Coffee Rediscovered: An Ancient Crafted Hybrid Drug


coffee_beansCoffee is a hybrid deliberately blended to make people malleable and easy to control. Its history has been carefully smudged from the printed fodder of the masses. It was first made in northern Africa through the black arts by witches, covens, warlocks. This is why it is referred to as a “brew.” It is an oily bean blend that causes a drinker to not want to drink alone, but with others. It may cause men to be effeminate and people to be passive.

Two cups a day can give you pouches under the eyes showing, through organ depletion, that the adrenals are shot. Pouches under the eyes are from coffee drinkers looking for energy they need in the wrong places. A latte or a soft drink hammers the adrenal system into false activity. The adrenals cannot take abuse for long, for in a few months they give out altogether, and irrevocably. People get depressed, fatigued and die early as a result.

It is the Starbuck Caribou coffee generation story. It is everywhere. Coffee infrequently is referred to as “stupid juice,” because that is what it was brewed to do: to give you energy you haven’t learned to get naturally.

Caffeine is known for peeling your nerves and stripping the sheaths off the outside. The bare nerves become raw, sensitive, putting you further into a jangled, depleted state. When people drink coffee, they become mindless, temporarily shutting down brain cell relay. Multitasking and simultaneity becomes encumbered.

You are convinced you are now “clear headed.” Rather, you have just lost use of major parts of your perception and ability to feel calm and at peace due to mentally flat lining. And 75 percent of the other working adults around you are doing the same thing, exhibiting the same effects – thus, we can justify our action for “they seem to be okay like me.” Alert! You are all acting similarly; your synapsis is slow, your nerves are jittery, you are speaking rapidly, your heart is racing and you are just too tired to think about it.
Remember, your body is basically a bag of chemicals. Are they in balance – 7.3 pH alkaline/acid – which is ideal? Coffee is 4.5 pH, which is highly acidic. When you look at something to consume or drink, consider its color. Is it green, yellow, red, the color of spring or summer in nature? Or the color of fall and winter when there is not enough sunlight and hydration to keep things from drying up and dying?  The wavicles of light tell how much life force it is carrying. Coffee is called “mud” for a reason. It has a deadening effect.

Coffee is considered by many to be a hybrid drug. It is at the perfect pH of 4.5 that cancer loves. When you put a cancer cell in a petri dish with coffee, it never dies. In fact, it thrives.
Speaking of thriving, you may change your beverage of choice to clear, fresh, naturally ionized spring water. As a coffee-drunk society, we may choose to change the course of our cultural habits from less androidal to the more aware. Much of the daily news is generated in consequence of being in a common cultural stupor of habit.

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