Who Are We Really? My Unitive Perspective


abstract_light2I so love being out on the edge of consciousness and speaking to the holistic Truths that mean the world to me. With all the violence going on in the world, I am called out again to clearly define a word that is so misunderstood.

In the New Thought movement, which I so greatly love, I often hear the statement, “Let go of your ego.” That is a dangerously misleading statement. It implies that the totality of our ego is negative and fear-based. It is nothing of the sort! Ego is the emotional, psychological expression of our individuality. It is the very essence of who we are as healthy, whole individuated independent fully functioning humans. To be psychologically spiritually healthy, we must have an integrated view of who we are. That’s what ego is.

I know with all my heart that so much, if not all, of the violence that is happening in the world is due to people not having an integrated, healthy ego. They define the totality of their lives as fear. That is not ego! That is pathology!

In my writing, speaking and teaching, I constantly make the point that we are Spirit Incarnate. We are sacred. We are holy. That is the Unitive Principle that I have always understood. The body, mind and Spirit is an integrated whole. Matter and Spirit are one and the same, simply two different expressions of the same thing: energy, the vitalizing principle of the universe that many call God. Ego is our Individualized God Self.

In 2013 and beyond, it is vitally important for the New Thought movement to speak more clearly to who we are. By continuing to say, “Let go of your ego,” spiritual leaders are continuing the illness model of our humanity, the dualistic punitive, shame-based mistake that body and mind are separate, that the totality of our ego is fear. Underneath that is the misunderstanding that we are not whole, that we are not worthy, that we are not Spirit identified.

This question of “Who Are You Really?” is the focus of Book III in my series on Quantum Prayer. It is my continuing effort to move us all into the embodiment of our sacredness. Quantum reality is showing us ever so clearly that we are all one. We do not live in isolation. Those are leftover misperceptions of the Newtonian misunderstanding that body and mind are separate, that we must live by competition to survive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A vitalizing sense of community and oneness and purpose is what is needed. Knowing who we truly are brings all that into a vibrant, healthy compassionate focus. That is my purpose. It is vitally important that we claim and reclaim the positive view of our humanity that began with Maslow and Adler, and is continuing with Dr. Martin Seligman and his positive psychology. We are Spirit in expression. We are sacred and holy. Our ego is our expression of our sacredness, our individuality, all the gifts of Spirit that we are in a physical emotional mental world!

Concepts and attitudes are powerful. It is vital that we understand and claim who we are. We are sacred. We are holy. We are here to make a positive difference. I want to bring the oneness, the Unitive Principle, into clear focus. At our White Stone ceremony in January 2013, I claimed my word for the year: awe-inspiring! I truly know it is an inside job. It is up to me to claim and embody the sacredness of my Life. I know with all my heart that I am Spirit incarnate — and so are you. I honor my ego as the expression of individualized Spirit that it is. I honor yours, as well. Namasté to us all! I look forward to an awesomely blessed 2013 for all of us!

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