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all-that-mattersAll That Matters, channeled by Jean Gerson-Greer (Balboa Press), $37.99, 292 pages.
What if J.K. Rowling had received the Harry Potter stories from the universe? Psychic researcher Jean Gerson-Greer believes she did, although she may not really know it. In her new mystery book, All That Matters, Gerson-Greer has experienced an amazing attunement to Mind Lucius, I-O & Co., a compendium of entities from The Christ Consciousness, who have worked through her for over thirty years. All That Matters follows the tenacious doctor Emma Epstein as she explores a crime buried by decades of silence, and, with this one case, illustrates how we can all help achieve peace in the universe. This book reminds us we are all connected by an energetic knowledge. It is through this knowledge that we can know about those who came before us and that which is around us currently, if only we try.

the-book-of-lightThe Book of Light: The Heart Opening, by David Matthew Brown (O Books), $9.95, 66 pages.
The Book of Light is a series of five small books that bring the reader back into the light. Are you curious about bringing your heart and mind into oneness? Do you want to tap into the innate wisdom of the heart and God? Learn about:
• The Foolish Storyteller and how to let it work for you and stop using you.
• The Queen of Wisdom (Heart) will guide you and instruct you using the mind and allowing inspiration to be your guide.
• Be the disciple (Student) and listen to the wisdom that is you.
• Discover the heart and learn how to play, and be still.
• Personalize your relationship with God through your heart. David Matthew Brown is an author, teacher and internationally sought after speaker on Universal Principle, Sound, Energy, and Shamanic Work.

feeding-the-hungry-ghostFeeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner, by Ellen Kanner (New World Library) $15.95, 224 pages.
What do we turn to for both everyday sustenance and seasonal celebration? Food. Often, though, we’re like the hungry ghosts of Taoist lore, eating mindlessly, wandering aimlessly, and wanting more — more than food itself can provide. Ellen Kanner believes that if we put in a little thought and preparation, every meal can feed not only our bodies but our souls and our communities, as well. Warm, wicked, and one-of-a-kind, Ellen offers an irreverent approach to bringing reverence into daily living — and eating. She presents global vegan recipes that call you to the table, stories that make you stand up and cheer, and gentle nudges that aim to serve up what we’re hungry for: a more vital self, more loving and meaningful connections, a nourished and nourishing world, and great food, too. Feeding the Hungry Ghost will challenge you to decide: keep reading or start cooking?

How-to-interpret-dreamsHow to Interpret Dreams & Signs, by Kaya (Universe/City Mikael Publishing), $19.95, 280 pages.
He lived like a hermit for years, sometimes sleeping more than 20 hours a day…to dream more and more. He didn’t speak to anyone and remained silent, while having as many as 50 dreams per night. Everyone thought he had gone crazy. Then one day, he started to share and write about his dream experience. Kaya explains: “My questioning was so intense that I could have gone crazy. For years, in life of solitude, I studied the symbols from every angle, like a mathematician trying to decode an enigma. But the real enigma was me. I had to understand my fears, my joys, my weaknesses that were appearing in the form of symbols, both in my dreams and in my daily life. I found one of the first keys the day I told myself: ‘If everything I see and know can appear in my dreams, then physical and metaphysical worlds involve the same symbols. There was a code. Now, I know the code.'”

Know-yourselfKnow Yourself, Forget Yourself: FIve Truths to Transform Your Work, Relationships and Everyday Life, by Marc Lesser (New World Library) $14.95, 288 pages.
We all yearn for clear-cut answers to life’s problems, yet we rarely get them. Formulas fail and contradictions mount. In Know Yourself, Forget Yourself, executive coach and mindfulness teacher Marc Lesser shows that understanding and embracing the points where life feels most confusing and most contradictory can lead us to more satisfaction and joy. Lesser provides clear guidance and simple practices for embracing five central paradoxes in life and navigating them to increase our effectiveness and happiness. Influenced by the revolutionary mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings he helped develop at Google, Know Yourself, Forget Yourself is a profound book about cultivating the emotional skills to understand the right path through difficulties and challenges.

let-it-goLet It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven, by T.D. Jakes (Atria), $15, 272 pages.
T.D. Jakes, New York Times bestselling author and pastor to millions worldwide, challenges us to release ourselves and others from the crippling grudges and binding resentments that hold us back when we do not forgive others. “Forgiveness is a big idea and works best when invested into people who have the courage to grasp the seven-foot idea of what’s best for their future rather than the four-foot-high idea of recompense for what has happened in the past,” Jakes writes. Inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, Let It Go explores forgiveness as a life practice and offers specific and clear actions for readers who seek to apply it in every area of their lives–their marriages, their families, their friendships, and their business relationships. “Offenses are a part of life,” says Jakes, “but conflicts can be resolved and relationships restored when we stop paying the past with the resources of our future.” With his inimitable spiritual teaching and street-smart understanding of human nature, Jakes inspires us to embrace our destiny instead of obsessing about our history.

Life-in-the-UniverseLife in the Universe, by Marshall Vian Summers (New Knowledge Library), $17.95, 202 pages.
For thousands of years, humanity has looked into the night sky and wondered: Who is out there? Now you have a chance to travel into that night sky, to go beyond wondering and experience for yourself the reality and spirituality of life beyond our world. This book is a window into the living story of our universe; the realities of trade, travel and conflict in space; the birth and death of civilizations across the stars and the greater plan and purpose of a Creator who oversees the spiritual progress of life in all galaxies. According to the author, every word, paragraph and chapter of this book was delivered in a lightning flash of communication that lasted just three days. The words of Life in the Universe were originally spoken, then recorded, transcribed and published without editing or alteration. He says we are now able to read the direct words of an original revelation, uncorrupted by human institutions or religious leaders — a message from the Creator, who wishes to reveal to humanity the true reality and spirituality of life beyond our world.

making-hope-happenMaking Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others, by Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D. (Atria), $26, 272 pages.
How do some people make good things happen and bounce back from setbacks? Why do they lead happier, healthier, more productive lives? It’s because they have hope — not because of luck, or intelligence, or money. So, what exactly is hope and how can you get it, too? Using discoveries from the largest study of hopeful people ever conducted, world-renowned expert on the psychology of hope, Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., reveals that hope is not just an emotion but an essential life tool. Hope is also a leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career, and business. With Making Hope Happen you can measure your level of hope and learn how to create and share it. In this newest evolution of positive psychology, Dr. Lopez provides strategies for building a high-hope mind-set and shares uplifting stories of real people — parents, educators, entrepreneurs, young and old people with health challenges, and civic leaders — who create hope and who change their own lives, as well as their schools, workplaces, and communities.

new-planetary-realityThe New Planetary Reality: The Coming Avatára & the Nine Paths to Enlightenment, by Imre Vallyon (Sounding Light Publishing), $15.95, 256 pages.
In The New Planetary Reality, Imre Vallyon notifies the world of a new reality that is possible for Humanity and planet Earth. He also lays out the Nine Paths to Enlightenment, timeless methods we can use to raise our consciousness so that we can respond positively to the new energies of change coming from the spiritual dimensions. In his new book, the author explains that, unlike past avatáras such as Jesus, Buddha Lao Tzu, Krishna, Moses and others, the Coming Avatáras is not a person, but a global phenomenon, a planetary group bringing a cosmic energy that has already begun to permeate our Earth. the Coming Avatáras is an energy field of love and power that will eventually encompass the visible and invisible dimensions of the planet and every field of knowledge, from science, art, politics, social science, to medicine and education. The author wrote: “The outcome depends on whether humans can go beyond their own personal horizons, transcend the limitations of their consciousness and embrace the new and larger possibilities….”

the-one-commandThe One Command: Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind, by Asara Lovejoy (Berkley) $16, 304 pages.
If you believe that you have to struggle, save, work hard, and carefully invest in order to achieve financial security — then this book will change your mind and life forever. In The One Command, Asara Lovejoy introduces a new, simple process for tapping into your powerful mind to attract wealth. The six-step process will allow you to instantly stop your fearful negative thinking in its tracks, and reach the peaceful mental state of theta, from where you can naturally draw wealth and happiness to you. Asara says we all have the power within us to achieve a better life. Let go of the false idea that you can’t consciously control the infinite uncertainties surrounding your life, and discover the deep mental strength that is inherently yours. It’s time that you achieve the rich life you’ve always dreamed of. Surrender old ideas about money. Embrace radical concepts. You have the power to create and attract wealth.

Open-your-heartOpen Your Heart to the Magic of Love, by Lester R. Sauvage, M.D. (Better Life Press), $15.95, 276 pages.
Open Your Heart to the Magic of Love features advice from a world-famous cardiology surgeon who knows that the secret to a healthy, happy life can be found in a simple program of physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Filled with loving and practical advice, Open Your Heart to the Magic of Love offers guidance for physical, mental and spiritual health from a man who has lived the life he speaks of, and who wants to share its secrets with us all. The author was known among his staff as “Saint Sauvage” for his extraordinary attention to the spiritual needs of his patients. This book is a spiritual action guide to achieving happiness by offering love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity to other people, and by serving God by serving humanity.

ParanormalParanormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife, by Raymond Moody, M.D., and Paul Perry (HarperOne), $15.99, 256 pages.
The bestselling author of Life After Life, Raymond Moody offers a stunning, myth-busting memoir of everything he has learned in a lifetime studying “the other side” and our connection to it. The grandfather of the NDE (near death experience) movement, Moody has, in the words of Dr. Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions, “radically changed the way modern humans think about the afterlife.” Paranormal, essential reading for fans of Dannion Brinkley and Jeffrey Long, is “a thrilling and inspiring literary experience. Anyone who is not grateful for Moody’s immense contribution to human welfare ought to check his pulse.” In this fascinating account, readers will discover the surprisingly thin line between the living and the deceased — and why Moody’s lifetime of scholarship shows that we have evidence for our deepest hopes: that our existence continues beyond this life.

primal-cuisinePrimal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet, by Pauli Halstead (Healing Arts Press) $19.95, 288 pages.
More than just a cookbook, Primal Cuisine also explains the dietary theory behind the primal lifestyle. Chef Pauli’s step-by-step advice to eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and optimize protein and healthful fat intake demonstrates how the foods of our ancestors–such as wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats, and organic vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries–are still the best choice when it comes to improving your physical and mental health. From Mardi Gras Crab Cakes with Creole Remoulade to Beef Carpaccio Salad, from comfort foods like Sunday Roast Chicken with Herb Butter to completely sugar-free desserts like Lemon Cheesecake with Berries, this companion to the bestselling Primal Body, Primal Mind opens the door to a sustainable primal lifestyle of health, energy, mental focus, and long life using innovative recipes to delight your family, impress your guests, and inspire your culinary talents. Improve your health, boost your energy levels, increase your brain power, live longer, and even save money on your grocery bills with 150 budget-conscious paleo diet recipes from gourmet chef Pauli Halstead. These easy-to-follow recipes provide more than 20 choices for every meal of the day–even desserts and snacks–and all are free of grains, gluten, sugar, chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

reality-of-espThe Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities, by Russell Targ (Quest Books), $17.95, 312 pages.
On February 4, 1974, members of the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped 19-year-old newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst from her Berkeley, California apartment. Desperate to find her, the police called physicist Russell Targ and Pat Price, a psychic retired police commissioner. As Price turned the pages of the police mug book filled with hundreds of photos, suddenly he pointed to one of them and announced, “That’s the ringleader.” The man was Donald DeFreeze, who was, indeed, subsequently so identified. Price also described the type and location of the kidnap car, enabling the police to find it within minutes. That remarkable event is one reason Targ believes in ESP. Another occurred when his group made $120,000 by forecasting for nine weeks in a row the changes in the silver-commodity futures market. As a scientist, Targ demands proof. His experience is based on two decades of investigations at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), which he cofounded with physicist Harold Puthoff in 1972. This $20 million dollar program launched during the Cold War was supported by the CIA, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Army and Air Force Intelligence. The experiments they conducted routinely presented results could have happened by chance less than once in a million.

rethinking-moneyRethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity, by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), $27.95, 288 pages.
As the United States struggles and the economies of Europe stagger, we fail to see a way out of this agonizing cycle of repeated financial meltdowns. In fact, there are thousands of ways to solve not only our recurring fiscal crises but our ongoing social and ecological debacles, as well. Solutions are already in place where terrible problems once existed. The changes came about not through increased conventional taxation, enlightened self-interest, or government programs but by people simply rethinking the concept of money. With this restructuring, everything changes. In this visionary book, Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne explore the origins of our current monetary system–built on bank debt and scarcity–revealing the surprising and sometimes shocking ways its unconscious limitations give rise to so many serious problems. But there is hope. The authors present stories of ordinary people and their communities using new money, working in cooperation with national currencies, to strengthen local economies, create work, beautify cities, and provide education–and so much more is possible. These real-world examples are just the tip of the iceberg–over 4,000 cooperative currencies are already in existence.

seven-thousand-waysSeven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What is Sacred, by Mark Nepo (Free Press), $26, 288 pages.
New York Times bestselling author Mark Nepo, in his latest book, inquires into the endless ways we are asked to listen. Experiencing hearing loss himself, Nepo affirms that listening is one of the most mysterious, luminous, and challenging art forms on Earth: “Whatever difficulty you face, there are time-tried ways you can listen your way through. Because listening is the doorway to everything that matters. It enlivens the heart the way breathing enlivens the lungs. We listen to awaken our heart. We do this to stay vital and alive.” In Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, Nepo offers ancient and contemporary practices to help us stay close to what is sacred. In this beautifully written spiritual memoir, Nepo explores the transformational journey with his characteristic insight and grace. He unfolds the many gifts and challenges of deep listening as we are asked to reflect on the life we are given. A moving exploration of self and our relationship to others and the world around us, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen unpacks the many ways we are called to redefine ourselves and to name what is meaningful as we move through the changes that come from experience and aging and the challenge of surviving loss.

Talking-BackTalking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology, by David Bedrick (Belly Song Press), $17.95, 232 pages.
Utilizing in-depth research and analysis, this volume debunks the quick fixes and simplistic explanations of Dr. Phil McGraw. While he’s watched and revered by millions, no critique exists for his daytime advice–and like much of “pop psychology,” his counsel is often ineffective, leaving people feeling like failures and that something is wrong with them. Readers will easily identify with the guests and stories from actual Dr. Phil episodes, on topics ranging from anger, sex, addictions, and dieting to domestic violence, race, and gender. A powerful, love-based alternative psychology is then offered, basing itself on the belief that there is profound meaning in people’s struggles. Story after story shows how people’s difficulties are seeds of their unique beauty, power, and intelligence, elevating rather than diminishing their esteem. The insight and compassion for people’s humanity provided here cuts through the easy soundbites and will leave people feeling a genuine love for who they really are.

to-be-continuedTo be Continued: Reincarnation the Purpose of Our Lives, by Karen Berg (Kabbalah Publishing), $19.95, 276 pages.
Your car breaks down at rush hour, your neighbor’s dog keeps you up night after night, that painful tooth needs a root canal: What we experience as discomfort and aggravation may actually be lessons that will speed our emotional healing and spiritual development. In her new book, renowned spiritual leader Karen Berg shows us the purpose behind the trials and tribulations of our daily lives. Based on more than 40 years of study and practice, Berg takes us on a journey into the light. She explains how we are compelled to grow and heal the emotional turmoil within, and how seemingly random occurrences in our lives are actually opportunities to improve our very souls.

ufo-singularityThe UFO Singularity: Why are Past Unexplained Phenomena Changing Our Future? by Micah Hanks (New Page Books), $15.99, 288 pages.
Why and how are past unexplained phenomena changing our future? Where will transcending the bounds of current thinking lead? How near is the singularity? The UFO Singularity finally reveals what UFO phenomena can tell us about greater-than-human intelligence, and offers provocative theories of where such intelligence might originate. You’ll explore the most challenging metaphysical questions and the latest scientific thoughts about them, including:

  • • What is the singularity, and how does it relate to UFOs?
  • • Could some UFOs be from our plane? Could they actually be time travelers from our future?
  • • What current scientific trends are leading us to the kinds of advanced technology we’ve observed in various UFO reports?
  • • Are there other ways in which UFOs could be considered “extraterrestrial visitors” in our midst, even if they didn’t get here in the way that most people think (via interplanetary space flight)?

voyage-in-destinyVoyage in Destiny: Part Five: Crop Circles and the Entry into the Third Dimension, or the Great Transformation Man is Facing, by Francesco Alessandrini (AuthorHouseUK), $20.69, 148 pages.
Destiny places “knowledge” among the priorities of this author’s work. This text, the fifth in a series, is dedicated to what some Masters of Light of a high level have been transmitting to this 52-year-old engineer for several years. It represents a chapter of his voyage into knowledge; a knowledge that comes from a wider vision of worldly things than that which is normally available to man. This book talks about crop circles, of the fact that they are messages and how Alessandrini was taught to interpret them. The author also argues against current opinions about who makes them and why and how they are made. The story then goes on to the interpretation of a specific circle at Bagnaria Arsa, that was made recently in Friuli, Italy, the region where he lives. Its message establishes the entry into a phase of great transformation that man of our time is facing. He describes this transformation and the consequences it will have on humans and life on Earth. Finding that after a period of “demanding” change, as all changes are, a new man will inhabit the Earth, a man endowed with greater emotional balance and with additional powers.


Under-the-wild-gingerUnder the Wild Ginger, by Jeffrey D. Willius (Bunker Hill Publishing), 64 pages, $12.95, available at
The first book from Minneapolis-based writer Jeffrey Willius introduces us to the concept of “seeing generously” and begins with: “Do you remember how it felt when, as a child, you first discovered some little creature or flower you’d never seen before and when, moved beyond speech, all you could manage was a breathless wow?”

Written in a format with a statement followed by an explanation with vivid descriptions of the senses, the reader is placed into a moment and then guided toward the wonder that lies within. Jeffrey will flex his poetic muscle often and leave us breathless with lines such as these from “Find your moon shadow”:

Sun shadows fall heavy on the earth – stark,
stretched, hard-edged forms, so common we barely
notice their attachment any more.
Moon, though, lays down her strokes gently, subtle
shades of black on black.  Knowing her time, she
works best when facing both earth and sun.

In here we are reminded of Dogen’s “Moon in a Dewdrop” as the underlying Zen-like qualities and being at one with everything, emerges through awareness of what is within and without and our connectedness. So much lives in each and every object.

The path to more wonder, and its internal instincts of awareness, starts with the self as “You needn’t go far, just beyond the borders of your assumptions.” From there, the wonder deepens each day as the daily grind is paused for a moment through the focus of all of our senses in looking at everything around us, no matter its presence or significance.

While a few of these stanzas will resonate with most people and be familiar (and some will be a pleasant surprise, and leave you asking yourself why did I not think of that – “Compare the two sides of someone’s face”), they all have a purpose. They serve as a gentle reminder and offer a bit of clarity through the fog that is life, such as “Don’t think too much” and cause us to stop and look at something in a different light, such as “Listen for the laugher of water.”

Overall, this was a pleasant read and help to bring a bit of peace and calm while I looked out the window at the last rays of light and wondered. — by William Ricci


KayaBorn Under the Star of Change, by Kaya, produced by Fuss DeSalvo, $17.99, available at iTunes, and other booksellers.
Pop stars don’t quit while at the top, then return 17 years later. But Kaya has, and has released his album Born Under The Star Of Change in tandem with his latest book, How To Interpret Dreams & Signs. Canadian musician Kaya was performing in front of 25,000 people at 9 years old. By the age of 18, he had two Quebec number-one singles. By the time he was just 24, after the release of his fifth album, Sony Music Canada offered him a multimillion dollar contract and proposed a marketing strategy to break him worldwide with the same strategy and team behind Celine Dion. In a move that stunned the industry and the public, Kaya turned them down and walked away. “I had a big house, money and fame, but it was not nourishing me. I was going through a very intense spiritual period and I just wanted to understand myself through that.” Kaya is now the preeminent practitioner of dream interpretation, collectively selling a million copies of his bestselling books and recorded seminars and lecturing worldwide nine months of the year.

Kirtan_albumSitara & Kalyani with Pavan Kumar, by Sitara & Kalyani with Pavan Kumar, $19.21 disc, $16.71 digital, available at
The self-titled album, Sitara & Kalyani with Pavan Kumar, is a collection of five songs: “Om Namah Shivaya,” “Shiva Shambo,” “Gyan Ganapataye,” “Kali Durga” and “Shri Haidakhandeshvari Ki Arti.” The album features the band: Susan Shehata (Sitara) on lead vocals/harmonium, Colleen Buckman (Kalyani) on lead vocals/guitar, Keith Helke (Pavan Kumar) on bass, and Will Kemperman on percussion. The album also features guest musicians Mark Murphy of the popular jam band Wookiefoot on mandolin, slide guitar and backing vocals; Pablo Charis of the kirtan band Soulflower on guitar; Jeremy Greenhouse of the celti-cajun folk pop band The Sweet Colleens on fiddle; and Jill James on backing vocals. “Sitara and Kalyani with Pavan Kumar share their fresh, earthy brand of Kirtan in a stirring debut album, ” writes Michael H. Cohen, founder of the Dattatreya Kirtan Institute. “This Minnesota-based group blends original and traditional chants that evoke a natural and authentic dignity. Tight drum grooves and soulful guitar work provide an earthy texture over which compelling melodies and rich, dignified harmonies shimmy and soar. You won’t want to miss the playful romping and deep longing this group shares in person and on CD.”


Sacred-journeySacred Journey of the Heart, produced by Ronna Prince and Dr. Donna Backstrom (Global Wellness Corp), 86 minutes, $19.99, available at
Sacred Journey of the Heart is a ground-breaking film documenting the science and spirit of our connection. More than just a documentary of facts, this film contains step-by-step instructions on how to live fully in the heart. Ronna Prince brings together a stellar cast of leading scientists, spiritual teachers and tribal leaders from around the world — including Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Colin Tipping — to present the primary message of the film: We are all connected – and that connection is the human heart. The heart is the single organ that not only creates a unified field among all people but also creates a harmonic field with the earth itself. The film is presented in 7 chapters, each one leading the viewer deeper into the heart’s journey and culminating with the “tools and teachings of the heart.”

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