Survive and Thrive Using Intuitive Insight


We live in an Age of Change. It’s like our planet is being overrun by adolescents with turbulent emotions close to the surface, and it’s ready to erupt at any time. Patriarchal world systems and old ways of thinking are breaking down and we are being called to create something new. Unresolved personal issues are coming to the surface in order to be healed. Our separation mindset of “me” is being replaced by “we.”

Intuitive insight is a survival skill for this Age of Change where old rules and systems no longer work. Like radar, it helps us fly through the dark unknown. Being the opposite of brooding, defensiveness and fear, intuition frees up vast quantities of emotional and physical energy.

Intuitive insight is available to everyone. It comes from the Energetic Divine Internet to which anyone can connect. Certain factors predispose us to connect:

  • Trust that all will be well by adopting an attitude of relaxation and joy. Live in the Present Moment, feeling gratitude for everything and grasping for nothing. Reframe “problems” as “puzzles” to solve that will teach and enlighten you.
  • Keep your pineal gland healthy. This is our receiver for intuitive insight. It is tiny and shaped like a pine cone and located in the center of your brain. Put your thumb at your Third Eye and your middle finger on top of the middle of your head and imagine a line of energy going out the tips of both those fingers. Your Pineal Gland is where those lines meet. It is filled with tiny crystals that pick up God signals, just like the crystals in a radio receiver. Avoid poisons such as fluoride in water or toothpaste, which shrink the pineal gland and calcify these crystals.
  • Use Bibliomancy (divination by books). Go to your personal library, bookstore, another’s library or a public library. Soften your eye focus as you let your inner wisdom guide you to a particular book. Hold that book in your hands and ask a question. Then let your intuitive insight lead you to open to a page and guide you to a particular place on that page (i.e. lower right corner). Read the passage written in that place and let your imagination tell you how these words apply to your question.
  • Use kinesthetic rhythm to distract your rational analytical mind and send your consciousness into subconscious territory. In other words, decrease your fast beta brainwaves and increase your delta and theta brainwaves by wandering around in nature. Observe something that moves continuously like stream, waterfall or river. Watch a fountain or the sway of leaves in the breeze. Move: walk, run, drive, swim, bike, skate, ski, ride a horse. Toss a thousand random facts into your brain and go outside for a rambling walk, letting your right hemisphere create a Eureka moment.
  • Hang out in restful, playful energy. Balance play with rest. Play when your energy is high. Rest when your energy is low. If you find yourself killing time, looking for ways to escape or being a workaholic, you are putting up barriers to intuitive insight and cutting yourself off from the Energetic Internet. Take a nap. Sleep in. Read a novel. Pestilential feelings of fear and exhaustion — and grasping, grim, effortful energy — let your reptilian lower brain create “lack and attack” fears of not having enough and knowing something bad will happen.

Intuitive insight increases by following it. Following it may lead us down paths that feel unsafe. Yet, it is important that when it leads you to the edge of a metaphorical cliff and tells you to jump, forget thinking about the landing and worrying about the fall. Leap! Historically, intuitive insights are responsible for the wild choices of lovers, saints, and agents of change. When we act on intuitive insight, we can feel scared, a bit crazy, and wonderful all at the same time!



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