Our Mother


Our Mother,
Who art ascended,
Blessed be thy breast.
Peace of thy womb, come.
Duality be done,
Just love — no earth, no heaven.
Give us this day
Our daily bread
Forgive us our separateness
As we repair all false separateness from us.
Lead us toward compassion.
Deliver us from ego.
For ours is the queendom, the magic, and the healing,
Forever and ever.

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Christine Tuhy
Christine Tuhy is a writer, mother, healer, community organizer, and real estate agent in the Wedge area of Minneapolis. She was published in Rock, Paper, Scissors out of Hamline University in 2010 and 2011. Her work has also appeared in Mason's Road Journal and Clean Sheets Literary Magazine. She writes and performs in order to raise awareness around sexual violence and healing, trauma and recovery, sex positivity, GLBT rights, and the resuscitation of the Divine Feminine.


  1. Wonderful and inspiring piece, Christine. Hope to see you and Sam at St. Joan of Arc soon. Love to you and your family.



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