Healing as a Quantum Experience

hands_healReiki & Kinesiology use the body’s energy field to heal

In many ways, healing the physical body is more about where our consciousness lies than what external influences are used to affect change in an illness. The desire to heal the body without synthetic drugs or other artificial means usually results from an awakening of some sorts; something from within awakens and responds to that “inner nudge” to find a way to heal that honors the body’s divine inner wisdom.

All of sudden, or even slowly, an awareness evolves that possibly the food that one eats is not meeting the soul’s needs anymore. Or the “nudge” might be to find a job that is more in line with one’s higher calling. Or, after having undergone extensive medical treatment, an individual responds to an “inner nudge” that says, “No more, this is not an acceptable way to treat my body and I’m ready to try something else.”

And then the magic starts to happen. A person responds to a somewhat cosmic invitation to experience Reiki; all of the sudden they see or hear about Reiki. They see a promotional piece from Dr. Oz, or an advertisement, maybe a massage therapist recommends it, or they receive a “nudge” from someone that shared their own Reiki experience with them. Then they finally experience Reiki for themselves. They sought assistance to become balanced and in tune with their inner world. They discovered the world of energy and became familiar with their connection to their own inner wisdom.

The Reiki experience can, by itself, result in a complete healing. Or, it can merely help the recipient relax and tune in to their higher self. Many times it’s somewhere in between. It’s this in-between having a complete healing or relaxation that can create a place for a life-changing journey to a healthy state of being. Hence, the journey becomes more important than the destination.

So now what? The answer usually lies in the consciousness, or awareness, of a person. Will it be conventional medicine as a solution? A holistic health modality? Or both? Some work, some don’t. Or, what works for some people but not for others. But now the answer doesn’t seem so easy. The “inner nudge” that was made conscious through Reiki is making the decision about how to access additional healing more difficult; how can the physical body be honored, yet access the information about where the imbalance is coming from, thus enabling a more comprehensive healing experience?

Muscle testing, also known as “kinesiology,” is a time-tested solution to a person’s desire to integrate their body’s own inner wisdom and finding the best remedy match. It uses the body’s own communication system to test responses to various remedies. The body communicates its needs and wants, energetically.

In the same way that Reiki energy healing accesses the body’s system of chakras, nutritional kinesiology accesses the body’s muscle reflex system to get a response to nutritional substances such as herbs, foods and supplements. Kinesiology uses an individual’s unique energy to reveal where there are stressed areas of the body and what is needed to promote healing.

There are many forms of kinesiology. One form of kinesiology is called nutritional kinesiology. It focuses on how the body’s nutritional status may be creating a disease state and how to resolve those stresses by implementing the correct nutritional substances. It embraces an individual’s own healing signature, as what may work for one person may not work for another. Nutritional kinesiology works on the premise that the body is not just a lot of specialized areas seeking specialized input, it is an “interdimensional experience” that functions as a whole. Therefore, remedies help the whole body, much as Reiki does.

Many times a person has an assortment of supplements they have been taking but don’t get better. Or, they may have even gotten worse. Many times it is because the autonomic nervous system is in a state of confusion from one or more stressors and keeps the body from properly using a substance. Or, there may be blocks causing the body to not use a substance properly. These obstacles to healing can come from chemicals, foods, immune challenges, metals, and even scars. Muscle testing can challenge the body’s nervous system in ways that help detect the cause of a health challenge and assist in nutritionally correcting the stressed areas.

A person’s “quantum field” is body-wise. It knows everything about a person and serves as a master diagnostic tool. It is the ability of the body to give messages about many things: what’s happening inside, what allergies may be present, what is the most beneficial medicine, and what message there may be (such as “don’t eat peanuts” or “there is disease present”).

So, as one chooses to participate consciously in their healing and embrace the process of healing with the energy of the soul, they take on not only their own transformation, but also those around them. Disease can either render one helpless and in a state of “victimhood” or it can transform. Both Reiki and muscle testing are two powerful modalities that can assist in transformation.



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