Expanding the Value of Massage


massage_topicLooking back about ten years, it seems that massage was more of a novelty, something for the elite or the ailing. The same seemed true about Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy, or any other healing modality. Today, there are therapeutic massage centers in every town, and most people seem to have heard of Reiki. It is even part of the curriculum for some medical training courses.

The attributes of massage by itself are far-reaching: relaxation, stress reduction or relief, detoxification, emotional release, as well as a complement to the treatment of disease and medical care, to name a few. So what could possibly be better than a massage?

In October, I was scheduled to give a two-hour workshop in the evening. It had been a very stress-filled day and when I got to the workshop site, I was exhausted and ready for bed. My very gracious hosts took me into a side room and told me to lie down on a healing table for a few minutes, just to relax and regroup. They said something about a mat with Amethyst Crystals, so I thought it couldn’t hurt.

Since having a car accident in 1994, I have carried a lot of stress and pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders. That day was no different. After lying on the mat for a few minutes, I felt myself breathing very deeply, filling my lungs fully and releasing. There was no question that I was relaxed. After twenty minutes, I sat up. I was cautioned that some people feel light-headed on rising, as I did. There was no way to describe how I was feeling. The closest description I think I can give is that I felt more aware of my light body.

A few minutes later, I felt rather energized, easily did the workshop and still had energy left over. One of the most noticeable effects was the relief I felt in my shoulders, neck and upper back. And equally as important was the fact that I began sleeping through the night.

I was so excited about this experience that I brought my husband in the following day. He has suffered from chronic back and neck pain due to spinal degeneration. He spent about thirty minutes on the Amethyst mat and, upon rising, stated that he had less pain in his body.

This mat I’m describing is called an Amethyst Bio-Mat. The science behind it utilizes Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that penetrate the physical body between six to eight inches, stimulating the healing and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue. FIRs were discovered by NASA and are the safest, most beneficial waves of light.

The second component is the production of Negative Ions (NIs), sometimes called nature’s energizer. On a molecular level, NIs deliver a massage that accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes. They also balance pH by decreasing acidity and activating the body’s entire cellular interaction, resulting in optimal body functions.

The third component is the transfer of FIRs and NIs utilizing Amethyst Quartz channels, which cover the entire surface of the Bio-Mat. Amethyst Quartz is a Super Conductor delivering a powerful supply of FIRs and a high vibrational frequency to the body. It is a powerful detoxifier and can help combat negative effects of addictions like alcohol, drugs or food. Amethyst Quartz also produces naturally occurring FIRs.

While I had never heard of the Amethyst Bio-Mat, after researching this device, I found that it is actually a medical device that has been used in spas and professional practitioner’s offices worldwide by acupuncturists, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Since purchasing and utilizing a Bio-Mat set for my massage practice, my clients have expressed relief from many chronic disorders, as well as experiencing better sleep, less anxiety, more relaxed muscles, more energy, and greater overall health. In some cases, a massage was no longer needed. And some clients who use the Bio-Mat regularly are enjoying a renewed sense of self, more vitality and flexibility, as well as less muscle and joint pain.

Putting this together with my own personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that in some cases, use of the Amethyst Bio-Mat can prove to be better than massage.

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