Viruses are Daredevil Cleansers of Old Carbon Matrix


virusViruses are misunderstood. They are the first line of offense. The coach is preparing the players, the old, low-grade, carbon-dominant bodies, to carry advanced refined life force. As the preferred new cell material used by the A-Team players is of crystalline, their cells run on waves of light and sound instead of the old-style carbon custodial food, so to speak.

Everyone in the stadium of life is undergoing a remodel as they reside in their seats. Little do living forms understand that the energy that is escalating to 13.5 MHz or more is requiring us to comply by trading out our dense, dark, slow-moving pre-1962 physicality and replacing it with lighter, more oxygenated, silicate, quartz-like tissue and organs. Our conductivity must quicken and the electric of the universe insists that our power be able to light up the scoreboard. This is actually a mainframe that adjusts the amps so that our vision increases, our auditory range broadens, our nimbleness is regained, our skin reflects more radiance, and our minds wax to full brain capacity.

A new human form is emerging. Just look at your grandchildren. They are Raphalean and advanced by decades compared to their former gene pool. Red and blond hair, blue eyes, quick perception, kindness, intuition, ability to talk with animals and an empathetic nature are clues to this transformation upon the planet. 

You are being enhanced, too.
Viruses are on the field. Most human will admit, “I just had a mighty one get me.” And you were in need of being cleaned and cleared for new cell work that is part of your necessary remodeling. You evidently have chosen to stay on the planet as it evolutes itself in this new age or new earth. When a virus enters, it goes to work eating out the former electrical gird. Your energy goes away. You can not image the future nor do you want to go into it. Life is standing still. The old grids are being removed and you are empty indeed.

Your DNA is changing. Things are shifting inside of you.
Why? Because everything is changing. The planet is changing. It has to in order to hold the energy, the higher frequency. Yes, some people cannot handle it and they are happy to leave. The ones who are staying on are adjusting their vibrational capacity as a capacitor and DNA is changing to adjust.
You can feel it at times, perhaps in your spine. Trills. My cat races about the hallways with his tail in the air swirling with new-found energy we are all sharing. When things are changing, we will feel it in our body in ways of a headache, backache, but they move on and more energy is replacing it while it is happening. The viruses are chomping away, cleansing the pathways so the new meridians can be charged at a higher crystalline level, much like replacing copper wire with fiber optic.

So you will be shut down for the change. You will feel very low, like your batteries just went dead. In fact, that is how you best charge a new battery at first.
New memory will be born. Creativity — not possible before — will be unleashed as it downloads from Source. You must become a greater and greater receiver. You are starting to shimmer with the higher resolution of life wave patterning. Your light-encoded filaments are causing your telomeres to lengthen, thus aging seems to melt away. You are more beautiful, symmetrical, balanced, peaceful, and happy. Some say in 120 days you will have a new face.
Viruses are like minute Pacmen that eat through the encumbered carbon-filled pathways and do it by setting off small explosions all through your body. They are decimating the old coal mine, making room for the diamonds (silicon chips) you now can use to turn on latent codes in your superior programming. All those people who are coughing, feeling nauseous and not having an appetite for days in a forced fast, and all of them are being overhauled. The world players will be getting a new uniform, for the playing field has had to change and our bodies must become more refined and purged therefore.

Welcome to the pandemic “I’ve got a virus. I’ve got the flu” story of 2013.

Mother Nature is preparing her players for greater games of awareness and capability and to be truly free in the new life level we are entering called the 5th Dimension!

And about the concession-stand food for your new upgraded body, trade out that traditional dead material for live food that carries “let’s party” color. Drink clean, clear crystalline water all day long at about 40 degrees. This is where water is most alive. Meat eaters: drink water at room temperature or it will coagulate the fat and coat the stomach lining, giving poor absorption/digestion.
So come on you viral rascals. Have at it. We need renovation for our future selves. It may take five days of down time. You ready? Just bless the system. It’s co-creative, after all.


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