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When I am stressed, and also wise (hardly all the time!), I connect with God. The God I connect with is always patient, kind, caring, peaceful, joyous, unconditionally loving, and in all people, things and events, including myself. Today, feeling stressed, I asked for help, and received this answer:

When you ask for My help, I am here, attentive to you. So ask frequently and I shall be attentive frequently. When I am attentive, notice My presence. You can feel My presence with your somatic senses, such as touch, pressure, temperature, kinesthesia, muscle sense, visceral sense, or even your sense of equilibrium. I am with you in every moment, whether you ask or not, and you can find Me in every moment. If you do not find Me, then ask and look for My response.

I will respond every time, though you may not be able to notice. Continue to ask, open and notice. You will begin to find My responses. I am with you at your deepest level. Open to your deepest level and you will find Me more easily. You are open to your deepest level when you feel your deepest peace. So what is it that you need to do to find peace? And when you find peace, how do you find the deepest peace?

To find peace, stop looking. Just feel what is already there. Allow it to be there. There is peace under the allowing, so notice the allowing and expand the allowing. Then notice the stillness underneath. It is always there, and I am always there with it. You may not recognize My presence there with it right away. That’s okay. As you practice these things, over time you will find Me more and more clearly.

Along with Me, you will find more joy, deeper peace and unconditional love for yourself and others. These states are natural for you. Anything that keeps you from these states is an interference or an internal resistance. When you find these, you begin by allowing the interference or resistance. Then you find My presence, My peace, My joy and My unconditional love. When you have found these, own them for yourself. Then you may meet the interference or resistance and find the harmonies contained therein.

As you continue these practices, they will become easier and more constant in your life. Your internal and external environments will respond also with greater harmony.

This all seems so simple. Is it real? Can it work? Am I a figment of your imagination without any real power? The answers to these questions are not contained in words or thoughts. You find these answers through practice. I am with you always.



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