From the Editor: May we all be filled with Aloha


miejanI’ve never been to our 50th state, but I get the attraction. It’s not the islands and her tropical paradise, and it’s not the power of her volcanos. It’s not the kalua pig, lau lau and poi at the celebratory luaus, or the rainbows.

It’s all about aloha. To the uninitiated, it simply means hello or goodbye, but as our guides at say, it means much more: “Aloha is the most Hawaiian word…it also means love and affection…in Hawaii…you are treated with aloha everywhere.

Some say the deeper truth, as given by the island elders, is that aloha is an invocation of the Divine, acknowledging the Divinity that dwells with and without.

In response to all ills that plague our great nation, may all Americans embrace aloha as a national way of being.

I woke up this morning planning to write about the controlling interests in this country and how they are taking “big” to a new level: Big Pharma controlling American health care; Big Oil controlling American energy; Big Sugar and Big Corn controlling American food; Big Money controlling American politics; and Big Guns controlling American’s sense of security at every turn.

And then, in my mind I heard Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s historic address, that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Surprisingly, as I sat down to write, only one word came to mind: Aloha. That sense of peace and love that evades all mental definition is a way of being — in relationship to ourselves, each other and the planet itself.

Nothing more needs to be said. Nothing more needs to be done. May each of us embrace the state of aloha and experience all that aloha brings to each of us.

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  1. This was shared at our book group this weekend, and your words stuck in my mind so I looked the article up. Very well said! Thank you!


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