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Leigh Cohen Wyatt speaks on Moonlight & Magic: Santa’s Workshop

Leigh Cohen Wyatt

Moonlight & Magic, a quarterly expo that presents 32 vendors, psychics, healers and energy workers, returns to the Twin Cities from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9, featuring the theme “Santa’s Workshop” at the Sheraton Minneapolis West, just east of Ridgedale Center on Ridgedale Drive in Minnetonka. The event is followed by a gallery event — “Let Their Voice Be Heard,” featuring three noted Mediums — from 7-9 p.m.

Expo admission is $5 and includes free workshops throughout the day. The Medium event is $25, with tickets available online at

The event is produced by Leigh Cohen Wyatt, a nationally renowned psychic life coach and member of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers who has been featured in OM Times Magazine and on CBS Radio, and sponsored by Enlightened Guidance LLC.

Wyatt spoke with The Edge about Moonlight & Magic, sharing her intention behind the event and what the public can look forward to this month.

Leigh, your Moonlight & Magic expo will be returning for the second year to the Twin Cities. What was the original inspiration for this event?
Leigh Cohen Wyatt: I wanted to put something out to the community that was new and fresh. I wanted to bring the magic back. After participating in many expos and looking at what was being offered, I relied upon my visual and creative sensibilities to create something that was more supportive of the expo vendors and the public at large. No more bright lights and having vendors crammed in next to each other. I knew I could do it better — and different.

What makes Moonlight & Magic different from other New Age expos?
LCW: The themes. I put together a party. The first Moonlight & Magic expo was about Fairies, the second one was about the Harvest Moon, and this one is about Santa’s Workshop. I decorate the room, and the vendors dress up their booths and themselves to complement the theme. And in addition to just having a theme, I take it one step further. I create an inspiration and an energy in these events. It’s something that the vendors and the attendees find very rewarding. I’m allowing them to be children again. Our vendors come into it with a sense of having fun. Yes, it’s work. Yes, you’re creating your business. Yes, you’re networking. But why not bring that magic back and have fun while you’re doing it?

That’s the thought process behind Moonlight & Magic. I do these every three to four months, so you can guarantee there’s going to be a different theme for every expo. And for each one, I bring in something unique. For Santa’s Workshop, I’m bringing in a Santa sleigh, decorating the room with Christmas trees, and making the whole experience filled with the magic of Christmas.

You have indicated that your intent for Moonlight & Magic is to bring together some of the most enlightened readers and vendors. How do you measure that sense of enlightenment and how can attendees determine that?
LCW: I’m an intuitive myself — I’m a psychic life coach — so it’s all about energy for me. It’s all about character, attitude and behavior. When I meet and talk with people, I know within the first three minutes if they will complement my event. So it’s about creating a collaboration of people who I’ve been fortunate enough to bring together under one roof — people who support each other, network with each other and work well together. There’s no ego. There’s no greed. I don’t permit any of that within my expos.

So I entrust this combination of people to work together smoothly and enlighten the attendees and share their wisdom with them. Together, we create a heightened, energetic field. I like to say, “You’re going to walk into this room and feel the elevated energy, but the goal is to walk out with more confidence than you had when you arrived.”

I get the sense that this is a family friendly event. What does Moonlight & Magic offer for children?
LCW: Lots of things! We will have a storyteller at this December expo. Moonlight & Magic brings together moms, dad and kids. If the parents want to do a little shopping or attend a workshop, they know their children are safe with the Storyteller. And each show offers something for the children. Our theme of fairies had fairy dust and fairy wings for the children to play with, and we’ve had facepainting and a lot of unique things just for the kids. Parents who bring their children can be assured that everyone will have a really good time.

What takes place at your medium gathering, “Let Their Voices Be Heard?”
LCW: It features three of the best mediums in the area who present in a gallery setting, but what’s different in my event compared to others I have attended is that this is not just entertainment. This is an event for people who want to connect with their loved ones from the Other Side. It’s done ethically and with honesty. We know we are dealing with people’s grief and sorrow and emotions, so all of the mediums at my shows display a high sense of compassion for the people who come to connect with their loved ones who have passed.

There is a highly elevated energy in the room, and having three mediums taking part, the interaction between them is phenomenal. We do a round robin approach that allows equal time for each medium throughout the gathering.

Which mediums will take part this year and how were they selected?
LCW: The mediums at this event will be Alison James and Debra Battenfeld of the Twin Cities and Scotty Rorek from the Madison, Wisconsin, area. I’ve had readings with all three, and that is what I do before I select mediums to present at my events. I have to be sure that I trust — and the audience members trust — the people I am promoting and putting out in front of the public. And with confidence, I can say all three of these mediums are fabulous.

Give us a word or phrase that would describe each of your mediums?
LCW: For Alison, I would say “soul searching.” For Debra, I would say “enthusiastic and loving.” For Scotty, I would say “funny and endearing.”

Any closing thoughts about Moonlight & Magic, Leigh?
LCW: I just want people to know that this is something that comes from my heart and my soul. I love helping people. I love putting on events that allow people to leave with a smile on their faces, with a heightened energy level and a sense that they have been helped by the vendors I put in place for them.

For complete information on Moonlight & Magic, including descriptions of intuitive readers and vendors, visit Contact Leigh Cohen Wyatt at 763.684.1453 or email [email protected].


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