Feline Wisdom: Be Resourceful

cat_playHave you ever had that “stuck” feeling? Like you’re just not quite sure how to move forward and you’re a little afraid to move at all, for fear you’ll make the “wrong” choice? I know there have been times when I’ve found myself in that position and, honestly, at those times I felt paralyzed. Sometimes I moved ahead and sometimes — again, because of fear — I did not and I occasionally wonder what would have happened if I’d just taken a chance.

Part of the reason I felt paralyzed is because I didn’t feel like I had the resources to advance in my preferred direction. And by resources, I mean money, time, connections, equipment…all types of resources. What I’ve found is that the resources I picture in my head aren’t necessarily the resources I really have to have to move forward.

Cats completely get this. They have no sort of expectation about most things; however, they do magically seem to know when to expect mealtime and begin pacing and not-so-subtly reminding us about an hour prior to that. In other cases, they release expectations and are quite resourceful. I can buy them the most expensive cat toys and what do they want to play with? The box. They turn everything into a toy. In my house, crumpled paper balls and pen caps are favorites. When they want to play, they find something to use and it always works for them.

That’s wise advice for us.

When I want to create a project and feel like I absolutely need a certain person or a particular piece of electronic equipment, maybe I don’t. Perhaps I know someone else who would be an equally great partner or may have a piece of equipment I can borrow or maybe I can use something completely different. In my experience, when I stop worrying and whining and hold the vision for the end-product or experience, the right resources just show up. Sometimes they look like what I’d initially imagined and sometimes they don’t, but it’s always perfect. Just like that pen cap.

I believe in the old saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” When a cat wants something, you better believe she’s gonna get it. I’ve seen my cats go to great lengths and heights to go after a bug. They creatively find a way to climb where they need to go and have no fear they will fall; they see the prize and go after it full-force. I love when I capture that zeal and enthusiasm! Sure, sometimes I feel stuck, but when I choose to relax and stop creating blockages in my mind with fear and worry, I usually find a way to get where I need to go. When I become still and open my mind, a name pops into my head or I suddenly think of a method I’d never before considered. I find when I have that magical combination of stillness, joy, and confidence, everything works out. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Cats are wise and resourceful beings, and I love looking to them as models for living a more peaceful and joyful life; however, I don’t think I’ll ever develop of taste for bugs.



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