Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Proof of Extraterrestrials



The following were reactions from the committee of former members of Congress at the conclusion of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure:

roscoe_bartlett• Former Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett, Maryland:

“I was very impressed with the witnesses. My wife had some concerns about my coming. My chief of staff said I would be ridiculed, perhaps, and relegated to the lunatic fringe. Even if there is no validity in what these people are claiming, they have a right to have a hearing. There are a lot of people who believe that there’s something out there. The people have a right to petition their government to redress their grievances.

“…There was a lot more evidence out there than I had thought. I’ve been convinced for a large number of years that there is other life in the universe. …Now we need to level with the American people. …Maybe it’s going to take a major sighting that cannot be denied.

lynn_woolsey• Former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, California:

“I came here with the intent of learning more about transparency in governance, because I’m very aware and very committed to the fact that our government is turning in the wrong direction on that. I thought the extraterrestrial issue was the perfect issue to lay out how the government is handling non-disclosure, intimidation.

“I came knowing that we are not the only life in the universe. That is very arrogant to think we are. …The integrity of these witnesses has been A-plus…I’m no longer a skeptic. I want the government to open up and come to the party, and to know that this is not a flat-world society.”

mike_gravel• Former Senator Mike Gravel, Alaska:

“The testimony has been so credible, and those who gave testimony were so well-informed. We’ve really exhumed a body of knowledge on this stuff that any reasonable person looking at it has to conclude that there’s an extraterrestrial presence that’s monitoring our planet. We’re not mature enough to be able to handle a communication with them.

“Apparently we had testimony that one of the presidents of the defense contractors said that we have the technology to take ET home. Well, if that’s the case, and they’re withholding that technology, which is obviously the case, then they’re denying the planet the ability to have an entirely new energy system that would be of benefit to all human beings. So, if that is being withheld — obviously the indication is that it is being withheld — that’s criminal and these people should be indicted.

“…The last election cost $4 billion for president, Senate and House members, and governors. That’s appalling. …Our government — at the White House level, the president, Congress and the state houses — is owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the military industrial complex. And when they talk about globalization, well, we have a global government. It is called corporations. That’s who controls the world.

“There are only two venues for change: one is the government, where the problem exists, and the other is the people. The government won’t empower the people, but people can empower themselves.”


On May 3, members of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee and Hearing witnesses representing ten UN member nations met at the National Press Club to draft a statement seeking United Nations review of evidence of a possible extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The result is the following communiqué:

“From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and former members of military services and government agencies representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, D.C., to six former members of the United States Congress. After hearing this testimony these members issue the following statement:

“Whereas: given the unfolding scientific understanding of the number of potentially life-supporting planets within Earth’s home galaxy, it would be the height of arrogance to assert that humans are the only sentient beings within that galaxy;

“Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

“And Whereas: given the enormous global implications if these craft are, indeed, of extraterrestrial origin, such an issue is a matter for the General Assembly of the United Nations;

“Therefore, we the undersigned request the Citizen Hearing Foundation use its offices to organize interested parties and raise the funds necessary to pursue a global campaign to convince one or more nations to propose a resolution within the General Assembly calling for United Nations sponsorship of a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.

“We, the undersigned, pledge our support for this effort.”

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick , Senator Mike Gravel, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Congressman Merrill Cook

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett were unable to sign the statement due to postemployment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers, having recently retired from Congress.

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