Eye of Horus launches Campaign to Create Spiritual Oils


horus_oilIN OCTOBER 2003 the Eye of Horus Metaphysical Store in Minneapolis opened its doors as a place for people to shop and explore alternative spiritual paths. They have books and music, candles, incense, herbs and oils, plus statuary and other items to create sacred space.

Even through the difficult economic climate, Eye of Horus grew to become a solid business and a place people rely on for almost a decade. In 2010 they moved to an expanded location that allowed them to increase services and classes dramatically, offering Intuitive readings, Reiki healing, rituals, concerts, workshops and discussions. Eye of Horus has a labyrinth for people to walk year-round.

Their new, larger location has allowed them to host events with local authors, as well as workshops and events with bestselling authors, like noted psychic James Van Praagh. But growth has not kept pace with expenses, and before things reach a crisis, they plan on growing the business.

“We’ve seen a 16 percent increase in oil sales in the first quarter of 2013, and just when our purpose oils’ sales started to grow, one of our key suppliers discontinued all of their lines of oils!” founder Thraicie Hawkner said. “Eye of Horus already offers its own line of essential oils and our Mystic Synergy Oils, so rather than seek out other suppliers, we’ve decided to dramatically expand what we do in the store and launch a whole new line of purpose oil blends.”

They will formulate their own oils, with plans for a Zodiac line, oils to honor specific Deities, Chakra Oils, Lunar blends and now they will be adding Marriage Equality Oils.

They will blending three marriage blessing oils, specifically formulated for different genders (or different gender identities). There will be Male-Female, Male-Male and Female-Female Marriage Blends. This specificity of intent, the unique energies between people, and the need to honor relationship in ritual is one of the big reasons they are creating this unique line of oils.

“Plus,” co-owner Jane Hansen said, “Thraicie and I are planning to marry on August 1, the first day it is legal to do so, and we want to have a Marriage Blessing blend ready for our ceremony.” They were originally handfasted in June of 2005, and are looking forward to legal status.

To learn more about this fundraising campaign, visit http://igg.me/at/eye-of-horus. Indiegogo pledges start at $10. Starter oil sets are available for pre-order via the Indiegogo Eye of Horus page. Perks also include discount coupons, gift certificates and other options.

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