From the Editor: Massacres reveal much about our Evolution


handgunIf insanity, as described by Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then what is doing nothing over and over again and expecting different results?

That’s where America finds herself as she sits in the easy chair as if in a trance, watching as network anchors report on the 17th mass shooting in the past eight years.

Communications strategist Karl Frisch said this to political commentator Stephanie Miller on December 20: “We’re a mature country. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can talk about mental health. We can talk about gun control.”

We may be a mature country, but we’re hardly an evolved nation.

An evolved nation would not slash funding for mental health care during a major recession, when such care becomes even more necessary. An evolved nation would not offer the suggestion that massacres would be prevented if teachers were trained to shoot and kill, as well as educate students. An evolved nation would not sell its citizenry combat weapons while trying to keep the peace.

An evolved nation would focus on the objective of creating and maintaining peace, instead of war. An evolved nation would put vast resources into early childhood development and education. An evolved nation would support a holistic wellness system that provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health care for its entire citizenry — as a right. An evolved nation recognizes the inherent gift of each soul, and it seeks to empower its people at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, evolution is not a goal of much of the American public.

The loudest voices among us cry out for freedom to do as they please, without interference from the government. In this time of vast change and transformation, many people have embraced fear as “the new normal,” and they allow that fear to color everything in their lives — from their beliefs about their elected leaders, to the political ideologies they adopt, to how they prepare for an apocalypse.

The way forward is to change that picture by supporting leadership among those who embrace empowerment, rather than fear. We’re beginning to see the hopeful among us respond to tragedy in a new way — by reaching out with love, rather than by suggesting that we fight violence with more violence.

Best viral social media trend in the wake of the Newtown shootings: NBC journalist Ann Curry’s inspiring tweet that we all do 26 acts of kindness in honor of those who were killed. LINK

Most moving tribute to the victims: The cast of The Voice performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” LINK


  1. Tim,

    Often times in our community, we hide from and ignore the things that hurt and that are dark… and I think this topic is one such thing.

    I’m very impressed how you are able to take such a dark aspect of the American Culture and bring light into it. I feel that too often, in America, we are afraid of feeling, then moving past to something brighter, and working towards that. Why must America feel the need to punish itself…

  2. Kindness has never been about “DOING”! Doing Kindness?
    Kindness is about “BEING”!
    Doing acts of kindness, Do not create the BEing kind energy in another except for maybe temporarily!

    Kindness is not an act of……!
    Kindness is a state of…….!

    Peace is not an act of doing. It does not begin around you!
    Peace is a state of being! It begins within you!

    As much as human’s have had the opportunity to learn and evolve, they are still attempting to Be through the Doing!!

    It is not going to happen!!
    🙂 Rick


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