Meditation on a Tree


As your sapling pierced the ground, from roots deep below,
did it worry where it was going, or did it just grow?
Was there a tree that came before — clearing the way,
or were you content your needs would be met, day after day?
When another tree blocked the sun and you grew towards the west,
how did you know how to survive and not be distressed?
When a young branch was chewed by a grazing deer,
did your other branches become overwhelmed with fear?
Do you compete with the other trees or feel second best,
or do you find comfort today with the birds on your branches you caress?
The leaves that appear each spring and drop each fall,
are you attached to them or do they mean nothing at all?
Does it tire you to stay in one place with roots that keep you still,
or is it reassuring to not have the problems of free will?
When the wind blows through your branches and a storm is about to show,
how do you find peace amidst the turmoil as you are thrown to and fro?
As I see you before me, so many questions come to my mind,
only to be laughed at by the silliness of mankind.
We ponder our days with how should we live and what should we do,
am I doing this right, is this the best choice, my life needs a redo.
With hands upon your bark, I feel the calmness come over me as I pray,
help me to feel that all is well, at least for today.

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