“He who does not see the angels and devils in the beauty and malice of life will be far removed from knowledge and his spirit empty of affection.” — Kahlil Gibran

The homes I grew up in were infested with spirits — both the home where I lived as an infant and later my permanent childhood home. I learned later that spirits are attracted to other sprits, and that spiritually open people are targets for all shapes and sizes of entities.

As a child I was targeted.

I could always hear music playing that wasn’t on, radios turning on and off, floor lamps rattling and swaying back and forth, demon images and faces of great distortion, footsteps, whooping shadow people, and there were spirits of light and darkness in the house. I often would be in bed and odd energy would form things that would hover and then disappear.

As a child, I would have to face what the energy created for me. Some of it was very unpleasant and some of the images were beautiful, mythical, animal figures: warriors of greatness, white wolves, lions, and the bear on a regular basis. The unpleasant creations were very dark and evil.

Looking back, now I see that I was always in between opposing forces — and I was not shielded from either. With intense fear, I would face the evil; in gladness I would welcome the beautiful creatures.

Astral travel also was a vital part of my childhood. I never tried to do it; it was involuntary for me. I would travel into the cosmos on a regular basis, into the universe, into the color show of brilliant colors and moving energy. I was one with the cosmos.

Many times upon returning, I could see scattered energy balls, dust bunnies if you will, left swirling on my ceiling or on the top of my dresser. I could see them across the room sometimes, as I lay on my side in my bed. This was residue energy coming from where I had been, as I returned to my other place of consciousness. To this day, these dust bunnies, sometimes dots or lines, some call it angel hair, greet me in the morning or upon awakening from sleep — a constant reminder to me that I have been far, far, away in my sleep.

When I was much older, I would see fairies that scattered and left energy balls as they would disappear. These tiny creatures of the energy appeared to be most playful and mischievous. They were silver and had little bodies and wings like toothpicks. Their spirit is very magical and they are very busy entities. They may even be the energy that transports us, for they are hummingbird fast and never stick around long enough so we can get a good look at them.

Scientists try to analyze the mystery of sleep and dreams, but you really can’t. You are far away and then return to your body. In sleep, we meet with gods, goddesses, animals, demons, past loved ones, rock stars, movie stars, lovers, soul mates, friends, enemies, dragons, worlds and the end of worlds. We fly, we fall, we sail, we swim and we connect to all life. We are all one.

In sleep, we go to the underworld, the upper world, we go above and beneath the ocean. We dance in dark forests and meet with plants and trees that are as alive as we are. I believe we go into the collective universe.

As I grew up, I understood this, especially when the dust bunnies of energy were replaced for a time with ancient geometric patterns with the utmost perfection. Ancient art, these tapestries and cave art appeared on my ceiling upon waking. In my late 30s I realized that I was one with all ancestors, from all cultures, surrounded by designs of South America decent — very tribal, very primitive, without flaw, perfect.


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