Psychic Protection: Six rules on making it really work for you


abstract_blue_hexAs an intuitive healer, I see many beautiful souls with energetic fields that have been compromised by etheric cords (energetic tubes connecting us to people who have fear-based attachments to us) and other lower-energy hitchhikers. These invaders siphon our positive energy and send lower energetic patterns and thought forms into our systems, causing mood swings, fatigue, irritability, depression and chronic pain, plus a host of other problems.

Almost all the people I treat with these energy disturbances are familiar with psychic protection work, but most admit that they only use it on occasion. Even then, many explain that when they are engaging in protection work, they are often focusing on the energies that they fear rather than on creating a sacred secure space for themselves.

You are a powerful creative being, and you can protect your beloved energy system and heal humanity at the same time. It merely takes commitment, coupled with unwavering intention in your protection practices. My guides have led me to better my own protection practices, and I want to share this guidance with you.

Rule 1 — Keep it consistent. Don’t just do protection work when you have to go to court, see your ex or go to the DMV. Do it every day! I have had healers tell me, “I do protection work before I work on clients,” while they lay before me with multiple chakras blocked and fierce etheric cords affecting them. We interact with energy all day, every day. That is why I like to practice every morning when I wake up. It’s a great way to start the day, by honoring your energy field.

Rule 2 — FEEL yourself protected. When you are “white lighting,” cloaking, or doing whatever form your practice entails, visualize the experience as best you can. If you have trouble visualizing it, simply affirm that you are safe and secure. Imagine anything that will make you feel safe. I like to see my guides or angels surrounding me as I am out in the world. Use whatever gets you into the place of feeling safe, because it is your emotions that make this work so powerful.

Rule 3 — Use crystal clear intentions. As with all of life, you want to be sure that your protection work comes from a place of love rather than fear. When we practice our protection work from a place of fear, we not only fail to protect ourselves, we also fuel the negativity we are trying to avoid in the first place. For example, one of my dear friends was in a class where the bulk of individuals had negative attitudes and chronic poor health. Not surprisingly, my friend left these classes depressed and exhausted. After a couple of miserable sessions, she vowed to practice protection work before each class.

She white-lighted herself and imagined a cloak around her, affirming no negative energies could penetrate this protective field. A few days later, my friend called upset. She said she had done extensive protection work before class, and while she felt safe and protected, she had great difficulty communicating with her fellow students. In fact, she said that it was as if nobody heard her, almost as if she did not exist. I noted how powerful a manifestor she was, and I explained that while she had been sure to set the intention that all negativity would be kept at bay, she had forgotten to affirm that all good easily flows into her field. I also expressed the importance of focusing on love and to always send love to the class, imagining everyone healthy and happy.

It is critical that we are clear about how we want the protective field to work, since the universe takes us quite literally. The following week my friend sent her students love, and allowed herself to be a channel of love throughout the entire evening. At first, she was surprised to see that five out of eight people in the class, including her, wore purple. She was also delighted to report that everyone was kinder than usual, which for some meant they were simply quieter. Others were even playful, which was totally out of character for this group. This story illustrates how critical it is to intend clearly the action of your protection tools, as well as infuse it with love.

Rule 4 — Come from a place of love. Very simply, love is the best protection there is. My guides have assured me that the best way to protect yourself is by infusing your aura with pink love energy and projecting it out to 60 feet around you in every direction. Better yet, call on your guides, angels, the ascended masters and all lights beings to fill and surround you with their love and light. The love energy transmutes lower energetic patterns and repels those not ready for transformation. The love surrounding you will act as a powerful magnet for all the good the universe has to offer. Like attract like and love is the highest vibration of all. I still white light, golden egg and cloak myself, when I feel necessary, but I always add the pink aura. I have to tell you that since I have added this to my daily routine, not only have I felt extremely protected, I have met some really wonderful people too! It is amazing what a little love can do.

Rule 5 — Call on Archangel Michael to amplify your protection. Archangel Michael loves to shield you from lower energies and see your spirit soar. All you have to do is call his name and ask him to protect you. Then just sit still for a moment and take a few deep breaths to give him time to do his work.

Rule 6 — Carry crystals to protect you and transmute energy for you. Crystals are such amazing energy conduits. This makes them the perfect companion to your protection work. There are a number of crystals that can be used for protection. Hematite, amber, amethyst, black tourmaline, black onyx and many other stones can be used to amplify your protection work.

I suggest going to a crystal shop and intuitively choosing the stones that will work best for you. You can choose the best stone not by looks, but by picking it up and sensing how it feels. Trust that what you are drawn to will be the best stone for you, as you will be bringing in a powerful new ally! Be sure to cleanse your stones regularly. You can do so with salt-water soaks and rinses, or by putting them in the ground, out in sunlight or moonlight. Just be sure to study your stones, because certain cleansing practices may not be appropriate for that particular stone. For example, you don’t want to set an amethyst out in the sun, because it will fade.

There are several additional practices I recommend:

  • If you find that you have to go somewhere that you suspect will have some negativity brewing, send extra love and healing energy; in fact, I suggest you do this everywhere you and your loved ones go.

    Send a green ball of light from your heart, call in golden light of spirit, or simply affirm out loud that that place will be filled with love and light. The more intention that you set and emotion you infuse into it, the more powerful this practice will be.

    For spaces that seem to be in a perpetual place of darkness, you can set up a cleansing golden shower that heals and transmutes constantly above the space. Below the space, you can install a mini black hole to absorb any residual negativity and overflow. Affirm that this cleansing and healing will stay as long as it needs to. When you practice these exercises, not only are you protecting yourself from a world of disharmony, you are providing protection and healing for everyone associated with the space.

  • When all else fails, and you know you are in the throes of an energy disturbance, call on Archangel Michael to cut any cords that are draining you and take a few deep breaths to allow him to do his work. You may feel an immediate sense of lightness or relief.
  • Cords that have persisted for a while and are deep in nature may reconnect easily if other spiritual work is not done. In this case, it is best to enlist the help of a healer in your area that can help you or request a distance healing online to get the root of the situation.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the protection article. My elderly mother went to hospital last week and I spent lots of time with her, and didn’t take the time to meditate those days. She transferred to a rehab center that had a lot of negative energy and, when it was time for her to check out and for me to drive her home, I made the mistake of not asking any energy I had picked up to stay at the rehab center. So, the past few days, I’ve been exhausted at home, the TV and lights flicker, saw a dark figure in my house, and it’s a general nuisance. I’ve tried meditating, asking Michael to help, even drove back by the rehab center while telling the energy to get out. Most of all I’m putting energy towards increasing my vibration. And now, I’ll try some of your suggestions. I’m new at spiritual awareness and am learning to keep my protection up all the time… it’s just that I got lazy last week and dropped my guard.


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