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heart_woman(Take a deep breath, for it always starts with a deep breath to center. Now, you should read this out loud.)

Dear Self,

You are truly a gift. You do not even realize how very sacred your presence is to this world, so I am going to tell you. Your Sweet Heart is the center of your universe as it should be. I know it is at times quite difficult to believe that this part of you that creates so much passion, drama, high highs and low lows can actually be your sacred gift, but it is.

Did you notice that you did not start this love letter addressed to your heart? Maybe it is assumed that the self encompasses all aspects of who you are and that your heart, as usual, gets lumped in with the crowd. It is imperative that you recognize this part of your being as the secret and magical doorway to success that it is.

Yes, I said success — a term you have used in your ego mind that seems to be so far behind you now, or is it? Does it still haunt you? That is not a criticism nor a judgment, but it is simply an observation to be made.

Deep within you, can you actually entertain the notion that your heart, yes the soft red cut-out piece of construction paper with scalloped edges that comes out on Valentine’s Day, your heart, is the doorway to success? In fact, it is the only way to achieve that which your mind set out early on to realize in this lifetime — or rather, once you bought into the human terms of existence, somewhere around high school, most likely.

Maybe the idea of your heart being a doorway seems too mystical, like a gateway to another place — and there, it is there you will reach the destination of destiny. Maybe it’s a key that will open many doors that represent all the aspects of you, and the dreams and wishes you hold within the various parts of your being.

The reality is, it does not matter what image you use to convey the meaning of it…your heart is your center. It is your place of power, a great power that oftentimes is labeled a hindrance and a mere obstacle to overcome or the way in which we realize our lessons. This is only a small, in fact, minute, piece of the mosaic that is your heart. In energetic terms, you have been exposed to glimmers of its capacity — for healing, for helping and for living life.

Why is it that you have not lingered there? Or made the heart the focal point of growth and development?

I know it’s complicated. But that is only because in human form there becomes an awareness of the need for cohabitation, amongst the parts of your existence. Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. In this cohabitation, each one of these areas takes its turn as the focus of your energy. There is a juggling act that is practiced again and again within your one lifetime. There is no secret key to mastery of the order of priority that these aspects should take. No magic formula. Rather, at this time, with this love letter, the focus is on the heart.

The shifting of power to the heart as the center is to give you roots, while at the same time allow you to feel your wings. Feeling yes, that word so intermingled with happiness and sorrow, but such a wonderful way to connect to and experience gratitude.

The love that is buried within you may have once been in your solar plexus, your soul. Now it is within the heart, waiting for you to come deep into its caverns and bring out to the light its riches, piece by golden piece. And to share it with the world. This is your Love Letter.

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Bridgette Doerr
Bridgette Doerr, founder of Fairy Grasshopper, has a desire to Inspire! She is a connection and communication bridge. She shares positive stories of intuition and personal development. She works as an Empowerment Coach and Intuition Advocate. She is a Soulful Woman on a Mission to fuel the fire of people who are ready to live inspired. Contact Bridgette at [email protected].


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