Death: A Medium’s Experience with Life on the Other Side


deerFOR MANY, DEATH IS SCARY and unknown. No one has ever come back to talk about it!

For those who had a near-death experience (NDE), though, there is no fear. They report having experienced being escorted by an angel or a bright light, going through a tunnel, and connecting with loved ones on the other side.

My 92-year-old cousin said that she was visited by a very bright angel. “It was so real!” The next week, the angel did in fact return to take her to the light.

Those who depart often want to give a sign to their loved ones that they are OK. People report that after passing, a loved one appeared to them. Or they received a phone call with no voice at the other end which, when traced, came from a disconnected number. Or they smelled a whiff of the loved one’s cologne/cigarettes. Or a plant that has never bloomed starts blooming.

My first personal connection with the other side took place a week after my beloved husband, Don, died of heart failure at age 31. I had to go to the Social Security office to file some papers. I searched Don’s desk inside and out, but I could not find them. I pleaded with Don to find them for me. The next morning, the papers were sitting on top of the desk!

A year later, I was driving with my 2-year-old son, who was asleep in his car seat. Don just started talking to me in a comforting half-hour monologue. I could hardly see through my tears! I expressed concern that our son would wake up, but Don said, “Not until I leave.” At the instant when Don said, “Goodbye,” our son opened his eyes. Then I realized at the deepest level that there is no death, only a translation to another dimension. Our loved ones watch over and guide us always!

After that incredible experience, I was asked by friends to connect with their loved ones. Those who were contacted always appeared to be happy, content, and supportive of those left behind.

The departed also maintain their sense of humor! After a channeling session in San Francisco with his friend, Rob, the client mentioned that Rob never returned a black t-shirt that he had lent him. But on the way home, he was shocked to find a black t-shirt in his size in a free box on the sidewalk!

Even people who have committed suicide seem relieved to have left the earth plane. They usually mention that those left behind should not feel guilty. No matter how much rope could be extended, it never would have been long enough to rescue them from severe mental illness and alcoholism. They say that taking their own life was the only humane thing to do.

Sometimes upon death, however, the spirit does not leave the earth plane –specifically the place it had lived or frequented. It is stuck! There are many reasons they don’t pass over, such as a love for their house, fear of moving on, a traumatic accident or unexpected murder, leading to disorientation and confusion.

The experienced medium is able to communicate with such a spirit and coax it to move on to begin their journey to the spirit world. When the spirit leaves, a room that was once cold becomes warm again.

Sometimes a disembodied entity attaches itself to a particular person’s soul and is a “hungry ghost” who feeds on them. These entities may be someone the client knew or didn’t know. That experience leaves the victim not feeling like him or herself.

The skilled shamanic practitioner can coax the entity to return to the light and release the affinity so that the entity cannot return.

A client in Arizona slept very little because, just as he was about to fall asleep, he would feel his body “literally jerked.” After our session, he reported that he was able to sleep peacefully. 

It is important to allow the dying person to come to peace. End of life rites feature a family vigil, where each family member talks from the heart to the person leaving and honors their life, forgives misunderstandings, and releases them with love. The dying person reciprocates. There is nothing left unsaid. This memory remains with the family always.

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Linda Deer Domnitz
Linda Deer is a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and shamanic practitioner currently living in California. She has written this article to be of comfort to those who have lost loved ones. She can be reached at


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