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Cheryl Hiltibran
Cheryl Hiltibran is an Intuitive Energy Healer who helps clients overcome trauma, make major life transitions, and discover, connect or recommit to their life purpose. She does healing in person and over the phone. She also co-facilitates the Optimal Intuition Course. To schedule a healing session or to find out more about the Optimal Intuition course, contact Cheryl at 952.486.1298 or [email protected], or www.goingenius.com.


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