Deyva: The Power of Light

The author supports the young colt, an offspring of Deyva.
The author supports the young colt, an offspring of Deyva.

Opening the Door to Nature

Deyva isn’t with the rest of the herd. I had been expecting my young pony mare to foal for weeks, and now she is no where to be found. Deyva is younger than I’d like for her to be foaling, but my incorrigible stallion Smokey is also an accomplished fence jumper and had taken liberties 11 months prior.

First time foaling comes with more chances of complications, even with more mature mares. With this in mind, anxiously I walk far out into the sunny 40-acre pasture looking for her. Finally, I see Deyva in the distance. Smokey, in a show of support, is grazing some 100 feet away. As I come closer, I spot a tiny speck standing next to her. With a sigh of relief I am glad to see that, from this distance at least, they both seem to be okay.

Up until now, Deyva had been watching my approach. When I am still at least 30 feet away she stops me dead in my tracks. With ears pinned flat she tosses her head and neck in warning, while at the same time, twitching her tail, stomping her feet and baring her teeth. Once I take a step back, she is still leery but stops with the threats on my life.

Deyva is less than 12 hands tall, but she is tough and has surprising strength. Once I had seen her knock down a 15-hand gelding that outweighed her by 700 pounds. He had made the mistake of invading her space and didn’t heed her warnings.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Deyva isn’t a bully. Normally she is very sweet — a top-notch lesson pony that I can entrust to care for even the smallest, most timid child. I should have guessed that she would be a protective mother. None of this solves my dilema, though. I want to get closer to meet the newest addition and make sure that both are okay.

Each time I make a move to take a step forward, she immediately commences with the threats. I can see that she is not going to give in and is actually getting more aggravated with me each time I try. Making sure I get the point of what she will do to me if I come any closer, she is now stepping forward with a twist, bucking up with her hind end, before backing up to her original spot. I get her message, “Don’t make me come over there,” loud and clear. Our standoff is secure.

I am not normally one to give in, but I don’t see any way for this to come out good in my favor. There is nothing else that I can do right now.

A few months prior to this, I had started practicing Reiki energy healing. My practice subjects mostly consisted of my dogs and some of the other horses, along with a few curious friends, and they all seemed to benefit and enjoy it. Before I turn to go, I offer my hands again, but not in the “can I come closer” fashion, but instead in an offering of healing. To my amazement, instantly, within a snap of the fingers, Deyva perks her ears forward and strides over with a fast and determined pace coming straight at me.

My first instinct is “holy crap,” but I know better than to run. If her intention is to charge or attack me, I will have better chances holding my ground. Even though I can’t believe the instant change in her demeanor, I don’t think that she is planning an attack. Her ears are forward and her eyes hold a friendly glow, meeting mine directly. She is walking quickly and determinedly, but is not charging at a run.

I hold my ground, still and quiet, continuing to offer healing. Greeting me with a sniff of her nose, Deyva walks gently right into my arms. She lets me touch and offer healing to both her and her healthy brand new bay filly. We both let out a deep sigh of relief, relaxing into complete bliss.

Sharing this indescribable moment, our lives change forever.

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Melissa is a Reiki Master Teacher, Level 2 QiGong, Reconnective Healer and studies, teaches, and practices other healing modalities. Melissa's 40-acre ranch located on the outskirts of Becker, MN, provides confidence and healing to people through horses, dogs, and nature. In 2012, Melissa founded Nature's Divine, a Health and Wellness Center for Pets N their People, focusing on natural, organic, safe products and therapies, as well as some fun art and jewelry. A Minnesota licensed attorney turned healer, she still provides pet-friendly estate planning, and other legal services.


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