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NewbeginTerry Newbegin, a successful businessman, entrepreneur and family man from Johnson City, Tennessee, has always been intrigued about the mystical side of life. His greatest passion is to bring in new energy consciousness and extend beyond the old vibrational energy of the Bible, and beyond how scripture is taught by religion. Newbegin is a pioneer in new energy. He works with the Ascended Masters, and the wisdom he has received from them focuses on:

  • How and why your soul has been hiding from you for many lifetimes;
  • Why our strong belief in sin, punishment and duality is the major cause for us not healing our situations in life;
  • How your choice to open your heart and put aside dogmatic beliefs will reveal your soul’s innate wisdom;
  • How you can create miracles and attain the life that you deserve.

His writing is directly tied to a supernatural experience he had a quarter century ago. “It was in the spring of 1975 when I witnessed three apparitions late one night, as Franciscan monks, wearing their traditional brown robes and with their hoods over their heads. The message given to me that night was that it was meant for me to know the Truth in this lifetime. Of course, what I did not realize at the time was that it was going to take me 38 years to learn that truth.”

Newbegin is the author of three books, the latest of which is Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul (Balboa Press, 2012), a text that takes you back to the first creation, the Garden of Eden, and shares how it relates to your evolution through time and space. He writes that when we live and make decisions from the mind of reason — from long-established interpretations of God’s words and from what experts assert is best for us — “your soul cannot bring forth the wisdom that you hold deep within your consciousness.”

His earlier books are: Genesis, Your Journey Home, revealing the deeper metaphysical meaning of the first 25 chapters of the Book of Genesis, verse by verse; and The Book of Revelation, a New Beginning, which contains the hidden secrets of St. John’s Revelation.

“The book depicts in great detail how our spirit, mind, and body became separated through ignorance, mental perception, susceptibility, and through time and space and in the end, how all parts and pieces of ourselves come back together as one body of consciousness,” Newbegin recently told host Cathryn Taylor in an Edge Talk Radio podcast interview. “We are becoming a sovereign being in our own right. My first two books were channeled by me with such grand masters as Melchizedek, Jeshua (known as Jesus), Adonis St. Germain, Ascended Master Kuthumi, and many other grand masters, including John the Apostle.”

Newbegin_bookWhen you say these books were channeled, what was your experience of that? How does that come through you?
Terry Newbegin: Actually, I just sit down at the keyboard, and as I went through the Bible, verse by verse in Genesis and Revelations, I could actually feel their energy and I just typed what just come through. They give you a download of thoughts and it takes you two days to write it out.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book, Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul?
TN: The title fits to what I did for over 41 years, challenging myself to become a successful business owner. You see, after I graduated from high school in 1966, I found myself very absorbed with the automotive parts business. By the fall of 1971, I found myself in business with three other individuals opening up an auto parts store. The business lasted three years before it went belly up. However, because of my passion for business, eight months later I found myself back in business for the second time, this time with one partner, and that lasted 18 years before my world once again was turned upside down.

You can say there was a time in my life, early in 1993, when I really believed that God had forsaken me. Following several months of unemployment, prayer, despair, blame, and allowing the mind and others to put me down, I began to sit still and take a few deep breaths. At first, it was only a few minutes a day, and then I finally worked up to about 30 minutes a day.

Now, with this deep breathing, I didn’t realize how important it was at the time. It was a time in my life when I really felt my emotions on a conscious level, and how out of balance I had become. Then one day, while sitting still doing some deep breathing, I unexpectedly began to feel someone talk to me. When I first felt this unknown energy around me, I thought that maybe, which we all seem to do, my mind was making things up. And yet, in spite of what my mind was judging it to be, I could feel the sincerity of some invisible force talk to me, because somehow I just knew it was not coming from my mind.

You can always feel the difference, can’t you?
TN: Oh, you sure can! That was the time when I really felt my soul ground me, and it was a time when my soul revealed to me that it was time to learn about who I truly am and where I truly come from. From that experience I actually opened up to a whole new wisdom, a wisdom that I had never been exposed to or had experienced before.

I remember that it was an amazing feeling, actually too hard to describe, for there was no judgmental feeling of any kind coming from it. You can say that from the time I was born to my mid-50s, I learned the hard way until I found the secret behind God’s miracles. The secret is that true miracles don’t come from God or from others. Miracles come from Self, because the real God is Self inviting you into your own soul.

There is a lot of confusion about what the soul is, whether it’s even real.
TN: The best way to explain the soul is by giving you a brief metaphor. After you hear it, then you will understand why my soul took me all the way back to the beginning, back to the first creation — because what better way to show me who I truly am and why I suffered than by taking me all the way back to my very beginning as a soul being and not as a human being.

You see, consciousness in its truest meaning is a state of us being aware of our beliefs and our thought patterns, because we are programmed to believe that the mind is the master of our destiny. Because of that, we are robotically programmed to disregard any talk of something beyond the mind or above it. Therefore, when it comes to understanding God, our soul or where we come from, why we’re here on Earth and who created us, the mind can only resort to what it already knows, which is that we are unworthy to be equal to God. The mind believes that God is a male personality unto Himself, who created all things, including man and the soul. That is why we believe that God can grant us miracles, such as a healing, if He desires it so. Well, He can’t. He can’t, because God is not a single deity unto Himself.

Here is the metaphor that I use quite a bit: Imagine for a moment the Sun, with its glowing light and the energy emanating from it, as if the Sun was all there was billions and billions of years ago.

Just imagine for a minute that the Sun was the only excellence in the Heavens and everything else far and near never existed. Let’s say there were no planets, no stars, no galaxies, no Earth, nothing, not even darkness. Only the Sun existed. Now, let us look at this Sun’s light as symbolizing the spirit of One, and the energy falling from it as symbolizing Universal Divine Mind. Now, let’s look at them both as one unit, representing all that was in the first creation as the God/Goddess.

Let’s say the Sun, billions and billions of years ago, exploded into gazillions and gazillions of smaller Suns. What we would see is that each Sun would be in the same image as the original Sun before it exploded. Each smaller Sun would have the same attributes as the original one. Each Sun would be alike, or equal to, the first Sun.

In other words, our minds and egos were formed out of our spirit and soul. Before our minds and egos were formed, our spirit and soul always was, and together they make up the individualized I Am personality of the Spirit of One. All gazillions of us soul beings are the I Am personality of the Spirit of One, or in this metaphor, the God/Goddess that we call God.

In the beginning, all soul beings had a spirit and a consciousness, but it was non-active, because our souls were not aware of themselves. But once we became aware of our consciousness, that is when we felt our individuality. It was from that individualized awareness that we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t see ourselves and, therefore, we had no idea who we were.

How does this fit in to when that consciousness actually took physical form?
TN: Well, this is the whole point. In order to see ourselves, our spirit took action and created a mirror image of ourselves, like a hologram, of us having a soul consciousness, a persuasive and psychological mind, and an ego consciousness so our spirits could shape ourselves into some type of form, like a physical body — so we could see ourselves. Being the creator that we are, once we asked who we were, that automatically set up our spirit to challenge our soul, our mental mind, and our ego. In answering the question, this action has allowed us soul beings to learn about life, as well as who we are, and what it means to be alive and making choices. That’s the best way I can describe it.

So, what we are talking about is that once the ego formed and the body formed, then that strong belief in sin and punishment and duality that is so ego-based evolved. I know that one of the points you make is that that’s what really becomes the major cause of us not being able to heal situations in our lives. Is that accurate?
TN: Yes, that’s exactly right. See, we suffer because we are actually hypnotized by our environment and everyone we have come in contact with since our birth. What happened is that we got lost in our own ego-consciousness by layering it with many, many belief patterns through lifetimes playing with energy in a dualistic configuration.

There is one thing that I have learned in my many years of getting unstuck, and that is my mind loved to interfere with my progress. It was always critical of me by saying that I’m crazy to even believe that I’m smart enough to run a business, or me talking with Jeshua or the angels, or me being equal to God. With the mind processing our thoughts in that way, it’s no wonder we misinterpret what we receive from our soul, because we push it aside as being nonsense.

We don’t own that we are part of that Sun that split into trillions of pieces.
TN: That’s right.

We don’t claim our Godliness.
TN: That’s correct. We have been so locked into our ego personalities, or aspects as they are called, for many, many, lifetimes that we have lost sight of our true self. We have lost sight of our soul and our own divinity.

It’s like we started out with that consciousness, but lifetime after lifetime we layered on more and more ego identification, and so then we lost sight of it and became what we thought was just the ego identification.
TN: Exactly — and now we look at ourselves as if we are just a mind and body. We don’t even look at our spirit. We say we have a spirit and a soul, but we don’t look at them as who we truly are. In truth, we’re not even made of energy. Our true self is only spirit and consciousness. We have no form. We created a mental part of us so that we could create images of things, so we could learn to see who we are and identify our purpose.

How do we create those lifetimes of layered consciousness?
TN: We use the old way to explain who we are, through the mind. Most of us look at God as an entity that is outside of us, and we believe a book will come and save us some day. Of course, some day never comes, because the mind will always move toward the belief in a name higher than oneself. That’s why the mind has a tendency to ask questions like, “Who are you? Who do you think you are believing that you are equal to God?” The best way to understand God is that He is an icon and not real.

So God, as you report, is a force rather than an entity that is separate from us.
TN: Right. God is actually not even a good name to use. It’s you that is the God. It is Self that is the God. Spirit is consciousness, what we usually call the Goddess.

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