Intuition and…Bowling Alleys?



Yup…that’s pretty much how it all began when I was much younger, doing something I loved at the time. It was here I found my “zone.” I felt safe enough to move into a place of surrender and clarity, into a panoramic point of view. That still, silent voice always came when I pulled back a bit and gained a space of objectivity and neutrality from an over-wrought mind. It was here I first found the seat of Soul. It was not, however, the last time we would meet — me and that sweet spot, the heart of me that spoke so loudly in the silence.

It was here I would inwardly “perch” and meet the spiritual masters who have guided me since youth. Ironically, this leaving of myself behind led me deeper into the heart of me. Years later, it was here in this still point that I found no end to learning, seeing, hearing and becoming.

But how in the world did I get “here” from “there”? The easiest way for me has been to sit quietly, eyes closed, breathing deeply while finding my center. Then, in a drawn out way, I sing HU, a long-held sacred name for God. Originally after many days of doing this, I was back again in that sweet spot and able to “hear” in the silence.

And yet, it was always about love. Then. And Now. And Here. It is a well from which I drink that sustains me — a spiritual zone I sought on the path to divine wisdom, love and freedom through the inner light and sound of God. Inner vision and hearing, as well as my own voice, developed through daily practice. I was able to move into a greater awareness of myself and my world.

But for those of you yearning for a more casual way of coming to know that place where intuition lies, I also find it at times when I am staring out a window. I find it in the pause of time driving down the highway, gazing at a night sky, mesmerized by the flames of a warm fire, relaxing in a bath or in the loving petting of an adored animal. Most often, it happens when I least expect it. Between breaths, my insights and realizations come.

They also come, perhaps more predictably, after I have stated my intention, indicating a time limit, and opened my heart to Divine guidance and Its Will, and allowed love to fill the spaces. And here’s a shout out to one other integral portal to the open heart: Gratitude. That’s right, with a capital “G.” It is from the open heart that intuition flows, spontaneously and lovingly with divine mercy and grace. For me, always, intuition comes as life and inspiration do — in its own time.

So what is the key word? Relax. Relax…one’s pinpoint focus, intense feelings and thoughts of worry or concern. And what then? Well, the Divine happens — Intuition.

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Smokey Le Bel
Smokey Le Bel is a retired woman who lives in Roseville, MN. She has finally found her home in Minnesota after years of living, loving and learning in 10 different states, spending 18 summers on an island hearkening to the sound of fog horns and the vision of working lighthouses. Curiosity has been her star in this lifetime, guiding her to seek the spiritual in any one moment. She is a serious lover of animals and laughter, stimulating conversations and cold snowy winters, of who-done-its and holidays (whatever they might be) where gift-giving and warm hearts are paramount. She is drawn to all the arts, the various forms of music and dance holding a cherished place, as well as the written, visual and comedic arts.


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