2012 & Our Inner Transfiguration


Lessons I have Learned throughout the Year

With all the predictions for the closing month of 2012, especially 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, it is easy to be focused outside of oneself and expect to see some radical shift in the world or our own lives. I do sense a real shift happening this year, but it is not yet so visible and will still take some time to manifest over the next several years.

I spent most of 2012 in a deep still silence, pulling back from teaching, opening up more personal time and space, and generally feeling very little energy to initiate or do anything beyond the basics. I felt as if I was in an ocean of presence, a quiet womblike place. Within it, all my energy and attention was drawn in to undertake a deep process of reconfiguring my energetic and physical bodies. As the year proceeded, I began to feel my entire chakra system moving through a radical shift of structure.

I still have limited language to describe how it functions, but I know a new human operating system is evolving with a design that works efficiently within the New Dimension. It cannot interact with anything that is not authentic, real or of essence. All old illusions and constrictions are being identified and released, since they cannot weave in to the new design.

To support you in this process, I would like to share some of what I have learned that is part of this deep organic inner transfiguration. Each of the following is interrelated with the rest:

  • Practice bringing your attention (Third Eye) back and down. Join your focus with your experience, your heart, your inner child, your needs, and specifically sense what has energy and what does not. All of the chakras first need to heal and move out of adaptation so they function the way they are designed, before they can shift to the new operating system. Chakras can no longer be pulled forward by cords or sensors out the front or be constricted by unprocessed emotions from the past, leading to pressure in the spine or back. When you catch yourself focusing on the future or into other people’s experience or field, consciously choose to pull back and ask, “What am I feeling, what do I need, what awareness is surfacing for me?”
  • Sort out what belongs to you and what does not. We can only process and assimilate what is ours — and we cannot assimilate what is not. That seems simple, but we are given the energy to do what is ours to create. If there is no energy, we must use our will power to force, push or drive us to do what we are not sourced to do — and that life force is then diverted from what it would have been used for. We often wear out more easily and do not have energy to accomplish what our souls would choose. This deep shift takes a lot of energy!
  • Release responsibility for what belongs to others. Realize that each person has their own experience designed to bring them to their own awareness or healing. Their emotion and experience is specific to their soul’s growth and evolution. Practice honoring that for yourself, while also honoring others. Most of us get mixed up with other people and what belongs to them by either assuming we know what they need better than they do, or we allow others to affect and influence us. We can end up thinking about, defending and trying to process assumptions, conclusions or emotions that belong to someone else.
  • Notice where you make assumptions and use those assumptions to form conclusions about what you make real. What we make real, we realize in our experience. When we allow old false assumptions, such as “I’m not good enough as I am,” or false guilt, such as “I caused another person’s experience, I am to blame,” to live as if they are real, we contract within and cannot receive. We grew up inside others’ false assumptions about life, about us, about God, or about reality that we could sense were not true, but we did not know how to sort them out without feeling as if we would be punished or lose love and acceptance. So those false conclusions got in and were made real. Usually these assumptions live in the space created when there was a broken trust experience. (See No. 6.)
  • Release defenses and the fear that runs the fight-or-flight system. Defenses and protections were designed when we gave reality to a limited perception or assumption about an event or we were not supported enough at the time to process the experience to full awareness. Fear lives where awareness or light or love could not get in. If someone says something to or about you, if it is resonant you will relax and use it, rather like food that has exactly what your body needs. If it is not resonant, you will constrict or resist. If you defend, explain, analyze, rationalize or work it through your mind, you are taking in what cannot process and making it real. Practice noticing where you relax in the presence of truth and where you constrict in the presence of falsehood. Applying this to your past will assist the inner child/heart to release what has been stored, because it could not process scary lies through to awareness.
  • Relax into Love and open to heal places of broken trust. Wherever you have a sense of fear or resistance to receiving or taking in, there is an old wound where you were open to trust or had a trust bond with someone that was injured or severed. Your soul is wise and knows your unique path to heal, but as long as your reference is the old story and how that story is interpreted, then consciousness continues to refer to that as more real than new possibilities. Relaxing into trust that Love is everywhere you are — and including every experience you have ever had — helps soften the resistance and opens the movement that is needed to process the wound to healing and completion.
  • Call back all aspects of self that fragmented along the way. Broken trust often leads to fragmentation: parts of our being do not know how to stay present due to fear, trauma, false assumptions and perceptions believed to be real, or any number of other painful experiences. Most often, our souls fragment out the base of the skull as a safer way to dissociate instead of leaving through the Crown chakra where we pass out of the body at death. Recovering soul aspects fill in gaps and holes within our system and speed up the recovery of our chakra system to its original design. Becoming more whole and filled with soul can also free up externalized compulsions to fill our holes with substitutes such as food, substances, people, business, exercise, etc.

Each soul has its own unique unfolding sequence as we are called into being part of a new creation. Relax into Love, trust your own process, and know that you have all that you need.

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Michele Mayama has facilitated group and individual change for almost 30 years, and for 19 years she and Chris LaFontaine have together traveled globally in planetary service, and created numerous events offering both timely information and experiential, transformative processes. They created Lightsmith in 1994 to offer clear information and helpful assistance for this time of fundamental change in our lives and world. They consider the current challenges on earth as a birthing process, thrusting us out of an old reality into something profoundly new. We see humanity moving into a different experience of life, born of the fusion of Love, Life and Light while an old world reaches the end of its time, self-extinguishing through choices made in fear, contraction and limitation. Michele offers personal sessions to assist you where you are in your growth and evolution and healing process.



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