Listening to your Deeper Voice



She entered my office, sat down and sighed, that deep sigh of relaxation. I knew she was happy to be here in this healing space. With her next breath, she looked at me and said, “What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to hear my own voice.”

She was not deaf and did not have any trouble speaking or using her voice. She was, of course, referring to her “inner voice,” the voice of instinct and intuition. What she was asking is why she could not hear her own answers and discern her internal balance.

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Let’s talk about how you listen.”

When we close our eyes, take a deep breath and relax, we are checking in with ourselves. We are achieving balance in that single breath. We are listening, sitting and looking — and we are peaceful for that moment in our true exhale. It is quiet and we can hear what our soul and body want to say. We just have to listen.

Often the challenge is learning to listen and hear beyond that single breath; listening as we move through our day, our lives, our body. We live in a busy world. Our daily lives are full and our calendars explode with outside activities. We must make a conscious effort to return home, back into ourselves and pull all of the scattered pieces of our being back into the semblance of Our Whole.

This often sounds like an overwhelming and time-consuming process for many people. We feel that to reconnect with ourselves, it means becoming a yogi or spending an hour in meditation a day. While these practices would benefit all of us greatly, they are not always a practical starting point. The easiest way to begin our own journey of Listening is to start with the being we exist in every day. Our body. It houses our soul, our Spirit, and our physical self — and it speaks to us constantly.

Yes, the road of Listening to our body does end with a healthy balance of nutrition, exercise, meditation or a spiritual practice, but it starts with awareness. The simple process of paying attention. What is your body trying to tell you? How does the language you use, the food you eat or the people with whom you surround yourself affect your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional selves? Your body will tell you.

When you walk into a room and immediately want to smile, your body is sending you the message, “Hey, something feels good in here, so let’s keep walking into this space.” Or you walk up to the water cooler at work and the conversation is filled with gossip about a co-worker. You begin to feel a little sick to your stomach. That is your body saying, “Hey, let’s get out of this negativity.” Perhaps you are motivated to cook a beautiful and healthy dinner for yourself. Your body rewards you by giving you the energy to complete a fun project or the extra boost of confidence to send that résumé off one more time to land a new job.

The point is that our bodies have a voice; every part of us is reaching out to communicate its needs, and your needs, at all times. What’s key is beginning to trust the process of Listening. We have the most beautiful key to unlocking our own innate wisdom and intuitive skills, and we move around in it daily. Unlock your intuition within yourself. Listen to the small, extraordinarily important and detailed messages of your physical being. Trust, listen and act for the health and wellness of your own being. Become confident in listening to the words of yourself and your personal body and soul to allow yourself to move with ease into the wider world of intuition, and the deeper answers of the Universe.

Start by loving, listening, acknowledging and taking action on behalf of you. Begin, refresh or revitalize your journey of intuition and insight with the being that most wants to communicate. You.

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  1. Keep pounding away as the more times I hear this message the more I am motivated to do the right things to make my life and body the best it can be..Not only for me, but also the people around me and even my everyday interactions with others in the course of a day.


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