Remodel and Upgrade Your Body for the 2013 Leap!


blood_abstractBodies created before 1961 are different than those being born today. They were denser, slower moving, had thicker, darker blood, and carried less light and sound generally than those abroad in life today. They have been becoming more refined, more beautiful and intelligent, as you have no doubt noted.

The once carbon dominance has transformed through the raised Schumann Resonance frequency of the Earth to a crystalline nature. The blood that is part of our largest body system, a crystalline system, is not yet recognized by modern physicians. This saline silicate liquid is an exquisitely tuned conductor of the life force. Midway between the circulatory and nervous systems, an electromagnetic current is created by the polarity of these two systems. The life-force works more through the blood, and the consciousness works more through the nerves and brain. These two systems contain quartz-like properties and electromagnetic current. The blood cells, especially the white and red blood cells, contain more quartz-like properties and the nervous system contains more an electromagnetic current. The life force and consciousness use the properties to enter and stimulate the physical body.

Cell salts, fatty tissue, lymphs, red and white blood cells and the pineal gland are all made up of a quartz-like structure in the physical and subtle bodies that augment the impact of vibrational remedies. These properties magnify the properties of the crystalline remedies that penetrate the physical body. They amplify certain aspects of the life force in special energy circuits throughout the body. Biocrystalline systems are intimately involved with mediating the input of higher vibration energies and consciousness into the lower bodies.

“Although the crystal may be used for ‘mind-to-mind’ communication,” writes Dr. Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine, “its higher purpose is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering. With the proper training, a healer can release negative thoughtforms, which have taken shapes as disease patterns in a patient’s physical body.” 

A constitutional change is happening to all living forms today as an adjustment is necessary to enable the body to morph into a superior character to handle the rising vibrational field we live in. Thus, the old-fashioned design for human form has become quickly obsolete and is being replaced by one that is more electrically and light conductive. The more quartz-like it is, the more as a capacitor it becomes for the very pulse of life that runs the universe, Call it the Chi, the ECK, the invisible universal power, the more the better, for it enables the expansion of awareness, intelligence, beauty and longevity.

The body is like a musical instrument that has been playing Handel. With the current-rising frequency, it must succumb or become renewed through turning carbon into silica. It now can carry higher ranges of sound and the light-encoded filaments of the chromosome chain can come out of dormancy. The body rings like a bell and carries more of the sound current, the verve of life, the celestial hum of the universe. Whatever you wish to call this transformation, it is one of mankind evolving to a higher form as we live within it!

To assist this upgrade, it is wise to consume the higher-grade material for the new-style cells forming with harmonic sustenances. Be it that water is a liquid crystal, hydrated food is a must. Boxed, bagged and dehydrated packaged foods are dead, with no live verve due to the heated, chemically preserved and inert ingredients. It fills the gut, but takes more BTUs and energy units from you than it gives, i.e., dead food depletes a living form eventually over time. A balanced 7.35 alkaline/acid source of living water, naturally ionized, is excellent. Spring water, great glacier artesian water, is available in glass bottles. Plastic bottles have chemical kick back and estrogen-augmenting effects. In Georgia, a doctor pulls strings of plastic out of patient’s veins due to drinking from popular plastic containers.

Gradually lighten the load character of the dense, darker and slower moving body styles that the human race has harbored through history. It is time to shed the old-fashioned, thick-celled, dull-skinned construction material for a more brightly lit, shimmering, liquid nature to our food and drink. Effervescent water is so light, however, that it is not easily absorbed into our cells. Still water is more natural and makes us more soluble. Remember, most people die of dehydration, shriveling and grinding to a stop. So soups, smoothies, liquefied menus are coming more to the fore — for a reason. They digest and are absorbed easily, carrying nutrients to hungry organs. Even animal food is changing out for moist meats, fish, chicken with steamed vegetables mixed into it. Bagged dried pet food is made, warehoused, shipped and put on the shelf, sometimes for months before consumption. Take a whiff. It smells the stale. Too often made from inexpensive floor sweepings of dried ground corn, wheat and grains, the pet food is convenient for the owners of animals, but ask the dog or cat what they crave and learn why they beg your for scraps that are nutrient dense and naturally juicy. Follow their lead, as you may have lost your own good instincts from eating fast, overly sauced and cooked meals for decades.

As your blood becomes lighter, your tissues rise in vibration. You may try using crystalline food and tools. Note the Himalayan pink salt cooking slabs used for heating foods as a surface. Food prep books accompany them. Try using a small 3 x 2-inch white, clear, crystal when making soups, veggie stews and drinks. Put it in the liquid as you prepare it. Remember to remove it before consuming or the transformation from course carbon to refined silicate may be quicker than necessary. Think crystal: salt, celery, cucumbers, electrolytes, hydration, smoothies, soups, spring water, lymph movement, VitaMix and blender vegetable creations. Practice turning off the oven for a few days. Use surface warmth, room temperature foods that are not reduced by excess heat to limp, dry, beige, brown or black foods. Do not eat what has past its prime and is the color of a compost pile. Color tells you the speed of the life force wavicles and liveliness within.

When you lift something to your lips to libaciously quaff down substances, or when you grind and masticate, mixing it with saliva to soften it so it moves through your body’s pipe-pump-filter systems, ask yourself, “How much sunlight, rain, dew, earth minerals and clean oxygen am I swallowing?” What is the quotient of energy remains in this that I am eating to transform into corpuscles, hormones, amino acids, oils and carbs? Is this the old new food of natural sources that carries the mystical cargo that illuminates the cells to glow infrared light, that causes cell replacement to have longer telomeres that extend life? 

So make a toast and congratulate your architectural remodeling ability. When you build your body with aquacious mediums of matter that carry the currency of sun rays, chlorophyll, juices of flowered fruit, pungent humic acid, excited atoms of Somatids, the smallest units of life and the active breath of life still within it, you are, in fact, a new Being. Yes, you can live in a house as your design changes to a superior one governed by the crystal conduits that weave and convey the subtle stuff of elevated sustenance releasing a more advanced human being to your elated experience.

Happy 2013!

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Dr. Bridget Bagley
Bridget Bagley, N.D., is an Iridologist, Herbologist and "Youngologist." She is author of Live as if Eternal, giving education on raw and alkaline foods, sun gazing, accelerating the rate of MHZ, thus bridging the old bodies into a progressed silicate form of advanced character. For information on Monthly Classes, call 952.473.1234 or visit


  1. Bridget,

    After reading this article, I have to say that I was very disappointed. It does not seem like you did your research. For example, Silica is already something that the human body utilizes, and has utilized by our body since forever. As we age, Silica diminishes in the body and one of the contributing reasons we get wrinkles, and is a main reason herbs high in Silica, like Horsetail/Shavegrass, are used in Anti-Aging remedies.

    Many of the things in your article do not seem to relate, you jump from one idea to the next without any supporting ideas, empirical or even circumstantial evidence, and riddled with a lot of buzz words to try and capitalize on the Beginning of the New Mayan Cycle.


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