Part 1: The Akashic Records & Self-Empowerment with Aingeal Rose O’Grady


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Aingeal Rose O'Grady
Aingeal Rose O’Grady

Aingeal Rose O’Grady, well known in the consciousness world and author of The Time of Change (September 2012, Wild Flower Press), taps into the Akashic records — containing all knowledge of human and cosmological experience — and offers an understanding that our individual fears and struggles are shared by many and that there are solutions to our most vexing problems.

She will be keynote speaker at the Mankato Natural Healing & Psychic Expo, April 5-6 at the Courtyard By Marriott Event Center, 901 Raintree Road at River Hills Mall in Mankato, MN. She will speak at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Tickets are available at

The following quote from Aingeal’s website distills the essence of our opportunity at this time: “This is not a time to be complacent. More than ever, you have to come to inner balance to hold the increasing frequency of light that is being made available amidst the chaos. The shift must come from within you first, so that you can see the change in outer events.”

The following is my conversation with Aingeal, speaking with us from her home in San Diego.

Tell us a bit about your presentation upcoming in Mankato?
Aingeal Rose O’Grady: I will be the keynote speaker on Friday night, and it will last three hours. It will be half lecture, and the second half of the evening I’m going to be opening up the Akashic records to the audience.

Time_of_changeIs The Time of Change the first book that you have written that deals specifically with the Akashic records?
ARO: It is. That came about because we started doing group sessions in Ireland in 2010, because so many people had questions about the world and and about 2012. We decided to hold a group session so people could come and ask spiritual questions and questions about the world, not personal questions. Once we started doing that, I was surprised that it was Source itself that was answering us. That became the basis for A Time of Change.

The second book coming out in November will be called The Nature of Reality, and it will feature transcripts from groups where people asked questions about reality and love and dreams and all sorts of things.

People ask all the time when I am doing readings, “Where does my personal choice come in or is this all just set up? Am I just a victim of what’s already been planned out for me?” How do you explain that?
ARO: People have asked me, “Do we have a destiny?” I say, “Yes, you do, and no, you don’t.” I believe that the soul makes a contract before it’s born. What that means is that certain things will be arranged, and certain people will show up at particular times in your life to promote higher soul growth. They represent opportunity in these situations. Just because somebody presents an opportunity to you does not mean that you are going to choose the highest and best choice in all situations. To me, the soul wants to have victories. It’s here to grow into mastery. It’s here to grow to God realization, and it’s here to understand what love is as a creative force.

So until we arrive at that awareness, we will arrange for people to pop in, for situations to occur. We have to be tested and tried — and our choices determine the outcome. That determines where you head in your future.

That’s really a different way of saying that we create our own reality by what we focus on. One of the points that you were making in an earlier interview was that there is an array of probabilities and we choose the reality by what we focus on, as well as the timeline that we choose.
ARO: Yes, and to go along with the whole idea is that we have an infinite number of multi-dimensional selves. What that really means is that every thought we think creates another us someplace. So, imagine that we have millions of alternate selves out there and they’re all functioning in a particular potential reality because of the energy that we put into it. There are an infinite number of possibilities or timelines that we could travel down, and the same is true of the world. We could go to hell in a handbasket or we could move into paradise, and both of those realities are out there. Which train we decide to get on and which track we follow is where free will comes in.

In terms of our planet’s direction, how is that configured with regard to each person’s respective free will choice? Is it a combination of all our choices that determines the direction?
ARO: Yes, I find that mass consciousness plays a huge part in which reality we create in the outer world. Now, let me just say, too, that somebody on his or her individual path can create a completely different reality than what is going on here. A lot of people travel interdimensionally and meet with their other selves. They go beyond our laws of physics.

I believe an individual can achieve great heights just by themselves. But what we experience here on the planet usually is the result of an agreement with the collective perception.

We had a discussion with Source last week, and I am going to be speaking about that in Mankato. Source was kind of scolding us, if you will, about how we were all accepting mediocrity. Look around. People do not hold themselves to the highest standards. So if we create mediocrity continually, that is a problem. It really equates to love. If you really understood love, you would always hold yourself to the highest standards.

I believe that’s what was captured in that quote I found on your website, telling us that it’s not a time to be complacent. It really calls us into action and to be accountable, that we can’t look outside of ourselves and blame everybody else and wait for something to happen, that we have to create it within. I love the concept that even though there is a mass consciousness that we certainly are impacted by, our individual free will and choice and focus can always override that.
ARO: It can, but I think what’s even better to say is that you really become a conscious creator when you start looking at your own thoughts. It’s not just a matter of imagining something new. I believe there is a huge part of inner self-discovery where people really need to be examining their subconscious imprints. I think that’s a huge part of them being able to manifest what they really want in their lives. What happens is that you become less and less fearful of what could manifest in the outer world. As you know yourself, Cathryn, there are lots of people who are very fearful about the future.

One of the topics in your book that really drew my attention was The Fall and how it influences us today. Can you speak a little bit about that?
ARO: Yes. I first need to preface it by saying that people really need to imagine billions and billions and billions of years of our process. What I saw came to me the evening when the topic of the group was, “Who are we and why are we here?” That was one of the most heavily attended events, and everybody who came hoped that Source would tell them individually why they were here. But, of course, when you ask Source a question, you are always really surprised at the answer.

It showed a picture of our Earth before it was solid. It was a mass of swirling white light. It called it The First Swirlings, and a group of spirit beings traveled to the new sphere to check it out, because Source told us that it delights in creation and it sends ministers or spirit beings to look at every new creation to see how it can evolve life there. So, that’s what these beings were doing. Many of those beings were us. We were those original spirit beings.

But then, suddenly, I saw a huge cosmic wave traveling through the galaxy, through universes, and it struck this sphere. As it did so, it knocked a big piece of it off and that piece began to shift out of its orbit, out of its original frequency. Through billions of years, it just kept kind of falling through space, coalescing and becoming more dense. That is called the Fallen Earth, and that’s what we’re on right now.

So, as it became more and more dense, it moved from the spiritual frequency to one of physical matter?
ARO: Yes. Because it slowed in its vibration, it coalesced and actually became a planet that is considered to be under the Emerald Green Ray. But having said that, some of those spirit beings fell with it when it fell, and they could not get back home. Spirit beings kept coming to this Fallen Earth on rescue missions, trying to save these spirit beings and this piece that fell, to bring it back up to the original frequency, which was a paradise system.

So now these spirits have two memories of themselves in their consciousness. One part remembers that they used to be spirit-based, that they lived in paradise and they could travel all over the place. Another piece identifies itself with the physical body and an individuated self and ego. Once those two concepts were in the spirit mind, it started to create duality.

This is the reason we’re in such conflict all the time, why we go back and forth between positive and negative thinking, between wanting to go back home to wanting our egos satisfied. We’re in this perpetual conflict. Source told us that we have to make only one choice. We can’t keep going back and forth and expecting any sort of real growth. You have to choose your ultimate paradise self, and your Self actually remembers what that is.

Right now, if you are identifying with your body and you’re identifying with the ego self, you cells will replicate according to that command, but if you start choosing to identify with your paradise self, then all sorts of different chemicals start to be created and all sorts of expansion happens.

The way that we begin to shift our vibrational frequency is by holding that higher vision of what feels like our spiritual self that is separate from us, though it’s really the true self.
ARO: Yes. The problem we have had is that other beings who were not highly evolved have come onto this planet. When the Earth densified, they found this to be quite a nice place to colonize, and they are still trying to keep that control. So, that’s also going on, and it’s really trying to keep us from remembering and then choosing. It is a fight we’re in.

So, how does that play out in the individual, with the struggle between negative and positive thoughts and embracing more of an evolved sense of being? How does that get internalized within us?
ARO: We’re programmed a lot when we are growing up. We’re told a lot of things that aren’t true. We get the feeling that this is a hierarchy and that God is the king and we’re lowly servants of God. Right away, as children, we’re put in our place and told, “Don’t expect miracles to happen to you, because you’re not that special; we’re the authorities and we’re going to tell you the rules.” So, we’re lied to from the start.

Now that you’re identifying with a small ego self, then you start to go to school and people like you or don’t like you, so your self-image is either validated or it is crushed. For a lot of people, it’s crushed. This negative self-talk really is the result of programming that is going on by authority figures and peers, because they don’t know what they are either.

You actually have to undo all of that, because your spirit self will always teach you who you are in your highest creation. It will start to awaken the memory of you being a creative being, made after the creation itself. You really have to make a choice whether you want to validate your ego self. If you do, then you will be choosing things that to you make yourself look bigger. You’ll want success, you’ll want money, and you’ll want to keep all the material things in place.

Right, ego-driven goals.
ARO: Ego-driven goals, because you’re trying to build a self that is really not based in Truth. So you have to do things to make it seem like it’s bigger than it really is. Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people perceive as their identity. This is why they’re crushed if they lose material things. The truth is, though, that your spirit will always try to guide you toward loving yourself. It will uphold the highest standards for you, and at a point it will want you to choose the highest standards — not just for yourself, but for everybody. It takes you completely away from the idea of smallness and inadequacy, to the fact that you are not only capable, but very powerful.

Responsibility now enters into the equation. A lot of people don’t want that, because if you understood that you are contributing to creating the quality of the world and everything around you, and yourself included, that’s a big responsibility.

It is, and it’s an accountability for every choice you make. You want to hold yourself accountable for what you are creating now within yourself and what you are putting out to the world.
ARO: Yes, and isn’t it interesting, that every little thought and every little action, every little everything is accounted for.

It comes down to the smallest decision. We get so caught up in major decisions that we have to make, and it really has to do with how we’re going to treat our dog in the morning. The story I always tell is that I can always tell my state of reverence by the way that I either am impatient when I take my dog out when he has to go to the bathroom or irritable because he is not going fast enough. If I am irritable with him, I know that I need to come in and do my inner work and get right with myself, because I’m just going to be spreading that wave out in whatever interactions I have with self or others.
ARO: Yes, and how many times do we walk by those plants that need watering and just ignore them, like they don’t care?

Or trash that’s on the ground. I have a hard time with people who have taken their ashtray of cigarettes and just toss them on the ground. It’s like coming into your house and throwing garbage all over. You get a real fine attunement to the rightness of everything around you and hold yourself accountable to contribute to that, I think.
ARO: Yes, because you really get a sense of Divine order. I remember one time when I was working with the Tarot cards. I was working with the Emperor card, and I knew at the highest level that it represented Divine order. So I started making these affirmations, that my life was now in Divine order, and you know how it manifested? It made me want to clean my house! (They laugh). I thought, why would I ever express something like that?

Please continue to Part 2: The Akashic Records & Self-Empowerment. For more information on Aingeal Rose O’Grady, visit her website at

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