Part 2: The Akashic Records & Self-Empowerment with Aingeal Rose O’Grady


Editor’s note: Part 2 of Cathryn Taylor’s interview with Aingeal Rose O’Grady concludes the conversation that first aired on Edge Talk Radio on March 13 – this portion was not printed in The Edge magazine | Listen here. For a complete schedule and list of archived Edge Talk Radio programs, visit

Aingeal Rose O'Grady
Aingeal Rose O’Grady

Aingeal Rose O’Grady, well known in the consciousness world and author of The Time of Change (September 2012, Wild Flower Press), taps into the Akashic records and offers an understanding that our individual fears and struggles are shared by many and that there are solutions to our most vexing problems.

She will be keynote speaker at the Mankato Natural Healing & Psychic Expo, April 5-6 at the Courtyard By Marriott Event Center, 901 Raintree Road at River Hills Mall in Mankato, MN. She will speak at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Tickets are available at

The following quote from Aingeal’s website distills the essence of our opportunity at this time: “This is not a time to be complacent. More than ever, you have to come to inner balance to hold the increasing frequency of light that is being made available amidst the chaos. The shift must come from within you first, so that you can see the change in outer events.”

In Part 1 of this interview, Aingeal said inner self-discovery is essential. She said it is important for people to examine their subconscious imprints, and that will allow them to manifest what they really want in their lives.

“Right now,” she said, “if you are identifying with your body and you’re identifying with the ego self, you cells will replicate according to that command, but if you start choosing to identify with your paradise self, then all sorts of different chemicals start to be created and all sorts of expansion happens.”

How does that fit with issues that many of us are concerned about now, with respect to our prosperity and money and right livelihood? How does this impact that dense, physical self that we have to deal with in this dimension?
ARO: I was somebody who was taught that the body was not that important and that it was all about God, that the goal was to be all spiritual. I am now 59 years old and it’s only been in the last year that I have actually understood that your body is a manifestation of your spirit while you are here. Suddenly, it became very important to me how I was treating my body.

People addressed the food issue in groups, concerned about food shortages and GMO foods, and Source responded by asking us to consider living more on color. I thought that was pretty interesting, because It told us to go look at the sunrise for 30 seconds every morning, and allow that color to come into our eyes. It was telling us that the sun was carrying so many powerful light codes right now, that it was regenerative and would start a healing process physically. You would not be as hungry.

I am not able to do that right now where we live. I suppose we could get up and go to the beach. But when we were doing it in a place where we were able to, in Ireland, you don’t get hungry, and you’re a lot more centered. That’s not to say that we didn’t eat, because we did eat, but we didn’t eat as much and had entirely different foods because we naturally wanted different foods.

I certainly am not an advocate of any kind of genetically modified food. I think it’s a way that they’re trying to actually weaken our immune systems. If a person isn’t functioning at top notch, immune-wise and energetically, he or she is not going to be able to make the choices that we have been talking about.

Time_of_changeRight, because they can’t hold that higher frequency of energy and light.
ARO: That’s right. With Source telling us how we manifest mediocrity, It’s basically saying that the reason you all do that is because you don’t love yourselves enough. If you understood love as a creative force, you would never accept polluted water. You would never accept GMO foods or anything that would distort your natural organic function. You just wouldn’t do it.

We do know now that water holds memory. That literally means that conversations carried out around glasses of water do affect the water. I was out to dinner one night with a group of people and we were discussing a lot of various things, but inevitably the conversation got around to some of the negative things that were going on on the planet. It was quite a heated discussion. Naturally, everybody would take sips of their water. But I suddenly became aware of the fact that that water was sitting there listening to our negative conversation, and it had rearranged its crystals to hold the negative talk — and here we were drinking it.

How interesting! That’s true!
ARO: It is true! So it made us much more conscious of water. Most of our bodies are water, and the water in our bodies is connected to the water on the planet. All the rivers and streams are connected to all other rivers and streams. Certainly they have had technology for years that can clean every single body of water on this planet, but they’re suppressing that. But you can do a lot with your own water by programming it.

Here’s another thought: Send a blessing to the toilet water that goes down into the sewers. There’s a lot you can do if you become a little more conscious. All it takes is a little thought. It’s not like you have to sit there in meditation for 30 minutes.

It’s about interacting with your environment in a very real way, so that you’re in relationship to everything around you.
ARO: Absolutely.

What about the issue of technology and how that affects our physical form?
ARO: Technology vibrates at variable frequencies and it does weaken the immune system. You do need to do some sort of shielding. In the bigger picture — in this time of change that we are in — Source has talked to us about our own crystal network inside our body. It basically said, “You have your own communication inside your body.” You’ve got crystals in your blood, crystals in yourselves, and that is a communication system. We would be better off if we would really try to practice more telepathy, practice communicating that way with people across the planet. Start to beef up your own telepathic network.

Yes, we are using technology to speak to one another today, so it obviously has major benefits in a lot of ways, and I’m not trying to say it doesn’t. But when people rely only on their technology for all their forms of communication, then we’re way out of balance. It’s even getting to the point where they want to put electronic impulses in drugs and then have you ingest them. The whole microchip concept and all of these things are very negative uses of technology.

There is a nerve network in our solar plexus that connects us to each other. This is what manifests as the grid around the Earth. This network interweaves us all together at the solar plexus, and that’s also the entrance to your emotional body. So when you have low-frequency pulses coming in and artificial storms, we are being used in a negative way by people who are using technology to reverse our organic telepathy system. They’re trying to weaken it — and actually dissolve it ultimately. They would love nothing more than for us to become very artificialized in our biology. They actually use our emotions to help us create situations and catastrophes in the world with our emotional bodies. Many people are feeling very depressed and suicidal and feeling something impending is coming. Have you heard that?

Yes, and I’ve noticed it since the middle of last year, but more and more clients who come to me are really down to the brass tacks of their soul issues. You were talking about soul themes and soul agendas. It’s like we’re getting right down to the nitty gritty of it. It’s not the easiest of issues to resolve. It’s really going back into some of the energetic blueprints that we have to clean up. So, yes, I’m noticing that big time.
ARO: Yes, well the good news is that in December we really were showered with blessings. I actually saw Christ open a door in the clouds. I did. I saw Him open the door. He did not bring forth the blessing that was coming from Source, but it came through this doorway to all of creation, not just Earth. It was like saying, “You guys are going to need a lot of help.”

I have definitely seen that and felt that. What I’ve seen with people is the contrast between part of their self image and their effort to navigate and negotiate that blessing and that energy. In some ways, that threw them into a crisis itself.
ARO: Well, I think the problem that we have had, Cathryn, is that as this light increases in frequency, as those blessings hit the Earth, they bring up all our unhealed stuff.

Love brings up anything unlike itself, and so is this light. We are traveling closer and closer to the birth canal point. We’re being squeezed, and as this stuff comes up, we’re all feeling it en masse. So now you’ve got collective grief out there. All of the things we’ve conveniently shoved under the rug are now magnified, because it’s coming up for everybody all at once. We really have to understand that. It’s coming up for purging. If you just let yourself feel an emotion, without censoring it or thinking that you’re going to die or commit suicide — just let yourself feel it — it will move on out. People have also noticed that they will wake up the next morning and feel great. There’s actually an awareness of a holiness that is here that was not here before.

Right, and I think we’re finding more and more techniques like the tapping, the Emotional Freedom Technique, that can manage some of that emotion you’re talking about. It neutralizes it and releases it in a very short amount of time. I think we’re getting more tools to manage this, and people getting inspired to learn and use them.
ARO: Yes, even the Emotion Code. Have you heard of that, too?

ARO: That seems to be working really well for a lot of people, too.

Yes, everybody seems to find their own avenue that speaks to them. I’m wondering if you experienced this after all the energy in December: In January — I experienced this and I talked to several people who also did — during the waking hours it was almost like I was robotic. When I went into my own records, what was explained was that a lot of work was being done on the spiritual level while my body was resting at night, so I was so active during my sleeping time. My real rest time was when I was awake, so I just moved more slowly. Did you notice any of that?
ARO: Well, I had the opposite effect, actually. I was aware of doing a lot of stuff on other levels, but I was not waking up tired. I started to have more energy than I ever had, so it was a different twist for me.

I think people can experience it in all kinds of ways. My husband, interestingly, would wake up depressed some mornings. I even woke him up from a nightmare. I will say, too, that there is more entity attachment going on than ever before. I’m certainly getting calls from so many people who feel like they have attachments that they can’t seem to shake — and things in their homes. So, that’s another manifestation of this.

Most importantly, we have to keep our focus on our own I AM presence and consciously invite that into our bodies more and more and more, because this is about mastery.

What drew you into the Akashic records and what was your journey like?
ARO: Well, it began when I was 19 and I was married to my high school sweetheart. We were married just three months and then he was murdered by somebody who came into his work looking for money. The other guy shot him.

It was really unclear what actually happened that night, so I went to my very first psychic, and she became my first teacher. Of course, I had all these questions about life after death and angels and what happens when we die, so she started me on my path. Without that experience, I don’t think I would have gone a spiritual direction at that age. I would have been content to be a mom. So, I think that was planned — it was in the big Plan. From there I learned the Tarot on my own and I studied and became a rebirther. I meditated daily and was taken on many journeys by Archangel Raphael into different worlds, and so I learned a lot through that. Then I journaled and I worked with the violet flame and was led to the next steps.

Then I had the next evolution. I had a dream one night where these two beings came to me. They were both female, very tall, and they gave me a chalice of liquid to drink. So, I drank it. As soon as I did so, I was on what I call a liquid silver train, because it was traveling at hyperspace speed under all these tunnel systems under the earth. It took me underneath the platform of the Great Pyramid. I was told to wait there and then the next minute I was in a crystal city, and they told me that I was part of the Rainbow Bridge and that I was going to be a healer in this city, and then the dream ended.

I woke up and my hands were burning. At the time, I had a friend who was a Reiki Master. She called me that day and said she was guided to offer me all the levels of Reiki for free. So, she intuned me, but I still never worked on people. I only exchanged Reiki between the practitioners. One day somebody was on the table and my fourth dimensional sight was turned on, and instead of just channeling Reiki, I was looking at past-life clothing, I was looking at wounds. Then with everybody who came to me for Reiki, I started seeing all these different things in their energy fields. The teacher appeared about one month later and taught me how to do psychic surgery. That was my practice for 10 or 12 years.

All the while, I was in different relationships. I had children. I was living the daily life and working through that and learning through that. But that event, the dream, started my next phase as a healer. I was still meditating, and then I spontaneously found myself in my own Akashic records. It was always for a purpose, like to show me a lifetime that I had not forgiven or where there were still issues, or perhaps to show me a gift that I had acquired that I needed to be using this lifetime. I was frustrated, because I couldn’t get in there by myself. So, I took a course to learn how to get in consciously.

For more information on Aingeal Rose O’Grady, visit her website at

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