DNA, the Seven Sisters and Human Evolution: An interview with Lee Carroll, channel of Kryon


kryon2Let’s talk about the latest Kryon book, Book 12, focusing on 12 layers of DNA.
It’s the most popular Kryon book we’ve every done, and it’s the most germaine to what is happening. I’m so excited that I can’t even tell you how much. It started last September and then two months ago it continued: We’re having discoveries about DNA right now that you can read about in Kryon Book 12. Just amazing stuff.

For the past 20 years, 90 percent of DNA had been classified as junk. They couldn’t figure out what to do with it. They didn’t know what it was. They just figured it was a holdover from evolution. They new better, but they just couldn’t figure it out. We have had some of the best minds and computers working on this for a long time, very smart people — chemists and physicists and such. And then in September they figured it out. You can look it up. Google it. It was hailed as one of the biggest discoveries in DNA of all time, since the discovery of the DNA molecule itself.

And they discovered what’s in it. Ninety percent of DNA is what they’re calling the control panel. It’s the manual, the instructions, for the protein encoding parts, the 3 percent that make the genes. This is exactly what Kryon said in 2010. He said the 90 percent of DNA is the instruction sets to make the rest. It instructs the engine. And Kryon went on to say in Book 12: “And the instructions are variable.” So you can rewrite them with consciousness. That’s not something we’ve ever been told about ourselves. It’s all so esoteric to think you can change your life with consciousness.

Then two months ago, we got Russian linguists who were working now on the new information that was discovered in September that the 90 percent of DNA that serves as the instruction manual is shaped like language. They said that their evidence is irrefutable: It can be rewritten.

So here we go, with science catching up to some of the most esoteric principles we’ve ever had. I talk about this in my new seminars. It’s very exciting to me.

And in Book 12, Kryon talks about how the layers of the DNA are multidimensional, they’re quantum, they really cannot be seen in laboratories, because they’re scattered throughout the galaxy, perhaps.
This would be hard to prove, but it has been proven that the biological DNA molecule, which is way too large to ever be considered a quantum particle, actually sets the spin of electrons in a quantum field. So it’s like the DNA has information that’s talking to quantum energy — and that’s provable.

So the DNA does have multidimensional properties, but not as we think of a quantum particle. What Kryon has said all along is this: It’s bigger than you think and we have a quantum energy in us. Why we haven’t seen this is because we’ve been so linear in our thinking and in old, slogging energy for so long. We’re going to start to see some revelations — and I think we’ve just seen some in the last couple of months.

Is it true that in the past history of humanity on this planet that we may have been aware of multidimensional forces within us, but they were shut down and now we are returning to that state of awareness?
I think that’s fair. I don’t think it was done through sequestered knowledge, the Illuminati or any of those things. That was all financial. I’ll turn to the scientist Gregg Braden’s teaching when he says we’ve had five decision points along our history. And those decision points, by the way, align with the Mayan calendar. We’ve probably destroyed ourselves, or at least destroyed information, and had a couple of restarts along the way. That’s not too hard to believe, through plague and pandemics and other things we’ve experienced.

I think we did have some of it, and then we lost it. There’s a lot of evidence for that. The biggest one I like to talk about involves the study of the wobble of the Earth, or the precession of the equinoxes — a 26,000-year wobble. It’s easy to see, if you are an astronomer. If you go back and look at indigenous writings, they knew about it. That means they had to have known that the Earth is round and exists in a solar system, because it involves alignment with the sun, and its alignment within the center of the galaxy. So now you have the indigenous people, thousands of years ago, knowing about the galaxy, solar system and the Earth being round and going around the sun.

Now, as little as 500 years ago, we thought the Earth was flat. So doesn’t it appear that we had lost the whole banana and started over?

It seems we weren’t talking to the right people.
Right. Again, I turn to Gregg Braden, who has done some wonderful studies in Tibet. He discovered some ancient libraries that hardly anyone is allowed into. There are shelves and shelves of thousand-year-old manuscripts. Now, here in the States, they are discovering that some pre-civilizations that actually had commerce with Europe way before Columbus — and they’re proving it.

I don’t think we have the whole picture.

Let’s talk about an aspect of Kryon Book 12 that a segment of our scientists will never talk about, and that is the connection that humanity has with the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades.
My favorite subject. I only bring it up briefly in Book 12, because the book is not about ETs, but about our DNA. But we cannot ignore this. I did for years. I didn’t want to talk about the ET connection, because why? I didn’t want to put people off. I didn’t want them having their eyes rolling. I wanted to teach what Kryon taught, which is: How can you look inside and find the God within? This is information we’ve had from all the masters from the beginning of religion on the planet.

In my travels, when I meet with the indigenous people, ask for an elder and set up a meeting, my first statement after the ceremony that we need to go through is: Tell me your creation story. This is when I just have to smile, because over and over and over they have told me about the connection with the Seven Sisters.

We heard that in Australia, at Ayers Rock (Uluru), and that is their origin. Go to Hawaii, where supposedly we had Lemuria, which was one of the first settlements of the Pleiadians, and that is exactly their story. In fact, they even have a ceremony that celebrates the Seven Sisters once a year, when that constellation is overhead. The Seven Sisters is one of the only constellations that appears over both hemispheres. And the Maori have a celebration that is only one letter off from the Hawaiian ceremony.

On and on and on it goes, no matter where I go, there is a reference. Sometimes it is hidden and obscured in metaphors, but you have the six and one, and the seven, and they often cloak it in a story.

Is it possible that we were seeded from another planet? That is to say, an ascended, graduated planet who gave us the seeds of knowledge of dark and light. This is our creation story in the Bible. In the Bible we have a garden, which of course is a metaphor for the Earth. We have humans that are fully developed. Adam and Eve were not cave people. And suddenly an angel comes down and gives them what? The knowledge of good and evil. The only difference in creation stories between the indigenous ones and us is that they had ETs and we had a talking snake. So why is it so remarkably foreign to people when you start to look at it?

I didn’t want to talk about the ET connection until I had some documentable evidence that many of the indigenous people of the Earth believe exactly what we are talking about.

It’s in our DNA. Did you know that we have 23 chromosomes — and two of them are fused together? That separates us from the apes — they have 24 — and this is what has been called the “missing link.” They’re trying to figure out what happened. And in one of the most recent books by Gregg Braden — I turn to him because he is a scientist — he tells us that more and more scientists looking at our DNA are saying that we didn’t come from anything here on Earth.
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