The Mind & Healing Illness: An interview with Richard Dupuis


For the past three decades, Richard Dupuis has devoted his life to helping people understand their true nature. At home and abroad, he has provided group workshops and personal consultations for people seeking growth and healing.

His words are simple, and his understanding of healing is unquestionable. These qualities are most apparent in his fourth book, The Cure: The Power of Mind to Cure Cancer and All Other Diseases. The book is brand new, but its message is eternal. The Truth and healing are simple and available to us all.

He also is the author of Creating Your Light Body, Ancient Wisdom, and From the Mouth of God. He lectures and teaches healing throughout the United States, Canada and internationally.

Richard Dupuis spoke about his new book and his new focus in Minnesota.

Your book starts out with the question: What are you going to do when your doctor gives up on you and sends you home to die? Isn’t this called the kiss of death?
Richard Dupuis: Actually, the kiss of death is when your doctor says you only have a short time left to live and then sends you home to die. Every year, here in the United States, over 500,000 people die of cancer, yet in spite of such a dire statistic, many people survive it through sheer determination and the mind’s will to live. This book is about how and why those people survive. A new healing paradigm is being created within the pages of the book.

Where did the inspiration to write this book come from, and why did you decide to write it?
RD: Early one morning just before I woke up, the Universe/God came to me and suggested I write the book and open a healing center.

What has been your greatest motivation in sharing this information?
RD: The knowledge that every year here in the United States, thousands of people die needlessly from cancer and other diseases. Ninety percent of all prescription drugs treat symptoms only. When I came across these alarming statistics, I wanted to break through the myth that modern medicine actually cures disease. All medical procedures treat symptoms. So, even though the symptoms may go away, sooner or later the disease will return — usually sooner.

Must a reader be sick to benefit from the information in The Cure?
RD: Absolutely not. In fact, the best time to read it is before a disease occurs. Anyone with a life-threatening disease, cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, autoimmune disease or any other, will benefit from the information. The book offers the reader a viable alternative to the toxic life-threatening procedures used by modern medicine to treat cancer and other diseases.

You talk about the placebo effect. Tell me about that.
RD: Clinical trials show that 40 percent of all healing is the result of the placebo effect. This is a powerful indication of the mind’s ability to heal the body, and how belief can cause a positive or negative outcome.

What did you mean when you said in the book, that modern biology has caught up with A Course in Miracles?
RD: A Course in Miracles was published in 1976 by Helen Schuman and William Thetford, professors of medical psychology at Columbia University. It says that “all disease is of the mind.” In his bestselling book, The Biology of Belief, published in 2005, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and teacher at Stanford Medical School, talks about how the subconscious mind affects cell biology and creates disease. He says that the body attacks itself because of our thoughts and subconscious beliefs. Why modern medicine has refused to look at the role that mind plays in disease is puzzling.

What do you believe are the main triggers that create disease?
RD: Stress is probably number one, but suppressed feelings are also one of the major causes. Stress comes from thought, and of course, thought comes from the mind. Stress plays a major part in disease because it suppresses the immune system. You have pathogens, viruses and bacteria in your body all of the time and when your immune system is suppressed, they take over and cause disease.

What do you suggest for relieving stress and strengthening the immune system?
RD: One of the best ways to release stress and strengthen the immune system is to practice meditation; you don’t have to do a lot of meditation, just a few minutes per day are adequate. If you have cancer, I suggest you join a support group, one where you can learn to safely express your feelings and explore your subconscious mind.

Your book touches on the subject of reincarnation. Is it necessary to believe in reincarnation for your healing techniques to work?
RD: Absolutely not. I share some of my life experiences to show people that the potential for life goes far beyond our rigid belief systems. Healing is available to anyone who surrenders to the body’s healing process.

What did you find to be your greatest challenge in writing this book?
RD: Wading through the mountains of statistics and data and making the book readable. I also had to edit the data down to something simple and easily understood by the reader.

I understand that you have recently moved from Seattle to Minneapolis. What prompted your move?
RD: I moved because not long before I decided to write the book, I had a strong impression to open a healing center somewhere other than Seattle, where I was living at the time. It just so happens that the state of Minnesota has the highest rate of cancer per capita in the United States. Given that knowledge, I felt motivated to move to Minnesota. I like this area of the country and in the past I’ve found the people to be very open and accepting.

In The Cure, you talk a lot about ego. Why is it so important to understand ego?
RD: Ego can be diabolical when it comes to healing. One of the problems you face when deciding to heal is ego’s resistance to change. It is the guardian of the status quo and no matter how sick you become, it will resist. Many people derive their sense of identity from being sick and if you become chronically ill, it’s likely you are identified with your illness. In this case, ego will staunchly defend its territory. Awareness is the key to clearing resistance. Once you become aware of your resistance, it will begin to diminish. Negative thought forms cannot persist in the light of awareness.

Tell me about your process for helping people to heal.
RD: I use a three-pronged approach. I start by helping those I am working with explore their feelings. For some, this is very difficult, so I may skip this process. However, it is very effective. The second step is to explore and clear the subconscious mind of thought forms, patterns and beliefs that create disease. The third step is to transmute the disease energetically. I do this by transmitting the healing energy of my “light body,” into the disease. This raises the frequency of the disease and allows the body to heal. These techniques are very effective and can be learned and used by anyone who wants to do self-healing.

I hear that you can actually do your work over the phone. Is that right?
RD: Yes. I have worked with people all over the world by phone. People often wonder how that works. Quantum physics says that time and space are an illusion and don’t actually exist. That has certainly been my experience. What I do, works just as well over the phone as it does in person.

How many books have you had published and which one is your favorite?
RD: Four of my books have been published. Of course, the current one is my favorite. It deals with a topic that simply needs to be talked about and presented to the general public.

What is the most important thing you want your readers to take away from this book?
RD: If you have cancer or some other life-threatening disease, you don’t have to suffer to be cured. Modern medicine ignores the real cause of disease — the mind. The mind creates disease and it can cure disease. If you can’t totally accept this idea, that’s OK. The techniques I present will work for you anyway.

Is there anything more you would like to say to your readers?
RD: Yes. I want to urge everyone to take responsibility for their own healing. I am not saying that you should never see a doctor again; they have their role, especially when it comes to a crisis like a life-threatening accident. However, the medical establishment resists change and with 1.3 trillion dollars spent on medical procedures every year in the U.S., there isn’t much incentive for them to change course.

For more information on Richard Dupuis, call 651.330.3485 or email [email protected] Workshops can be sponsored in your area.


  1. Early one morning just before I woke up, the Universe/God came to me and suggested I write the book and open a healing center. just a few minutes per day are adequate. If you have cancer. The mind creates disease and it can cure disease. If you can’t totally accept this idea, that’s OK. The techniques I present will work for you anyway.
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