In Silent Harmony


green_harmonyMy lines laid upon this page unlined
are like vines reaching and rising to the sky
Lifting, lilted and lightly placed here on the unlined page
Creeping slowly…patiently growing towards your heart
that is the sun, the bright place they long to live
My lines long to live in your heart

I sing my lines to you silently
and they instantly become the lyrics of my songs
Sung from my heart to yours
in stillness and perfect, poetic peace
Listen…and become that same stillness
Then you will recall the melody and own the harmony
of my song sung silently to the center of your heart chakra

Like the birds who must burst forth in the frolic of the Spring
They sing, they know no other way to be
Sing, they must
They know only the song they sing
They are this song
Be it a celebration of life sprung forth from the oval confines of the egg
Or the song of warning when predators threaten the nest
Or the sonnet of love sung true and bold as a call of claiming
To sing is to be alive

To pen the peaceful prayer of my lines, is to live my life
In sharing my lines, I sing my song, silent melody and harmony
merge, waking you in the night
with the depth of the silent sound they make
Your heart has heard the silent whisper of my lines…
My song…realized

My lines have longed to live in your heart for everlasting eons
The stillness of my melody has been welcomed home
And we now sing together…merged
in silent harmony

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Harmony Green
Harmony Green is an intuitive healer, spiritual doula and owner of All about the Journey, a healing center located at Her purpose in this life is to assist others in birthing their truth by working closely with her clients one-to-one. She is a humble channel of Father Sky, G Moon and the collective ancestral energies known as The Earth Dwellers and the Peace Bringers. Writing is a very cathartic and connecting process for her, and her blog Daily Danspirations is a love project from her soul. Read Harmony's blog at


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