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Like a computer, you have drivers that create your personal data or life experience. You can be driven by your ego or heart, by Fear or by Love. What drives you are the voices that filter through your mind and the feelings they create within you. Whether you know it or not, these thoughts and feelings create how you experience life. Life does not “just happen.” You attract life experiences through the energy of your thoughts and feelings. Since human nature is unconsciously conditioned to operate from ego, you often listen to the non-supportive, limiting voice of Fear.

Throughout your life, you create stories or belief systems based on the messages that you hear along the way. For example, you may believe a fear-based story that nothing ever works out for you. This story limits you from seeing what does work, giving you little ability to create your days with awesome possibilities. When the ego is the dominant character in your story, life revolves around limitation, stress and drama, which the ego loves and cherishes in the arms of Fear.

The story within your heart embraces joy and harmony and is held in the arms of Love. Love holds a possibilities perspective for your life, creating ease and adventure. Which story or message you choose is up to you every moment you are conscious enough to choose it. It is challenging to break free of fear’s grip until you have a higher awareness of the messages Fear feeds you and the emotions Fear creates.

Contrary to popular opinion, you have a choice about how you wish to feel. If you want to feel lacking and tense, listen to the voice that tells you, “There is never enough.” If you want to feel abundant and relaxed, listen to your heart say, “There is plenty.” If you want to feel good, listen for the voice of Love.

Let’s say you swore at your child. Fear might say something like, “You’re bad,” or “You shouldn’t have done that.” By listening to Fear, you will most likely begin to feel guilty or ashamed. When you listen to Fear, you place yourself in a position of weakness, because it forces your energy down. How easy is it to change your behavior when you feel crappy about yourself?

Imagine what a loving message would sound like in the same scenario. Would it shout words that are hurtful, mean or diminishing? Or, would Love whisper expressions of comfort and compassion? You will know Love speaks to you when you feel supported, calm and understood. When you feel lighter. When you feel good.

If you swore at your child, Love would say something like, “What’s going on? What do you need?” Listening to Love makes you feel at ease, and from a place of ease, you can examine what caused you to swear in the first place. Love puts you in a state of spiritual power that helps you see yourself with understanding. With Love, you can heal what ails you and, in turn, your behavior automatically changes.

Fear keeps you engaged in the same behavior over and over again. You cannot transform yourself from a place of judgment or shame. You transform through Love. When you let things be as they are, Love can more easily do the work to transform you and the challenging situations in your life.

Make it a practice to observe Fear talking. You will know Fear speaks when you feel anxious, tense, crazy, stressed or judged. When you feel empty or not good enough. When you do not feel good about yourself. If you do not feel good, you are following the voice of Fear.

You are a precious piece of the Great Spirit of Love and, thus, you are Love. Love is the real presence inside you. Fear is also a presence inside you, but Fear is not real, it only pretends to be and will choose you, until you choose Love.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • Where in my life do I live from my ego or the place inside that feels small and unworthy?
  • Am I living from my heart or the place inside that feels full and worthy?
  • When do I most feel the presence of Love? How might I increase that feeling?
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Lisa Venable
Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, inspirational speaker and spiritual psychotherapist. Lisa's mission is to help people live from their heart instead of their limiting ego and create a world where Love prevails. Lisa provides stress management training for nurses, social workers and adults with aging parents. Lisa also facilitates a volunteer program, "Love Angels" that provides comfort care to nursing home residents. Visit


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