STAR: Now State of Being


How are we to “Be” in the New Earth? STAR is the answer. A new age brings with it a new paradigm; a new way of living our life. The old ways of force, fear, sorrow are to go. The new is to enter: Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive (STAR).

Two key components will guide us into the New Earth: knowing who we are and living in the Now Moment. Most of humanity believes they are the physical vessel from which their soul expresses, but they overlook the soul’s expression. Their daily choices are governed by their ego self, which is thinking hard about what job to get, where to live, how to survive and all of the other mind-centered activities of getting through life.

The ego self has been in charge for eons, but that is coming to an end with the advent of the New Earth. It will lose control in the elevated frequencies and radiance of the crystalline grid, which will be fully online December 12, 2012, and ignited on December 21, 2012. On winter solstice 2012, Gaia will connect to the crystalline grid and duality will lose its power. We are witnessing expanded awareness of our human divinity and the softening of our ego selves as each day passes.

As we learn to live our lives in wholeness with the full acceptance that we are divine humans — an individual aspect of All That Is — we will choose our life experiences from the Now Moment of being. Suffering from the past and fear of the future will not control life circumstances. And we will begin to attract different experiences. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, author of The New Earth, “Your entire life journey ultimately consists of the step you are taking at this moment.”

How do we support the Now State of Being as divine humans in the New Earth? STAR is again the answer. Surrender to the knowing that you are the One Consciousness experiencing. Trust that wholeness will catch you as you jump off the cliff in the new way of experiencing. Allow what the One Consciousness chooses for your life’s expression as being perfect in every way imaginable. Receive as already manifested what your human divinity has imagined and chosen, with gratitude and appreciation even if it is not yet visible.

In this year of 2012 and into 2013, multi-dimensional/inter-galactic beings of light have gifted humanity with the STAR clinic, a quantum tool to assist us in moving from ego self to the full awareness of our divinity. The STAR Clinic is a quantum-healing collective comprised of practitioners from multi-dimensions, with diverse backgrounds and gifts, who embody the STAR state and work within the unified field to facilitate healing and promote well-being. The S.T.A.R. clinic is directed outside the realm of individuated consciousness by the divine Creator.

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