Grateful for Living Now


We live in tough times — full of energy high tides and rampant solar flares. All this chaos is a hotbed for creativity. It provides us opportunities for growth, joy, and compassion, as well as de-cluttering and refining our individual lives. This intense energy can help us let go of our past and step forward to meet our future. Continuously changing circumstances of relationships, employment, finances, climate, and weather compel us to live with uncertainty and insecurity and seek peace by turning inward and communicating with our Divine Creator.

Our current turmoil reminds me of when I was in the transition phase of labor, giving birth to my children. The pains were not rhythmic and predictable. Waves came on top of each other giving me no time to get ready for them or to relax and rest. It felt exhausting and discouraging. Yet, this transition time gave me hope, because it signaled that the birth was imminent.

I believe that we are in the transition phase of humanity’s birth into what Rudolph Steiner termed a 5th Age when we would live out of understanding and insight with a broader perspective. I think that before we can live in wise harmony as One Family, our egos ferociously fight for their survival. I am tempted to judge, label and criticize, because it makes me feel like I am in control. The overwhelming relentless changes, deep disagreements and heart-bruising failures I face can only be surmounted by deeply resting. In order to survive and thrive I seek the deep rest found in meditation.

Here is a meditation I learned from Dr. James Ulness at Spirit United Church that helps me feel grateful and healthier:

I close my eyes and imagine myself in a peaceful garden surrounded by flowers, trees, birds, and butterflies, with a stream flowing down from the mountains. I wait here resting, thinking thoughts of kindness, mercy, justice, and peace. Eventually I begin to sense a presence coming towards me. Telepathically, I have an interactive exchange with this Divine Being who gives me the help, guidance, strength, and wisdom I need to deal with challenging life situations. After a while, I begin to hear new sounds like thunder and the Music of the Spheres as my kundalini rises. Visiting this peaceful garden many times, I experience an Absolute Silence, which mystics call “The Void.” And I know beyond thought that no matter how far I have fallen down the rabbit hole, this Divine Presence can lift me up.

Prayer helps me get through the battle with my ego. Each morning and evening I pray, “Create Your reign of unity now through our fiery hearts and willing hands” (part of a translation of The Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic by Neil Douglas Klotz in his book Prayers for the Cosmos).

Yet, words are not enough. Our current times require hard joyous work, as well. I am called to go beyond “saving” our planet to creating it as a home for balance and harmony. I am to work as a co-creative partner with nature. To fill this role, I work on purifying and clarifying my emotional body and energy field and unite with others to purify the energy field around and in Earth. I have ample information about the destruction of Earth’s ecology. Now it is time for me to do something about it.

Being human, I resist change and cling to the status quo. When feeling overwhelmed by all the diseases, deaths, disasters, failures, and uncertainties, I comfort myself by telling the oldest story I know. It is just four sentences and goes like this:

There was once a woman who lived in hell.
She could leave at any time.
She never did.
She knew the names of the streets.

Then I can feel grateful for the intense energy surrounding and immersing our planet. It is here to help me learn how to live in harmony with my fellow humans, all sentient beings, and nature. I believe that we all have chosen to be here now to co-create Heaven on Earth.

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Carol McCormick
Carol McCormick has been a professional storyteller and public speaker for over thirty years. An Interfaith Minister, she wrote the picture book A Bridge for Grandma to help children understand and accept death and dying.


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