Synchronize our Minds and Bodies Every Day


My greatest tip for receiving intuitive insights can be done every day. Let us synchronize our minds and bodies through intention, prayer and meditation to Source.

I find that practicing twice a day — upon waking and before sleeping — is easiest. It calms me for sleep and sets up my day to view the bigger picture that is so valuable to intuitive insight.

Drifting away from this practice, I noticed that exciting synchronicities had abandoned me. Insights became dull and lacked vision. I found myself sucked into a vortex of time speeding up, and I was racing to accomplish things that I thought would feed my self-worth.

Remembering how sweet life was with intuitive insight, once again I returned to the memories and the desire of the sweet gifts that were so near and dear to my heart with this one small step: Intuitive insight, manifesting, feeling my spiritual vibration, and knowing my true spiritual purpose.



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