From the Editor: The Power of Connection is Universal

hands_circleWe innately know about connection, the link we form with one another. We’ve been forming bonds with others for eons in the Afterlife as members of soul groups – and in this lifetime as members of families, communities and nations.

We’re hardwired to interact with others.

Fortunately for us, we’re part of the first civilization in human history with the ability to send messages to vast groups of people from around the globe with the touch of a keypad or a click of a mouse. And with the recent development of social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus+ and others being launched every day – millions of people are not only sharing data and information with each other, but they are inspiring others to awaken and realize who they truly are as souls experiencing life in this realm. The Internet itself is assisting in the collective awakening of humankind.

The Edge is a part of this awakening process underway in cyberspace. By intending to reach out globally — and learning how that is done most effectively, visits to our site at have begun to grow exponentially compared to the same time last year — and even last month.

No, we’re not seeing millions of visitors yet, but we’re happy that tens of thousands of people are visiting our site — mostly from the U.S., but also from abroad, including Canada, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand, Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. It’s no surprise that what we offer on our site resonates with people worldwide.

For those who haven’t visited, our site offers:

  • Regular online Edge columnists Angie Bailey (Feline Wisdom), Nadine Penny (Spirited Kidz) and Alan Cohen (From the Heart), whose wisdom continues to inspire me every month and deserves your attention.
  • A plethora of incredibly insightful articles that we do not have room to print but want to share with our global audience.
  • The printed magazine in PDF form (Digital Edge) that can viewed as a flipbook onscreen.
  • And online directories of featured businesses arranged by category (such as animal services, hypnotherapy and retreat centers), our Edge Directory, places to find the printed Edge magazine, and so much more.

We’re working hard to share the light and love. We thank you for visiting us online — and share the joy by linking our site to yours! We welcome any and all comments about our site.



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