Soul-ssage: The Value of Massage is Soul Deep


massage_topicRejoined I was, with the sea, the heavy mist of the salt air. I sought the pungent scent of the proud, gentle Redwoods that towered high above my head as I lifted my gaze upward, honoring them. These gentle giants grew so tall and true by connecting their roots shallowly to the other redwood roots aside them, thus becoming stronger for the union. The whole Redwood Forest unites into one organism covering hundreds of miles, each individual dependent on the connected community they create. I understood this kind of deep connection. I felt so at home here in this natural setting, which I had longed for while slowly becoming detached to my city bound life. My soul requests regular journeys to this place.

I had finally been able to answer the call. It had been so very, very long.

Humble and grateful to be alone, I slowly and silently sauntered along the path strewn with the sheddings of this glorious unstained wilderness. Just me, in the company of my true companions, the trees, the birds, the four-leggeds, the rocks and stones and the ones who slithered and burrowed, each unburdened with ego and worries. The longer I stood motionless in one place, the more the forest came alive. A deer passed by, strutting as if to say, “Hello sister! I see you. I allow you…but know you must tread softly here, for this is my home. I was born here and birthed my own fawns here. It is here that I shall die and return to the earth. Tread softly.”

The hawk signaled from above, resting on the breezes, his arcs etching lazy circles in the morning sky. His call sent echoes deep inside my core, awakening my senses even further. In the silence, my heartbeat rose clearly from my chest as it pounded out a beat to match the sway of the tall trees in the high wind that had come to play with them on this perfect morn.

Moving forward along the path with great intention, taking my time, I was rewarded with a rocky overlook respite spot. And there below my high station, was what I had come to find…my ocean. With each lap of Mama Ocean’s waved tongue against the sandy shore, I felt my own internal waves kick in.

My saunter gave way to a sprint as I sailed down, down the path to greet the kindred spirits of the sea my soul was birthed within.

I ran onto the cushioned wet sand, my feet barely touching the familiar terrain as I bounded boldly to my liquid mother. Stopping just short of the waves, I halted, taking in the magnitude of the moment. My nose smelled the salt riding upon the heavy, humid air as I breathed it deeply into my lungs. I allowed myself to taste it again. “Hello mama, I am home,” I softly said as I spun around like a little girl imitating a ballerina. My soul was home once again.

I lingered long in the liquid love of my mother, at peace to the very core of my soul. The peace washed over me as the water soothed me. I was restored once again.

It was then I heard her say, “All right, Harmony, this concludes our session. You were out for a while. I will be here with you until you return fully. Take some deep breaths slowly in though your nose and out through your mouth. That’s it, now return to the room here with me and open your eyes. Ah, there you are. You took me with you, thank you! I swear I could smell the sea,” she said.

Looking up at her face, I smiled. “Wow, that was some massage today,” I whispered. “I returned to my soul’s home. Thank you.”

“My honor,” she gently spoke. “I will leave the room so you can get redressed. See you shortly.”

She exited the room and I sat up slowly, stretching and remembering my journey. I will be back soon, I thought to my restored self as I rose to don my clothes, as I heard the sound of my maternal surf singing in my ears.

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Harmony Green
Harmony Green is an intuitive healer, spiritual doula and owner of All about the Journey, a healing center located at Her purpose in this life is to assist others in birthing their truth by working closely with her clients one-to-one. She is a humble channel of Father Sky, G Moon and the collective ancestral energies known as The Earth Dwellers and the Peace Bringers. Writing is a very cathartic and connecting process for her, and her blog Daily Danspirations is a love project from her soul. Read Harmony's blog at


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