Stillness | Quieting Your Mind

lotus_yellowThe lotus flower –
our inner soul
lies at the bottom
of the crystal, clear lake

Focus on the stillness.
Look straight down
to the bottom.
See past the flesh.

Past the surface,
see our love
connection to each
other’s heartbeat

The individual life
contains vibrancy
and joy of living,
a bright, gleaming presence.

We need to see
our fellow humans
in this inner state –
to feel their essence.

To learn to love them,
to get to know them,
touch their wisdom,
truth and being.

Feel their dreams,
all their visions,
they ponder with kindness.
Their true nature

On the bottom
of the lake
as the fish swim
and the birds fly…

We too live our lives
with oneness,
with spirituality
of our inner and higher self.

All the great knowledge
of our inner glows,
of our higher purpose,
remains deep in our hearts.




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