2013: The Great Awakener


jesusAn excerpt from the forthcoming book, My Soul’s Journey, Experiences

Last night I watched a good Christian man from Utah on CNN explain how, because he believed we were living in the End Times, he had built a bunker for his family to prepare for the great war we call Armageddon. I listened as he explained how meticulously he had built this shelter and how he had stocked it with everything imaginable to survive this war to end all wars.

It’s the same war in which Sananda, the Christ consciousness, promised would usher in heaven on earth and bring 1,000 years of peace.

I wanted to sit under a tree with a cup of coffee and talk to this man and tell him what I know and take him back to the experiences I had three years ago when I fought my own Armageddon. It was a crusade of my own Spirit against a satanic force so entrenched in fear, an army like being driven by power and control who waged a conflict for my battered soul: my own mind and ego.

It is a Spirit that speaks to us through what we call intuition, a Spirit that cries out in the wilderness of our soul and tells us we are loved, despite our stories of abuse, of abandonment, and about feeling broken and unworthy. I want to tell him that even though Armageddon may play out on a world stage, the true Armageddon is played out within us. I want to tell him to prepare for that combat, as well. I felt the need to explain to him that now, as we have entered this fifth dimension, he is going to be having spiritual experiences that his mind will not be able to explain and that the war, which has been simmering beneath the surface within him since he was born, since the beginning of our existence on Earth, will begin: The battle between the illusion of life and the truth of who we really are.

I want to tell him that I, too, had always believed I had a soul and a spirit, and I had been schooled in the teachings of Jesus and of God. But until I had my own spiritual awakening and gained wisdom through seeing, hearing and feeling the energy of the Holy Spirit, I realized that it was never my reality. I want him to understand my transformation and how the separateness of my mind, body and Spirit melded into one, with my heart — not my mind — now leading the way.

I want him to experience what I do: seeing heaven on Earth every day and living a life without fear, only peace.

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