Higher Brain Living: A Great Impact on My Life


joy_sky“Higher Brain Living is a vehicle that was…developed to promote energizing [the] prefrontal cortex so that over a 22-step program of 45-minute long sessions, …[the client’s] energy builds in that higher brain. …[With] each session, more energy builds and over that time, the center of gravity starts to shift into more of that empowered state associated with energy being in the higher brain.” — Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living®

“That turned my life upside down” — usually referencing something completely changing the trajectory of someone’s life — is a saying you’ve probably heard. My Higher Brain Living experience completely changed the trajectory of not only my life, but my business. The only difference is that I say, “It turned my life Up Side Up!” Thanks to colleague Tammy Ritcey for pointing out the distinction.

So what is Higher Brain Living (HBL) and how has it impacted my life? First, I’ll mention the three-part series on Edge Talk Radio for you to reference and listen to in the archives. There you will find a much deeper discussion on the many facets of HBL.

Higher Brain Living is a gentle touch technique that creates a powerful surge of energy to your prefrontal cortex (higher brain/third eye). Typically the lower brain, which lives at the base of the skull, hijacks all the oxygen. With this technique, energy flows to and through this area, giving the lower brain the oxygen it needs, but allowing the rest to flow up and over the brain to the prefrontal cortex. That’s the distinction and the secret. The beauty, and one of the most important things, is that when you are in your higher brain, you are automatically connected to your heart. Living from this space is an empowering way to live!

Let’s make it real and look at a few of the changes I have seen in my life. The second of the three-part Higher Brain Living series on Edge Talk Radio describes how HBL works in four dimensions: Mind, Body, Relationship, Environment.

  • Mind — Inner experience of emotions, thoughts, awareness, consciousness. My awareness of my thoughts and how they play a role in my life have impacted how I show up in a more dynamic and powerful way. I am much more tuned into my guidance.
  • Body — Physical body, what you put into the body, exercise, posture. This is the dimension where I first noticed a shift. My weight decreased (without trying). I make a juice or reach for kombucha much more frequently than previously. Purchasing organic food has become an easier choice. And my self-talk around exercise has become supportive and gentle, rather than filled with that horrific word, should — indicating that we are beating ourselves up when we don’t do something we think we should.
  • Relationship — Family, friends, beliefs, significant other, co-workers. The biggest and most joyful change in this dimension is I have my daughter back! My facilitator said this is a direct reflection on how I show up and interact with her. She responds to me much differently. Her interactions are no longer short, abrasive and mean. She calls just to say hi, share something important or ask a question! Ah! That alone is worth every penny and mile driven for my sessions. (If you are in the Twin Cities, you are so fortunate now, as you have choices here, in your area, to receive sessions. When I chose to invest in the 22-step Higher Brain Living system, that choice came with a six-hour drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the expense of a hotel stay — and I would not have had it any other way.)
  • Environment — Finances, job, school, home, places of worship. My business has expanded, and I am now looking at a completely different schedule. Higher Brain Living has “taken over” my business. While I still offer Soul Mentoring and private sessions, I find myself more frequently suggesting people explore HBL with me first before working with me in another capacity. I naturally bring in the mentoring and other gifts I have. I consider it a value added for the client, as do they.

Why was HBL created and how come you’ve never heard of it? Higher Brain Living was the result of the work of Dr. Michael Cotton during a 30-year period in which he examined many modalities, did research, and, quite honestly, allowed himself to be the conduit for this Divine download. It’s a dynamic, life-changing way to step into your Divine, authentic self with little effort. This process bypasses your ego where all your doubt and negative self-talk lives. Your life will organically grow, shift, change, blossom. Indeed, life changes without even asking you! You’ve not heard of it until now because it is new — to the Twin Cities and to the world. There are only about 70 licensed facilitators in world! And I have the joy and honor to be able to say I am one of them!

Dr. Cotton frequently says: “This is a hero’s journey.” I say to you, the reader: Be a hero to your own soul.

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