Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Proof of Extraterrestrials



The following are brief segments of testimony given during the five-day Citizen Hearing on Disclosure:

Linda Moulton Howe — an investigative journalist, author and documentary producer whose Emmy Award-winning films have included: Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison, comparing smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire in the Water, about hydrogen as an alternative energy source; A Radioactive Water, about uranium contamination in public drinking water in Colorado; and A Strange Harvest, exploring the worldwide animal mutilation mystery:

“Today I can assert that the pressure of facts — accumulated from: military and intelligence eyewitnesses; from ranchers and pathologists; from pilots and astronauts; from fellow human experiencers in the UFO abduction syndrome; and from leaks by scientists and computer experts, who have worked on back-engineering extraterrestrial technologies extracted from non-human craft — leaves no doubt that need-to-know agents in the U. S. government since World War II and the FDR and Truman administrations have known about the extraterrestrial interactions with Earth and that their policies of denial in the alleged interest of national security are still in effect.

“My greatest challenge as a journalist is to get on the record what I am told by military and intelligence agents and other eyewitnesses. National security in what is supposed to be a democratic government of, by and for the people, is not served by lies and secrecy. Every American and the whole world deserve the truth about non-humans — past, present and future — interacting with Earth.”

J. Antonio Huneeus — a Chilean-American journalist who has been actively involved for the past 37 years in covering the mystery of UFOs and its hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin:

“While it’s true that the majority of UFO sightings have mundane explanations, a fact recognized by most competent investigators and scientists, if you really study with an open mind the extensive data bank of UFO cases collected worldwide during the last six decades, you will find a small percentage of truly puzzling incidents that defy any conventional explanation. The prevailing view among most researchers and the media is that these cases have an ET origin, but this is not the only explanation.

“Other theories including inter-dimensional or multiple universes have also been advanced. Even time travel has been proposed — in other words, UFOs would be our own devices from the future coming back in time for unknown reasons. I realize all this sounds like science fiction, but think for a minute. Didn’t you see people talking to each other at huge distances while viewing themselves on a screen in lots of sci-fi movies from the ’50s and ’60s? Well, this happens now every day through Skype in the internet. Similar examples can be multiplied ad infinitum.

“What is important is to look at all the data without any preconceived ideas or beliefs. The late Dr. Hynek used to say that UFOs were likely signaling the next scientific revolution. But we will never get there if we don’t the study the phenomenon in a truly comprehensive and unbiased way and, I might add, with the proper resources to do so. The political implications, or exo-political as it’s now referred, are even bigger. The alien can become a catalyst to unify the people of Earth, to realize that mankind must grow way beyond our current limitations if we are going to survive and prosper in the future. Many believe that open contact will never happen in an open way unless mankind’s level of consciousness makes a significant jump.”

Paul T. Hellyer — Canada’s youngest Member of Parliament when he was first elected in 1949, who is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for founding: Action Canada, a populist movement dedicated to the concepts of full employment and low inflation with an emphasis on quality-of-life issues; and Canadian Action Party, which was dedicated to reforming the banking and international financial system:

“In a democracy it is not enough to talk about transparency. Citizens have the right to expect that their political and military leaders are levelling with them and speaking the truth. In a society numbed by rumors, it is only the truth that will satisfy our legitimate need to know.

“A second need for disclosure is the need to know if hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on projects that may be of interest and curiosity to their promoters, but rate less highly in taxpayers’ minds than their personal needs for education, healthcare and other matters related to human well-being. Some of us suspect that we should have paid greater heed to General Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex.

“Finally, and most urgent in my opinion, is the need for full disclosure of new energy sources developed, in part at least, with the aid of the extraterrestrials. Many usually reliable sources have told me that zero point energy and cold fusion have been developed to the point where one or both could be quickly adapted for commercial use.

“This one is an absolute must! Global warming is the number one problem facing humankind today. In a book entitled Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species, published in 2010, I said that we had about 10 years to convert the power supply in every car, truck, tractor, airplane and home on Earth from fossil fuels to clean energy, in order to have any hope of maintaining our planet as a reasonably hospitable habitat.

“Two years have gone by and essentially nothing has been done. The situation is becoming desperate. We need the same kind of mobilization we had in World War II, when every automobile and appliance factory was converted to the production of armaments. But this time in reverse, when the arms plants must be converted to manufacture the little boxes that will supply our energy needs.

“But we have to start with the technology. For a handful of people to keep it secret is, in fact, a crime against humanity, and the most powerful argument possible for full disclosure now.”

Peter B. Davenport — director of the National UFO Reporting Center and former director of investigations for the Washington State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network:

“The question of whether human beings are alone in the Universe is the most important scientific question that has ever confronted mankind.

“In point of fact, the question is not limited just to our study of science. If it is indeed the case that other intelligent civilizations are present in our galaxy, that discovery by man cuts to almost every other facet of his existence…to our religions, to our understanding of history, and to many other fundamental questions that are related to our presence here on Earth.

“Were we suddenly to awaken to the fact that we have sentient neighbors in our galaxy, and, therefore, probably in other parts of the Universe as well, that discovery certainly would challenge virtually every one of our self-perceptions. The realization that we are not alone would compel us to re-evaluate such fundamental questions as who we are, where we have come from, what our purpose is here on Earth, what the origin of consciousness is, and whether that consciousness can somehow survive our corporeal death. There are many, many other equally profound questions that could be cited here, of course.

“…Strong evidence is mounting that we in that field of endeavor are correct in believing that Earth is being visited, and being visited frequently by alien craft, and by their presumed occupants.

“From my vantage point on the subject, and based on the UFO evidence available to me, it appears that it is only a matter of time before man awakens to the fact that we have “neighbors,” and that his civilization on Earth is probably only but one of what, in the final analysis, we will discover are many!”

Richard Dolan — American historian, author and television personality whose work has focused on the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the extraterrestrial truth embargo, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, and what their presence here means for our civilization:

“…The moment of disclosure will trigger an intellectual revolution worldwide relating to the true structure of power on planet Earth. It will be a moment in which the world sees and acknowledges that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all.

“The political fallout will be tremendous, and a great battle will develop within the first year of Disclosure. Think of it this way. Just because the president has been forced into making an announcement doesn’t mean that the CIA and all the other intelligence groups that had been managing this will simply walk away from the table. There has clearly been a concerted effort spanning an entire human lifetime to control this topic. A great deal has been invested, and mere disclosure is not going to change that. The real issue in the immediate post-disclosure world will be: who controls the spin on the story?

“Because right away there will be a great divide, a grand chasm. Once this topic is out on the table for open discussion, you can be sure that people around the world will be demanding answers. You can be just as sure that on the other side of the fence, information will be handed out as sparingly as possible. Government spin doctors will be out in great numbers trying to control the situation according to national security policy, but this time independent UFO researchers may very well get a public hearing that they have never gotten before. If the official spokespersons are making misleading or false statements, it’s going to be much easier, post-disclosure, for independent researchers to point this out. Because this time, the world will be much more likely to listen. And there will be many, many more investigators into this topic after disclosure than there are today. How all that will turn out only time will tell.

“There are so many other messy issues relating to global finance, energy, truth commissions, lawsuits, cultural transformations, cultural wars, religious/spiritual changes, scientific paradigm shifts, and ultimately geopolitical changes that will allow us to meet the challenge of ‘others’ here on planet Earth in some sort of coordinated, hopefully logical manner, and even more hopefully, in some way that answers to the people rather than a handful of elite human players.

“For that, we will need a groundswell of public pressure from below, and tremendous political energy, ethics, and courage to take on the black budget culture that has dominated this subject for so long, and begin a long, hard fight to reclaim some measure of freedom and dignity for humanity while we begin a new, better, and more mature phase of our existence.”
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