Evolutionary Pagans: The Magician’s Secret


handshake“Witchcraft is the practice of “magick” where the practitioner solicits, recognizes, and acts upon the signs and symbols of the Divine by way of following this formula: intent + visualization + action = manifestation of the desired result.” – Excerpt from Jan 2013 column

The practice of “magick” is one of the central concepts in Pagan traditions. Practicing magick is both a process and end result. It is part prayer, part action, part receptivity, and entirely about mastery over one’s life. The word “magick” with a “k” is used to differentiate between the “magic” of parlor tricks and the “magick” of practicing ritual to manifest an intention.

The process of magick is comprised of four parts: solicitation, recognition, action and manifestation. For example, the moment you think, “I want to meet someone new,” you begin the solicitation phase of your magickal working. When you meditate on it, pray to your higher power or write down the qualities you are looking for in someone, these actions solicit an opportunity to arise.

Now, let’s say that you are at work and someone from another department comes in that you have never met before. This is your moment to “recognize” that you are now presented with an opportunity to fulfill your desire.

Once you have recognized that an opportunity has arrived, you must act on it. In the above situation, the action you would take is to introduce yourself. In that moment, your working is complete.

Solicitation = intention + visualization. This requires you build a complete picture of what you want, including how you intend to act when the moment arrives.

Recognition = visualization + action. You must be able to see when a moment arrives and decide to act on it.

Action = a specific behavior in alignment with achieving the desired goal.

Manifestation = The moment of realization that one has attained one’s objective.

The more energy you can put behind your intent, in the solicitation phase, the more powerful the manifestation will be. This is really what “rituals” are about. The more adept one becomes at conducting a ritual, the more mastery one will attain in magically influencing reality.

A good ritual will utilize the following parts:

  • Setting the stage — One must create space in which to perform a ritual.
  • Accoutrements to the task — Writing implements, candles, incense etc.
  • Invocation of higher powers — This includes deities or any guiding force.
  • Raising the energy — This can be done with singing, dancing, or anything that raises your heart rate.
  • Releasing the energy — This is a visualization of sending your intent into the Universe so that it can manifest.
  • Reversal of invocations and opening of space — It is best to thank whatever powers you invoked and send them on their way.

So when you put it all together it looks like this:

  • Desire: a raise at work.
  • Ritual (solicitation, intention, visualization): Set the stage. Bless your space with incense specific to attracting opportunity, abundance, or prosperity. Invoke your higher power or deity with a prayer. Spell out what you want on paper and the actions you will take to achieve the goal. Dance or sing or even work out to raise your energy. Imagine sending that intention out like an etheric letter to the Divine. Thank your deity for listening.
  • Recognition: You are working on a project and your boss calls you in to praise you for your work. See that you have an opportunity to have a discussion about your pay.
  • Action: Discuss with your employer the work that you do and the value it adds to the company. Provide examples of what others in your career are making. Talk about loyalty to the company versus looking for employment elsewhere.
  • Manifestation: The boss realizes how valuable you are and gives you a raise.

This is the essence of working “magick.” One does not need to follow a particular faith or religion in order to perform it. The more acts of intention you perform, whether big or small, the more wondrous and magical your life will become. This is the secret of the magician.

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Briana Crusan
Briana Crusan is a 2nd generation pagan, spiritualist, energy healer, and poet. You can read more of her writings at www.brianacrusan.com.


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