Massage Therapy: It can change your life

massage_topicA majority of people who come in for therapeutic massage on a daily basis are stressed and sore, either from their job or what they do on a daily basis. I am really surprised by how many young people are stressed. I wonder what it will be like for them when they get older, if they are so stressed out now?

Most of us know that therapeutic massage can reduce stress and pain in the body. But, how could it possibly change someone’s life? I am thinking about one of my clients who could name more than 80 things that it has changed in her life.

Sure, it started out as relieving pain and stress in her body, but because of this she started feeling better. Because she started feeling better, she started to move more. Because she was able to move more, she started getting out to do more and feeling better about herself. She started taking care of her body by eating more nutritious foods. Her health improved, so she had to take less of her medications. She lost weight and her skin and eyes brightened.

Today, she is a much happier and healthy person. She looks nothing like the person I first met. Because of all this, she decided she needed a better job. She applied and got the new job she wanted.

Sometimes you might wonder with your work how you can change people’s lives. I have at least one client who would be happy to tell you.



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