Evolutionary Pagan: Psychic Etiquette


man_mimeWhether you are an experienced psychic or just discovering your powers, there are a few things to keep in mind when delving into the magickal realms.

First of all, know your boundaries. A boundary is an invisible line that delineates the space between you and others around you. This concept is incredibly important to maintaining your integrity. The only thing anyone can really control in life is what lies within his or her own boundary. When working with psychic abilities, at times it may seem as if we can control the world outside of ourselves. However, in reality we can only attract things to us that we resonate with.

But how do you know when you have crossed someone else’s boundaries or let someone cross yours? Here are a few examples:

  • You agree to something before you have thought it through. You then feel resentful of that agreement and this affects your relationships.
  • You consistently share personal details or opinions before establishing someone’s interest level.
  • You speak more than you listen, constantly interrupt the conversation, or spend more time thinking about what to say next than absorbing what others are saying.
  • You impose your view point on everyone without room for differences of opinion.

If you would like to improve your boundaries, simply learn to love “No.” Speaking the word “No” allows you to maintain your boundaries. Accepting “No” from others allows them to maintain theirs.

Secondly, while it may be tempting to have your sixth sense running constantly, it is important to learn how to turn your powers on and off. Your insight can make colors more vivid as you watch people’s auras, or your day more exciting as you listen to spirits. However, having your powers constantly “on” can be the equivalent of trying to sleep with your eyes open. It can be draining, distracting, confusing and even alienating. If you have trouble blocking things out once you become aware of them, find a mentor who can help you gain mastery over your powers.

The third point is to practice discernment. There are two parts to this rule. On one hand you need to know your audience. Are you really engaged in a social situation or are people around you avoiding eye contact? If people start squirming when you start talking, this could be a sign that you need to reassess the situation.

Then ask yourself: Is what I perceive intuition or could it be projection? We often see what we want to see and take it as proof of being correct. Intuition is a subtle guide that helps you make better choices and act in accordance with your highest good. Projection can be born out of fear, resentment, anger, assumption, insecurity or wishful thinking. If what you perceive makes you feel more important, encroaches upon someone else’s free will or boundaries, or hedges on paranoia, it could be projection.

Be aware that you don’t need to be psychic to read people or assess situations, so do not underestimate the power of observation. The brain is wired to find patterns and meaning. Someone with good observational skills often will seem scarily psychic to others who are too busy to stop and look around them.

The last piece of advice is to always ask for permission. It’s one thing to notice the color of someone’s aura like you might notice someone’s shirt. It is an entirely different situation if you are scanning them etherically to gather information. This is especially important when dealing with children. Children do not always have the vocabulary to tell someone they are being intrusive. Scanning someone without their permission can be the equivalent of inappropriately touching them. It’s important to always remember to respect the boundaries of others.

Finally, delving into one’s intuition or psychic abilities can be incredibly exciting, validating and helpful for improving your self-esteem. But if using them comes at the expense of other people and their experience, you may end up traveling down a path that leads to more loneliness, isolation and misunderstanding.

Show respect for others, and in turn, they will show respect for you.

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Briana Crusan
Briana Crusan is a 2nd generation pagan, spiritualist, energy healer, and poet. You can read more of her writings at www.brianacrusan.com.


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