Cultivating the Power of Intuition


The power of intuition can be pure guesswork, and if a person is involved in such an intuitive approach, then he or she often may lack a real scientific background. Without the perfection in terms of intellectual clarity and scientific objectivity of mind, intuitive insight may not be a systematic approach to maximize benefit to mankind.

The human mind is made up of three components:

  • The part of the brain that is involved in the recording of information as experience;
  • The intellect, with the precise discriminating ability of the mind, helps to make critical observations and makes conclusions after precise observation;
  • Ego-based illusion in the mind, which limits true conscious development in humans.

Irrespective of a person’s education, each and every human will automatically experience something positive and something negative every day, as long as his or her brain is connected to the outside world. But my method of intuitive insight will teach the human brain to develop a specific intellectual filter to prevent negative influence from affecting the mind negatively.

The operation of the first component of the mind is to record information in terms of specific experience. If a person gets more educated and gains more wealth or more prestige, more fame, name, power or influence in society, then automatically the ego-sense will increase further due to the natural consequence of mechanical brain development — without any training to prevent such ego-based limitations developing in the mind.

Most people do not learn conscious exercises to prevent such development of ego-based limitations in the mind. That is why as a person becomes older, he or she experiences specific limited ideas from the surrounding environment or specific upbringing or education or social or cultural or other influence, and people gain more limitations as they get older every year. These limitations prevent most humans from cultivating such power within their mind.

But the Yogic method, on the other hand, teaches people to consciously eliminate such egotistical brain development to preserve higher intellectual and spiritual development, allowing them to gain subtle knowledge and power of the mind that is not possible if the ego, bias and prejudices try to obstruct true evolution of mind.

Now, if the person acquires equally deep, scientific knowledge in every branch of study — from physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, biochemistry, neurochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell-biology, biophysics and other relevant areas related to better understanding of human body, brain and consciousness — then automatically that multi-disciplinary knowledge, along with direct Yogic precision of thought in a perfect meditative state, would make the person far more superior in terms of both intuitive insight and rational psychic power to better serve humanity.

Hindu philosophy says that no power has any meaning if such power is misused to feel egotistical at the end after gaining such power. That is why Hindu philosophy clearly prohibits humans from making such a claim that might create ignorance or confusion in society. That is why a truly enlightened Yogi would only demonstrate such power of perfection when it is absolutely necessary to save humanity from making the same mistake repetitively, due to ego and arrogance-based obstruction of consciousness.



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