Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Proof of Extraterrestrials


disclosure1PERHAPS THE MOST EXTENSIVE national discussion on the existence of extraterrestrials in a dozen years took place April 29-May 3 in Washington, D.C., at the National Press Club, sponsored by the UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research Group.

Hearing the testimony were six former members of Congress: Roscoe Bartlett (MD), Merrill Cook (UT), Darlene Hooley (OR), Mike Gravel (AK), Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI) and Lynn Woolsey (CA).

The hearings covered a broad range of topics about the existence of UFOs and ETs, as well as advanced technology. More than 40 researchers and government/agency witnesses from around the world offered testimony on events and evidence supporting the truth of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and a government policy to embargo that truth.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure will be the foundation of an upcoming documentary, Truth Embargo, which is in production by Just Cause Entertainment. A website and trailers for the film will be posted later this year.

The following accounts represent just a small sampling of testimony during the five-day Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

disclosure-howeTHE ROSWELL CRASH – 1947

Linda Moulton Howe, an investigative journalist and documentary producer, presented the case of Thomas Colman Sheppard, a Naval seaman apprentice who was with Amphibious Group One in Okinawa on the evening of Nov. 25, 1976. He and two other members of the clerical staff gained access to a unauthorized, top-secret vault containing classified material.

In a video recorded by Moulton Howe in 2006, retired U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Thomas Sheppard described what he saw when he stepped into the vault. On a square table, documents and photos from a file were spread out. He was shown an old black-and-white photo.

“I had no idea of what I was looking at…. It had an old truck in it, and down on the ground — you could tell they were out in the desert — was some sort of a creature. It looked like, what I would call now, an alien creature.”

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He looked at several other photos, one displaying the head of an alleged ET, and the other showing the body displayed horizontally, lying on a gurney. The documents contained the words “top secret” and “majic” written in red ink. He said it was an old file that appeared to come from the 1930s or ’40s.

“The aliens sort of looked like that one down in the Rosewell museum — but different, too.”

He described the alien’s skin as whitish, almost like snake skin, but without discernable scales. “They just looked like bumps. Who knows what they were. And it was throughout, but mostly like on the arm area and head area.”

In the video testimony, Sheppard displayed a drawing he had made of the photo discovered in the secret vault. An alien lay on the desert ground in front of a 1940s-style pickup truck with a stake bed. The blue jeans and boots of a man could be seen on the left border of the photo, and an upright alien being could be seen standing up in the secured bed of the truck.

A second photo reportedly seen by Sheppard that day was taken in an apparant airplane hanger. On the right side of the photo, the khaki pants and black shoes of a military man could be seen. In the foreground, lying on a skid, were three alien bodies. One was mostly intact, one was lying in a fetal position with injuries to the side of its body, and the third sustained severe injury to its head, possibly due to charring.

Sheppard’s sketch of the alien’s head resembled the one used in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, with a small, narrow neck with a lot of wrinkles, a much larger head with almond-shaped eyes and bumps or a “veiny” look around the top of the head. Its hands featured four long fingers, with perhaps a nub where a thumb would be. The tips of each finger reportedly were round with possible suction cups.

“There is nothing on this Earth that looks anything like this,” Sheppard told Moulton Howe in the video. “I was in shock. What more can I say? I didn’t want to believe it.”

Years later, confronted about his experience with the alleged Roswell file after spouting out about it to others, Sheppard was told by a lieutenant commander he served under that the government describes so-called aliens as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, or EBEs. He was told the government was using extraterrestrial intelligence for military advantage.

Sheppard was told that the information was kept under wraps all these years because the public would be too shocked to accept the truth, that it would be too disruptive to religion, and to society as a whole. When would the public be told? “Probably never,” the lieutenant commander told him.

Moulton Howe asked Sheppard: “How does that make you feel, as an American?”

Sheppard replied: “I think the public should be given the truth. And that’s all there is to it. Enough is enough. For years I’ve understood the need for secrecy — but I can’t accept it any more. Not for this. Not to arrogantly and outlandishly just come right out in books and the media to say, ‘Roswell didn’t happen.'”
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