Revered Indian Saint, Divine Mother to visit Minnesota

AmmaAmma Sri Karunamayi, renowned worldwide for her dedication to spiritual and material aid to all in need, will return to the Upper Midwest May 28-29, appearing at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota in Maple Grove.

Sri Karunamayi will share her profound understanding of deep spiritual wisdom of the ancient Indian sages in a relaxed and enjoyable discourse blended with humor, motherly advice, devotional singing, and personal blessings. Following the discourse, there will be an opportunity for everyone to meet briefly with this Indian saint one-on-one and ask questions. For many who return to see Amma each year, this personal time is the most touching experience of pure love they have ever had.

This year, a one-day silent retreat with Sri Karunamayi will take place on May 29. It will provide an opportunity for enriching whatever path one is on through periods of silent meditation, interspersed with Amma’s inspiring discourses, classes and bhajans. Even those who do not already practice a form of silent meditation will find the retreat rewarding.

Amma’s visit will conclude with a Sacred Fire Ceremony (homa). Amma has explained that this purifies the Earth’s atmosphere, uplifts the community and contributes to the health and prosperity of the individual. Special offerings are made into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted, generating powerful spiritual energy dedicated to peace and healing for the entire world. Everyone is able to participate in the chanting, enriching the sublime liveliness of silence.

All are welcome to attend these life-transforming events at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, 10530 Troy Lane, Maple Grove. The programs are free of charge except for the daylong silent retreat. For more information, visit or call 612.516.8039 for local information.



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