I AM Grateful


How can I consider these difficult times as a gift? Fifteen years ago, I wrestled with memories of childhood sexual abuse that had been buried for forty years. God gave me this message:

Dearly beloved son, hold My hand, as we walk together. I will surround you with white light of fulfillment and understanding. I will heal your feelings, as you come to the learnings that you desire. You are My beloved, as I yours, for in our oneness, we create all that is. In the ecstasy of our union comes forth what is to be, what has been, and all that is. Do not separate yourself from your feelings and your experiences, for from the pain comes energy and compassion. From these come union and more creation. This is our process, this is our joy. Let us celebrate in our feelings, happy and sad, joyous and sorrowful, empty and fulfilled. Let us rejoice in our creations, complete and incomplete. Let us be one with the moments as they progress, now and forever.

I asked for help to apply this to many people now. Mother Mary responded:

We are grateful for our relationship with each other. As the depth of our relationship exists in our oneness in Mother-Father, our gratefulness is directed primarily at the Source of our nature and our oneness. So, as we open our hearts to each other, we inevitably open our hearts to God. Our oneness extends into all realms, all life, all beings.

Her conclusion of our oneness with all seemed abstract, different from “grateful.” God helped me understand it:

Dearly beloved son, let us go deeper. What I saw when I created you from the depth of my being was a person who would be one with Me in all of My aspects, extending throughout time, space, and realms. It is for this purpose that you are now embodied, and are in a relationship of oneness with the being you call Mother Mary. Your existence, indeed, is My personal gift to you, yet your very nature, your oneness coming to fulfillment in your conscious sharing of all existence with Me, is your gift to Me. Our relationship is based upon this radical gift of self to each other. This is not a relationship of creator to object, as a human makes something creatively out of ideas and materials at hand. You are born of My very being, more like an infant and mother. We are one, and there is no before and after, only during. Though your path of growth and awareness seems to accumulate throughout its cycles of ebb and flow, you are at once newly born and fully mature here and now.

You see so many people on earth, and barely perceive infinite numbers of beings of the universe, then feel small thinking that the Creator of all is “infinite”. I tell you, it is not that way at all.
As you shall see, I give this all to you. And you give it all to Me. This is why we are infinitely grateful to each other, one-to-one, person-to-person, eye-to-eye. There is no one else. All of it is within us. When our eyes lock into each other, there is nothing else to see. There is no past, no future, no here, no there, no someone else, only love looking at itself. All else stems from that, is already contained in that.

There is one universe, one God, one eye-to-eye, one relationship. And there are many aspects, like facets of one diamond. Each of these aspects, each being in the universe, is unique, and each contains the whole within itself. Our oneness is primary. Love follows from that: our mutual gratefulness for our mutual gifting of our infinite self to each other.

So that is how our gratefulness stems from our oneness, and provides energy for ever more creation. And this process continues between you and Mother Mary, and you and each other being, all beings paired in our oneness, all windows for each other of our oneness and continuing creation. And we all come to fulfillment as each pair lives out its inherent gifting of its infinite self to the other.



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