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NewbeginTerry Newbegin, a successful businessman, entrepreneur and family man from Johnson City, Tennessee, has always been intrigued about the mystical side of life. His greatest passion is to bring in new energy consciousness and extend beyond the old vibrational energy of the Bible, and beyond how scripture is taught by religion.

His writing, the latest of which is the book Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul, is directly tied to a supernatural experience he had a quarter century ago. “It was in the spring of 1975 when I witnessed three apparitions late one night, as Franciscan monks, wearing their traditional brown robes and with their hoods over their heads. The message given to me that night was that it was meant for me to know the Truth in this lifetime. Of course, what I did not realize at the time was that it was going to take me 38 years to learn that truth.”

In Part 1 of this interview, the author explained how the layering of beliefs over the course of many lifetimes has clouded — and even obliterated — our view of the Truth about who we truly are as godly beings. “We look at ourselves as if we are just a mind and body. We don’t even look at our spirit. We say we have a spirit and a soul, but we don’t look at them as who we truly are. In truth, we’re not even made of energy. Our true self is only spirit and consciousness. We have no form. We created a mental part of us so that we could create images of things, so we could learn to see who we are identify our purpose.”

In Part 2, Newbegin talks with Cathryn Taylor, host of the “Edge Innerview” podcast, about the changing energy on the planet and how we can sustain a more truthful perspective about who we are.

Newbegin_bookWhat is your perspective on the so-called energy of Dec. 21, 2012 and the energy that is surrounding us and moving around us?
Terry Newbegin: You’re talking about the new energy consciousness?

Yes, the higher consciousness — our ability to awaken at a faster pace and to achieve that connection with our own divinity a little more quickly.
TN: According to the angelic masters that I have channeled related to the biblical books of Genesis and Revelations, new expanded energy came into place in September 2007, while a lot of people were thinking that December 21, 2012 was going to be the time when this new energy came in. Actually, we were five years ahead of time.

This is why we see the chaos in the world today and how things seem to be getting worse and worse. Mass consciousness around the world is beginning to look at itself. People are looking at their jobs, at who they are, and people are going through a lot of situations in their lives in order to awaken to this new, expanded energy.

Did this energy progressively come in in waves, or did it just come in all at once in September 2007?
TN: It gradually came in, but you can tell that the intensity of it is getting stronger and stronger, because it is pushing out the old, dualistic energy. This new, expanded energy is transforming that dualistic energy. Instead of having the resistance of positive and negative managing our lives, now we can begin to work with positive and negative in a neutralized setting. Once we awaken to who we truly are, we then can come into an understanding that positive and negative can be neutralized. This allows our soul consciousness — of no force, no judgment — to come into our lives, creating unlimited solutions or miracles for us to experience.

The mindset of a dualistic mind cannot function in the Christ mindset, because the Christ mindset will only recognize the essence of one’s soul as the prime creator of pure non-dualistic energy. Once one is aware of the soul being the prime creator of pure non-dualistic energy, then the wisdom of one’s soul follows through to all parts and pieces of oneself. We’re seeing the release of all that trapped energy coming from the beliefs and views of those many past lifetimes where one played with dualistic energy as being the only source.

This is amazing. I’ve been doing a lot of work with energetic blueprints that are suspended in these other dimensions of time and how they’re sending out these wavelengths, inviting us to finally come to terms with them. So everything that you’re saying is very interesting to me related to how that impacts our awakening and our own healing. How is that process evolving, from your perspective?
TN: If we misunderstand the truth about this energy coming into our consciousness, that at its core it is already in a neutral state, then our human mind becomes very twisted and distorted when it comes to understanding energy and how it serves us. What people do not understand is that we are the God directing it to serve us according to our beliefs. Our beliefs are the master here, even though we say the mind is.

That’s what is meant by creating our own reality? We’re designing it, and we’re creating the experiences that we need to have?
TN: Yes, because the soul is the prime creator of new, expanded energy. At our soul level, we are not made of energy, even though a lot of us think that we’re made of energy.

The way energy works is that it will mimic itself. Let me give you an example, using the cells in our body. Our cells are all particles of energy that were first brought in from this field of pure, neutralized energy created by our own soul. When we brought these cells into our physical body, they were free of any disease. But because of our strong belief in duality and that there is a God that created us, these new cells begin to mimic the old cells by taking on the same energy patterns. Therefore, if we have a disease like cancer, then all of those new healthy cells will mimic the old cancer cells. Thus, the energy of cancer becomes the prevailing force in the body.

How do we turn this around? How do we awaken and sustain that new perspective?
TN: Well, if we can accept ourselves as being a Christ, too, and that our soul is the prime creator of pure energy, not dualistic energy, we can allow this wisdom to follow through to all parts and pieces of ourselves, into all of the personalities that we have had throughout many lifetimes. Then this neutralized energy that comes into our body will take on the pattern of our new belief.

Let me see if I can put it this way: We are nothing but light, or spirit, and we have a consciousness that uses energy to serve that light in any way that light chooses. This means everything outside of that light, or outside of our spirit and consciousness, is not real, including what we believe, what we see, touch, smell, taste and hear.

Before we can walk into this new expanded energy, we must first acknowledge that we also are Christ, who took on a role of being a demon a long time ago to learn wisdom through experiencing with dualistic energy.

We needed the choice to experience the duality and to learn from it and experiment with it.
TN: Yes, and that’s what we’ve been doing, but what happened is that we got buried into our belief systems. We got lost.

We lost sight of who we were — and we became what we had created.
TN: Exactly. And now we come back over and over and over to take away and unlayer those different aspects of ourselves.

Speak more about the process that many of us are engaged in now of neutralizing that duality and coming back into that sense of spiritual essence. How does that impact the changing of our cells, manifesting of the abundance and creating the life that we deserve?
TN: That’s how we create miracles. It comes when we choose our understanding of who we think we are and then change our belief patterns from focusing outside ourselves to focusing on ourselves as being the source of our creations, not some God outside of us or above us.

By placing our thoughts in a two-dimensional mindset, as all that we are, we guarantee that the energy coming into our consciousness will have to choose between good and bad and right and wrong. Our soul consciousness is always looking to discover itself by means of using energy. That’s our Higher Self. If we are stuck in a belief for too long, then our soul calls in energy to help us become unstuck. That’s where Lucifer consciousness comes in, drawing the energy needed and making a connection to an illness, drama, poverty, bad relationships, accidents. Whatever it takes to get us out of that belief, you see? Sometimes that can take lifetime after lifetime.

Even if we’re focused on attracting abundance — instead of becoming abundance — then we are still stuck in that duality of there being something that is attracting it to us, instead of just being it. Is that what you’re saying?
TN: How many times have you read books about positive thinking and visualization and letting the Universe bring it in to you by visualizing? According to the Ascended Masters, visualization is all mental — and any time we go into a mental formula for your goodies in life, or healing, or whatever you want, you’re forcing things to come in instead of allowing the soul to bring in this no-force energy, this pure energy. What you do is imagine what you want and then leave it alone. I know that’s hard to understand, but you just leave it alone. You don’t try to force it. Sometimes we say, “I want it tomorrow,” so we put conditions on it.

I think your operative word there is allowing, instead of all of these action statements of attracting and creating. I even use that lingo in my work over time, but what I’m really understanding you saying — and I am beginning to come to this understanding myself — is that the true essence is allowing that to emerge, what we already are.
TN: That’s exactly what it is. That is when the real self comes in. Once we understand that the real self is nothing but spirit consciousness, first and foremost, then the components of what we all have created outside of our I AM soul identity can constantly expand our soul consciousness through our many different personalities. That’s where the healing will come from, and that’s where the goodies will come into our lives, by taking full responsibility for our creations, too.

Is this what the new energy consciousness or the new expanded energy is really all about?
TN: That’s exactly what it’s all about.

It’s a complete paradigm shift.
TN: We bring in this new energy and neutralize it by understanding who we truly are. Then we change the dynamics of the atoms in the body with our belief system, and that’s what will change our creation. That’s what will move us forward.

Bringing things to that neutral state.
TN: Exactly. We need to get into that neutral state. In other words, not judging the mind. The mind is going to judge everything, because we are just too trained that way. After all, we have been trained that way for millions of years of lifetimes. Now a lot of us are becoming awakened to this new energy, and it takes a while to get used to.

One of the leading modalities I think that’s contributing to this is what’s called the EFT or the tapping. It’s doing exactly what you’re talking about, neutralizing the two extremes and coming into the middle and allowing that essence. I can really see how that’s part of this whole new paradigm that you’re talking about.
TN: Yes, you’ve got it right on the nail. We neutralize it and then allow.

What else is in store for you? Are there other writings that are on the horizon for you?
TN: I finished Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul in October, and right now I’ve been relaxing a little bit. I still work half-days for my business, and I do channeling. I’ve been working on doing workshops to bring people to the understanding of who they are and how they can actually heal their bodies and bring in the miracles they desire. It’s just a matter of becoming awakened to who you truly are.

Do clients come to you?
TN: Most of them have come to my home and I have traveled to some different states and talked to different people. They are small groups, not big groups. This is my third book and I’ve only been at this since 2004. But, this year has been quite a passion for me. Ever since the Franciscan monks vision, I mean that’s a story by itself, but that would take some time to explain.

It’s not written in your book?
TN: I mentioned it in the Genesis and Revelations books, actually. With Genesis, Melchizedek was who I would call the captain, because there were eight masters who worked with me. With Revelation, it was mostly John and Jeshua who worked with me on that. Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul was just me, and my soul.

By that time you stepped into the essence enough that you were able to allow it.
TN: Yes, that is correct.

How do you mix your two worlds? You said that you’re still working part time in the business.
TN: Well, at first it was a little difficult, but I got to the point where my oldest son now runs the business and I just go in during the morning and take care of what I have to take care of. I dedicate myself to this spiritual side of myself.

Does that require that you have a lot of solitude?
TN: No. I do a lot of deep breathing, at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, because that’s very important. Deep breathing is the key to bringing in the new energy.

Is that the kind of discipline that allows the miracles to happen in your life?
TN: Yes, that’s the miracles. No more judging. And if you have a disease or if things are going bad in your life, you have to allow it in, because you need to understand that you’re the one that put that there. You put it there for a reason. You put it there to awaken you.

It’s about self-responsibility.
TN: Exactly! And the more you look at that, and understand it, knowing who you truly are, you will reverse that. You can actually reverse whatever is going on in your life.

So, it’s really getting rid of the victim consciousness.
TN: Oh, most definitely. Because there are no victims here.

What would somebody experience if they came and sat with you and had a session?
TN: It all depends on what they are looking for. I have been working with a person from Florida who was seeing a psychiatrist because he shot someone when he was in Vietnam. It bothered him for years and years. I went and saw him and I talked to him for two days. Jeshua came in, Kuthumi came in, and they brought forth the person that he shot. And now this guy let go of the pills, and he let go of the psychiatrist. He completely understands what happened.

What message do you really want to leave the listeners and readers with?
TN: We suffer in life because we are asleep to who we truly are. We have forgotten why we came to Earth, which is to answer the question, “Who am I?” and to take full responsibility for our creations. We have accepted, without question, that we are our name, our personality, our beliefs, our family history, our education, our religion, and occupation. However, what we believe about who we think we are is far from the real truth, for we are more than just our human name, our personality traits, and our family history.

If we are attached to who we believe we are as a human, then we cannot ever know life other than what we are experiencing right now. If we desire health, abundance and joy in life, then the secret is to dissolve all that we have been taught about God, about the forces of positive and negative, that the mind is the method in receiving these things.

We all have the power within ourselves to give to ourselves whatever we would love to experience, be it rich, poor, health or non-health, for it’s all there hidden under our strong belief in a God that created us in this vibrational energy and in the belief that our mind and education is a recipe for our success and freedom. Let it be known that when we apply the mind, hope and prayer as a recipe for receiving our dreams, then we will actually become the preventing force in receiving and living out those dreams. I found myself for many years holding a belief in a God that came from a mental perception of what I thought He was and, therefore, who I thought I was. For that reason, my outer world became my footprint for my inner world, which is why I experienced the things that I experienced.

But, once I found the real truth to who I truly am, I took hold of my mind of perception and susceptibility and fired it by letting go of everything and anything connected to the belief in duality, that there is a God that created me, and a devil to blame for my trials and tribulations. Because of my not knowing who I truly am, I failed twice in business and came close to losing that business for a third time before I opened up to what was causing me to repeat my conditions over and over. It was from the family that I was born into, to the individuals that I met and worked with along the way, where I had to experience the untruths, the deceptions, the lies, and the coverups, and all that was hidden within my own soul before I could come into the discovery of the real me in this lifetime.

Today, instead of feeling resentment toward anyone, I thank them and do not judge them or rebuke them. Constant experiencing of lessons blew up my old dogmatic beliefs that finally led the way for me to experience my freedom in creating a business environment where my annual sales are in the millions.

You see, the wisdom that I hold within my soul right now is the result of convincing all of my beliefs, choices and experiences that I have ever had since my awakening in the first creation to my present day, and then squeezing out the best of all those lifetime choices to where, in the end, my soul became my enlightenment, my wisdom, and who I am as a divine being. That’s the best way, right there.

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  1. Great interview. I enjoyed it so much. Terry is so insightful and his connection to the Masters is amazing!


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